Saturday 28 September 2019


..How I've come to accept that culture, is often more powerful than individual desire.

Let's begin.
Back In August, Omoyele Sowore was arrested in Nigeria, for calling for a 'revolution'.
Long story short, Sowore has since been charged, but was granted bail by the court last week.
Despite that, he is still being held in detention.

Sowore's brand of 'revolution' will not work in Nigeria.

His years outside of Nigeria, have mislead him to believe that the average Nigerian thinks as he does, and agrees demonstrably, that Nigeria needs change.

Sowore's arrest revealed many things

Firtsly, that he is greatly admired by people across the world, and of very senior ranking,
Secondly, he is resented, perhaps in equal measure, by many.

People with long held grudges came out of the woodwork to remark on his arrest , 'good!'... that he 'deserved it'

Sowore inadvertently became an 'outsider' with each passing year in 'the abroad.'
His mentality setting him apart further and further from the very people he's committed to fighting for.
Sowore had a cultural shift - his true revolution, cultural, but it was his and his alone to manage.

Sowore has been detained from his wife and children, for a cause that in reality, is not yet a cause.
...and in some ways may arguably be, no longer his to fight..

Question is.... what will Sowore, do next?

Notes on Rwanda. It's The Little Things

I think it can be very easy to fall in love with Rwanda.

There's a sense of order, calm and discipline that I like. It's hard to put my finger on it, or highlight one , two , or a few things, so simply put, it's a pretty decent place to be.

Now I know that nothing, and no individual is perfect, but a harmony of being exists, that is admirable.
Now as I mentioned earlier, today is Umuganda, and the shops really did stay shut ( I checked wanting to buy snacks) until 11am, and most people are still cleaning.

I've just been walking around my local area, checked out a sauna place next door, and went in search on travel exchange, and what I can tell you is, there's a fresh aroma as you walk around.

Local pharmacy, health clinics ( I passed two ) and large children playground, all amenities in walking distance, that a community needs.

Rwanda Stories

Good morning from Rwanda
The Land of a Thousand Hills

Arrived last night after what seemed like an extra long flight - with a baby crying pretty much the entire flight. On-board food was good, and all in all , we had a good flight over.
Navigated the airport which is well organised - secure, and actually a pretty nice experience all round. Surprised those at the counter who were convinced I was Rwandese, so could not understand my inability to speak the local language

Jumped in a taxi and headed straight to the hotel. They were both expecting and not expecting me - negotiated a better room, with some flexibility, dropped my cases, and headed outside, where a local band were performing on stage, mostly locals here, but my mission was food. I was hungry, and about to faint ( I exaggerate) half an hour post my order, I called guy. Our conversation was an interesting one in the end I just burned out - where's my food?!!

He seemed to find it funny when I said it only takes 10mins to cook chips

'No' - he told me, 'they have to do it... properly...'

..and sure enough they did - the food looked and tasted beautiful.

I ate, paid in dollars, then headed up

Somehow I managed to sleep with my balcony doors opened, and wondered why I had a chill

Running water,(cold) flushing toilet, and a nicely made bed. This is a locally owned hotel, run by local people, who I get the impression rarely tend to overseas guests, but to give them credit , have really tried to give me all that I need to accommodate me

Today is the last Saturday of the month...Umuganda, where the community cleans and undertakes voluntary work. No cars are allowed on roads until after 11am - and my trip around the city is pushed back to tomorrow.

It's cool

This is Africa

This is Rwanda

Sunday 8 September 2019

Yantumye - King James

Weekend WOW Factor - The Evolution of Mindful Revolution ft Tiwa Savage - 49-99

.. and what a summer it has been...

as I write, we are now in the 37th day of Sowore's detention.

aressted by the DSS in Nigeria after calling for a revolutionary protest across Nigeria...
Revolution Now/Days of rage, will undeniably be remembered as a definitive moment in Sowore's status as a true activist, a leader, undetererable and one to be respected.

The response of the majority of the Nigerian people can be described as lackluster, highlighting also the middle classes as a major problem in the country.
The 'I'm all right jack' attitude of those getting by, and the 'I'm better off than my neighbour' approach by the poor will remain the downfall of many, and a real barrier to change.

One thing is for sure, Sowore can never be referred to as inconsequential again, as in the weeks that followed, the word revolution spread across the nations media and could be found flowing freely from the mouths of the ruling classes with subjective ease. 'Revolution of the mind', being a favoured term


Nigerian Senator Elisha Abbo, was caught on camera beating a female shop assistant in a porn shop, (despite the presence of male security guards) and kept his job...

the apology was lame.... and funny as heck
'no matter what you did to me'...



Burna boy raised his profile as a true giant in the music scene

Poor black South Africans are increasing their attacks on those they view as foreigners... not Chinese, British, or any nationality predominantly, other than African - black African to be exact
Imagine that...
What say you Malema? - we need you to speak sense on this matter....

and if all that wasn't enough, as we approach Autumn, the King of the anti colonial struggle, and former revolutionary leader Robert Mugabe, breathed his last breath, in Singapore.
'allow me let me shed a tear'

What can I say...

I doubt we will ever see the likes of such a complex man ever again
we live in very different times now...

How is Zimbabwe doing now?.. after the coup that removed the don?
how is Gambia now?, after the removal of Jammeh
some say better - okay, but regardless...I can now understand the reason for the lovely Adama's ever increasing stomach...

$41.000 on food shopping a month?
ha ha... too funny
leave him let him eat - he with the beautiful eyes requires more food...

..'yes...that be right my darling..'

Much more has occurred in my time away, and I must resist some of these stories in the weeks to come

It's my birthday month, and as I approach a new year, I'm busy preparing for my trip

God bless you Sowore
God bless you Mugabe

Tell dem Tiwa......

blessings and light x