Sunday 30 November 2014

P-Square ft Don Jazzy - Collabo

I love this song so much but why why why no video yet?
Okay. Sunday karaoke anyone??

Music to prepare that yummy Sunday dinner to. Yay .'.tun it up!'
I personally have to rake up some leaves. I love trees.. but they dont arf make a mess :)

Weekend WOW Factor - The Worlds Most Dangerous Job?

No.. not being a woman :)

Tell me....who would be a Journalist these days...?

When you think of dangerous jobs ... what do you usually think of?
Police Officer?.. Solider?..Reporting on conflict in a War Zone?.. World leader?.. Fireman?

I think it's definitely time to add Journalist to that old 'mind list'..

I did a quick Google search, and Journalists all across the world, are facing attacks, imprisonment and worse. On an up note, there does seem to be a glimmer of hope for the detained Al Jazeera Journalists [click] but in the world we live in.. it would appear that being a Journalist is risky business

As America and Britain promote the spread of democracy ( often violently) across the world.. are we actually creating more authoritarian regimes?

I became interested in the case of a well known Journalist and radio personality David Tam Baryoh.

David Tam Baryoh.

It's alleged that David was arrested for criticizing ( on his show) the Government of Sierra Leone's ( in particular, President Ernest Bai Koroma) handling of the Ebola crisis.
He has since been released on bail.. and is apparently in forgiving mood [click] ( nothing like jail to sober you up?)

Understandable perhaps given the fact that they were once good friends [click]

President Ernest Bai Koroma

I think this case is not so clear cut.

If David is using his platform to build up tribal hostilities,( which hes been accused of doing) and unsubstantiated ill feeling against the President because of a 'personal falling out'.. that would be incorrect. That would be a case of out right Sedition under the Sierra Leone Public Order Act 1965

If however, David uses his platform to critique the governments handling of Ebola, based on little more than a love of his country and the people, and uses his platform as a voice for the people and to hold the government to account... I think most people would see that as correct. Yet.... good intentions or not, he could still face charges under the same Act.. technically speaking.

Sedition for me should be a question of intent.. of motive.

Therefore, how 'Free speech' is handled is also a question of intent .. and motive.

We NEED journalists.
But we need to remember that they are human.
I'm sure they'll say that a good journalist is an unbiased journalist.. whose only intention is to report the truth.
Yet surely that will depend on ones own personal viewpoint.. no?

People in power tend to want to stay there... and if violence is part of the fabric of a society, many may use it to suppress dissent.

In our own lives... do we speak out when we know ( or feel ) something isn't right?..
When we have a view that doesn't quite fit with the dominant view.. how do we feel?
Do we challenge our friends and peers.. or just go with the flow in order to keep the peace.. and the friendship?

If yes.. we are probably not journalists.

Yet.. I have a feeling if we care enough about something...
Pushed far enough..just far enough
We would TALK
Even the quietest among us.

P-Square - Shekini & LXG - Superman

Good morning!

Saturday 29 November 2014

Why I just don't quite 'get'...' Black Friday'. ft Mikey Spice


Tell me...just what the hell is ' Black Friday'?!

Our mainstream media and politicians like to condemn 'rioting'... but this is okay???


It's a twisted society we live in...

When an emotive expresion of anger and frustration at a series of injustices is frowned upon.. looked upon as folly...

But these frenzied emotive expressions of wanton greed... are not

I've watched the news over the years and have seen starving people in refugee camps perform better at a food drop...

People get hurt.. as they push over and step on faces on the ground
Such is our obsession with materialism...

Lol!!... I thought 'we' were broke.....
Cha.. 'we' broke alright.. deficient as F**k :)

Okay...People....I can't keep standing up for you if you keep letting me down like this.... :)

A riot is the language of the unheard
Black Friday is simply a cue for some dumb arse greedy f**ks to show themselves as .. well....dumb arse greedy f**ks
( hey..I never claimed to be anywhere near as eloquent as MLK)

Get thee to church shoppers... pronto.


Happy Saturday.. heehee ... I'm feeling chatty today!
Take it easy out there... and have a great day x

Cool Runnings..

It's a compliment when someone sings your songs. I wonder if Bunny likes this version.. with its 'throwback' video :)

It's nice to see Bunny in a good mood..
I'm accustomed to militant Bunny.. and he has always been a great story-teller.. and entertainer
Looking good Bunny.. last of the original Wailers standing


Did you know.. this last one may just be my all time favourite Bunny Wailer track,.. and that's not an easy statement to make..

