Sunday 29 March 2020

Lockdown London

Clocks went forward and Spring has sprung

Things to do on lockdown..

Wrap up well when you need to stock up, on utilities, and basic essentials

Yesterday me and Ti drove in pursuit of essentials, and even though it was early in the morning... it was eerie - almost post apocalyptic

I actually ran across the road to avoid one woman, and resisted the urge to 'have a word' a man I saw spit in the road

Nope, now is not the time to chastise ransom strangers ( even from the safety of my car)

Regardless, we picked up only what was needed, dropped rice at my mums front door, said hi and bye, and headed home
Clothes off and into the wash with disinfectant, then into the bath... again

My Sunday has been spent sowing seeds - gotta be self sufficient ... try my best to be anyway, whilst enjoying the EFF bookclub with Floyd Shivambu.

Got some Okra seeds in there too

Bookclub with Floyd

Dinner over with , and it's time to chill, and indulge in gardening videos, music, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Friday was a rough day.
My record producer Mykey of MCS records, I found out, died, as did reggae music legends Bob Andy and Delroy Washington.

End of an era - all having had a positive impact on my life.
Spent many hours working in the studio with Mykey, whilst my kids (then still v young) played in his garden, and waited for me to be done.

Mykey was a good man, humble, funny, kind, and respectful. He encouraged me to develop my own music production skills, to play my bass , keyboards, and whatever else on my own tracks.
Good times - good memories.
RIP to the boss - Mykey Simpson.

Bob Andy

Growing up, one album I played many many time from start to end was Bob Andy's Songbook
A classic in so many ways.

Nuff said..

Saturday 21 March 2020

Korede Bello - Sun Momi

Weekend WOW Factor; African Liberation Struggles, A Closer Look

1. Samora Machel.

President of Mozambique from June 1975 - October 1986
A trained nurse, Samora joined FRELIMO ( the Mozambique Liberation Front) at a base in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
On completing military service and training in Algeria, Samora quickly rose through the ranks to become military commander.
The 10yr liberation war ended in 1974, and Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal.

Samora - born September 29th 1933, A revolutionary, and 1st President of Mozambique - died in a plane crash in 1986.

...'The liberation struggle knows its heroes, but there are also traitors..' Machel