Sunday 24 January 2016

Weekend WOW Factor pt 1:The rich jist

People love money.
They love those who have ( more often than not) and those who they perceive as likely to have.
Also.. People love those who they feel can or will help 'them'...make money.

So does money trump race and/or class?

A friend of mine encountered some very iffy people. He went to an event ( he was the only black person there) and was undeniably treated as an outsider. No attempt was made to welcome him despite his attempts to get to know them.
They had already decided...he is not one of us.

Now these folk were just regular folk as far as I know. Lower middle class or aspiring ( everyone's middle class these days..)... yet thier behaviour made me wonder.

If he were to their knowledge rich and famous.. would thier attitude have been the same?

Why did they behave in such a manner?
And why did they assume (more than likely) that he wasn't wealthy?.. or wasn't ' one of them' ( aside from the obvious)

It would be too easy to say well...they have no blacks friends etc, so are uneasy in the company of black people..because in truth, they may actually have black friends.
Perhaps just black friends who they consider more like them. Not black at all. Who knows.
He said it knocked his confidence abit. I said...I understand, but try not to let it..

That they have made an assumption is entirely thier perogative.
He now has to work on.. trying not to care.
Blackness is less scary when accompanied by wealth..
In this day and age...wealth trumps race and class....but only just

Let's not be fooled.

Hard work that.. trying not to care.

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