Friday 28 November 2014

Waje - No Be You

I really like this song by Waje
Amazing vocals and amazing video (different )

This tune made me think. Do you ever wonder how two people can go from thinking the absolute world of each other.. to fighting.. constantly?
It seems quite insane at times.
Sometimes people mend their differences, and repair thier relationships...other times, they walk away.
..not just in romantic relationships either, but life in general.

I appreciate love very much
To love deeply.. is great. I suspect when the arguments come along they could be equally as passionate :)
Maybe, maintaining love is an ever evolving process of remembrance .. and renewal

Okay.. unless some major event occurs that's me for the night..
I want to practice a bit before my class tomorrow
Hope you enjoy the song

Mo yin na mere ka

Seven kinds of love Article

Coco Baby - Waje ft Diamond

Three cheers for the weekend.. hip hip.. hooray.. hip hip.. hooray..hip hop?....errrm, okay never mind

Well... my new friend certainly put a smile on my face today. had me blushing actually.
Seems hes been mulling over recent events... (just as I was this morning!).
He surprised me by sending me a lovely bunch of flowers. He arranged it that I should get them delivered this afternoon. His Aunt told me something that I wont share as I'll just be blushing over the keys. but each time I think of it I smile. I'm happy.
It's very sweet of him. Imagine.. dealing with Ebola lock downs, work, etc... and still sending me flowers....
Okay.. blushing again

Suffice to say.. my day has been absolutely lovely :))

Ti came home and aksed me If I stole the flowers from 'Black Friday'.. I said they're from Freetown. He stopped in his tracks..' you wash them?!'.. he said pointing at the door.. 'get them outa this door now.!'.lol!
He's such a nicompoop. Thinks his jokes are funny.

Forget black Friday.. Ti just has black humour.

Glad he finds my life a source of his ongoing entertainment lol!.
Tɛnki ya SK
Tɛnki ya MF

Happy Weekend.. time to chill x

7th Heaven Riddim. TGIF

Artists - Kabaka Pyramid. Bugle I Octaine. Alaine. Tarrus Riley & Demarco on the Mix

I'm quite tired, so grateful for the impending weekend.
I was speaking to a music producer in Freetown yesterday ( thanks to my new friend) and I must say.. the music due to emerge from Sierra Leone is solid. My prediction is that like Nigeria the music industry is due to take off in a big way. I love the energy and the vibe. Hopefully I'll be able to share some exclusives with you soon enough.

Life is 'funny' at times.
It take all kinds of twists and turns. who knew I would connect with someone over there who loves music and politics just as much as I do ( although I say I don't like politics, I cant shut up about it)
I realize even more that it's a small world in many ways.

Our friendship grows stronger each day, and I'm very grateful for that.
I am becoming more convinced things rarely happen by chance or accident, but by design
Who knew
Pray that he stays well.. that's very important... and that Ebola makes a hasty retreat. Will be a great day when I get to visit ( he's just as excited as me ) after all.. held that 'dream' for many years now.
I admire people who face adversity and fight on. Those with vision ambition passion and a desire to make a difference. I wish them the strength to continue to fight on...there's is a story worth telling
We all have different things that make us tick don't we :)
Anyway, gotta get ready...

Feel better soon JJ. x

My musical selections always tend to match how I feel and today is no exception
Have a great day allx


Ti says.. why am I wearing a turtle neck like some African poet.. or some kinda Revolutionary :)
who do I think I am in the monochrome colours... .
said whenever he sees the' turtle neck'.. he knows what time it is lol!!..'s blooming cold that's why!!

Yay it's Friday!

Thursday 27 November 2014

Uganda or Spain? for the President?.. no contest - it's Uganda all the way!

Although it's not a competition, I would visit Uganda - before I visit Spain

( unless Spain calls me of course with the offer of a ticket)
For sure.
But that's me.
President Yoweri Museveni, should not be too hard on the Ugandan Tourist Board, although... he does have a point.
I've checked out the short films on the UTB website and I would suggest that they do seem to target a particular tourist. Personally speaking, they don't [majorly] appeal to me. They are pretty to look at, but quite cheesy.. and appear to pander to the occidental tourist. Fine.. but not those who look like me.
Again.. fine.. but therein lies a problem.

I searched further ...and found some less cheesy clips.

This is an old vid

Personally speaking, I have no strong desire to see Chimps, or Lions, in thier natural habitat, but ... each to thier own.
I will admit that I quite like elephants and giraffes, so... half an hour watching them I could do.
But seriously...

Just what is the message Uganda wants to share?.

Last year Uganda made our news headlines quite a bit with regards to thier 'anti gay rights' bill. On and on it went, to the point that I started to become very suspicious about what the real underlining, political issue may be.

I suggest that President Yoweri Museveni should worry less about the UTB, and more of his own PR
It could certainly be better.

In truth...ultimately, the President may be overlooking something quite simple.
Perhaps it's not anti gay laws.. video chimps, and the legacy of Idi..that may turn some visitors away
In short...
It's cheap[er] to fly to Spain

... the lure of the package booze.. sex.. clubbing.. the all inclusive.. ( for your average holiday Brit) seems to appeal
I'm not suggesting that's all Spain has to offer.. but it's the dominant narrative :)

You tell me....

Uganda needs to set its own narrative. Uganda has a story to need to pander.. just tell it.

Heres one from Ghana

Interesting interview
.. is he bored or just really tired?.. his excellency... yawns. If I were the interviewer.. I'd feel pretty bad :)

Loyal Flames - The Worst Thing

The Illipsis: on Ferguson, riots and human limits

Romain Virgo - All Out. Denique Ft Juss Ice & Tanya Stephens on the Mix

Good morning all x

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Tony Blair - Help African Leaders Govern

The rise and rise of Tony Blair .'The Last King of Africa'

I'm really interested in how the governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia are run.
I love those countries.
I'm interested in who makes the decisions and how.
I often wonder of the difficulties developing countries face...when trying to move from a position of dependence ( e.g on foreign Aid) to Independence

Having said that.. who really is independent these days?...we live in a world of Globalization..Interdependence.. not Independence.

Recently, we have witnessed the poor health infrastructure of those countries deeply affected by Ebola, and the difficulties that they're facing to eradicate it.

It would appear that despite lucrative mining deals, and contracts being signed, and despite the assistance of our ex PM Tony Blair in facilitating many of these deals. services, for the majority of the people, for the poor people, remain woefully inadequate.

Whilst I hear the sentiment of the Africa Stop Ebola message by Tiken Jah Fakoly, It is a fact that many families who took loved ones to the doctors and to hospitals... were turned away.
The reality for them was - lack of space.. lack of beds.. lack of doctors. = no entry.

Since leaving office Tony Blair has become an incredibly rich man.
He has aligned himself with some of the richest countries of the African continent., and appears to be governing from the not so shadowy shadows.
I have no issue with anyone making money.
..and I definitely have no issue with anyone willing to help out and share thier knowledge, skills and experience
But I feel a sense of unease with Tony Blair's involvement in these regions, especially as development still remains a slow pace issue.

What is suggested in various reports and articles, yet unquestioned.. are the private deals he is able to make as a result of his connections.
Unlike Independence, neo-colonialism is no myth.

It almost pains me to ask this. It pains me because I like Mr Blair....ask anyone who knows me. yet I have to ask

Did Tony Blair really take the UK into an illegal war.. leave office.. then find a way to manipulate his position in places he knew would be unable to decline his 'help'?
Don't misunderstand me. I understand the concept of reciprocity.
It's how the world is run.
But I also understand that Africa's problem ( if you approach it as Nkruma would have wanted ) remains its disunity, and shaky leadership.

Tony Blair loves Africa
Question is.. does he love the Africans who live there?

The African Governance Initiative.
..working at the heart of 'African Governments

AGI In Liberia

Tony Blair receives Global Legacy Award from Save the Children Part 1 [click]
Part 2 [click]

Africa Stop Ebola


Monday 24 November 2014

My Monday melodies ft Christopher Martin - Stepping Razor - Me she want & Pura Vida

Nice play on the Peter Tosh tune. Christopher Martin sounds smooth on this, and is full of those sweet lyrics as usual...

"They get addicted to my vibe.. I make them feel so good inside
Intoxicated by my smile
These girls fall in no time.."

Bring out mi history scan my profile....

We are fast approaching the end of the year... already
Have you begun your yearly reflection yet?.. do you do that?

I'll tell you something. For me, it has been a very eventful year. Its been a busy one.. I've met alot of people and had lots of new experiences. I still have a good few things to complete before the end of the year. Things to set in motion. I'm not complaining. I'm actually really pleased.
I do miss summer though, It was beautiful in many ways..and for many reasons.

Two of our hottest dancehall artists... at least two of my fav's. Yes, nice combo.

Pura Vida sounds lovely. Kinda matches my mood this evening.
It's absolutely freezing outside.. but that's okay.
It's warm indoors and that's what matters.

In truth.. I'm actually feeling good
Hope you are too x

Sunday 23 November 2014

Spotlight on Castro . not the Cuban.. but the great Ghanaian singer

The video tells a powerful story of jealousy - sussu - obea.. and ultimately, a search for healing. The video helps those of us who don't speak the language, to understand the song
I'm somewhat addicted to the percussion arrangement truth be told.. seriously.. the beat is intoxicating.
Castro.. fantastic artist. He sure has some great music and videos, but they often say not to upload. So I try look for those don't say that. RIP Castro... never found.

Here's another

Castro - Odo Pa ft. Baby Jet & Kofi Kinaata

Life can be so unpredictable..

Akoo Nana -Mi Yadaw ft Castro

Best to try live it well x
We salute you Castro..

About Castro - Wikipedia
BBC Article [click]

Bisa Kdei – Saa.

plus Son of God, Big Boy Weezy, and Aboa Sika

Apparently this is an inspirational - song - yet tells of the ways in which peoples attitudes can sometimes change when they realize you have money
I can't find the full song meaning, but sounds so good to me
Very stylish...

In fact.. I love his voice - his music - very cool. Bisa Bisa Bisa.

Lets have another. he features with D-Black, adding the sugar to the pot

and alone..
His harmonies are beautiful

Bonus tracks

ft Lighter

Empire - War on Terror War on Muslims?

Interesting conversation..

Excerpt - ".... in china they dont give the illusion that they are free. The horror of the United States, is that you can experience yourself as free, and you are still totally controlled..
you don't even experience your un-freedom...."

Weekend WOW Factor pt 2 - hello Accra - hello Freetown.. and some other stuff

The allegations about Bill Cosby could well be true
There are too many.
It reminds me of the Jimmy Savile - Rolf Harris (and others) saga that we witnessed here in the UK

There are clear differences I guess..(Not that I'm an expert on the details of any of the cases)
The main one seems to be that Savile abused children, even sick children and abused the trust of a hospital for sick children that had put thier trust in him.
Rolf abused the daughter of a friend..

Cosby is alleged to have drugged then raped young 'starlets'.. abusing his position as much loved ( famous) 'American Dad'.

There's a film in there somewhere.

If it is true I feel nothing
Correction...I feel it for the 'victims', but any man that feels the need to drug.,. then pounce.. for shits sake.. that's low.

I watched and loved the Cosby show.
He was funny in it yes..but it was the family dynamics that really made that show for me.. that and the fact that they were black.. and we had few black ( non criminals ) on our TV screens. In the Cosby show, we could look and see ourselves. Even if they were an America Family.. they resonated with many of us growing up in the UK.
The kids were cool

If the allegations are not true.. I fear his reputation is damaged forever. if not forever.. for a very long time.
It's sad whichever way you look at it.



It has been reported that yesterdays Kenyan Bus attack was carried out by Al-Shabaab as retaliation for the storming of mosques by Kenyan Security forces. Add to that Kenya sending troops into Somalia,, to which Al-Shabaab responded by storming the Westgate Shopping Mall ..shooting and killing innocent shoppers.. and you have a growing problem for Kenya.
What is the best way forward. I can't see a clear way out.. yet.
Seems to me Kenya has more pressing problems.. than the length of a woman's skirt.

Kenya bus attack survivor tells how gunmen selected their victims [click]


NewsFlash - Men ( some) don't need any more 'lessons' on how to lie to or manipulate women for sex.
Can we have less games and more honesty. Now.. that's a workshop I'm happy to endorse :)

Julien Blanc is barred from the UK, as it was deemed his workshops encourage the mistreatment of women.
Basically.. it's felt that he teaches men how to be utter and complete arseholes
I'll be honest I'd never heard of this man before
.. but I would hate to come across any man who has attended his cheesy looking seminars ( unless for journalistic purposes!)

In his defense?.
Some men could benefit from a class or two.
Women are not the enemy. or an army to be conquered. I have a feeling that more men are secretly afraid of women than they be willing to let on.
Hey!!.. we don't bite!.. unless asked
If you want to know anything?
Maybe it's as simple as - clean groom, exercise, listen, be honest, read, have a personality that doesn't make a woman wanna vomit, pay.. for stuff.
But it's not really that simple... is it. As women, are so very different, . We have our little nuances. Crack that.. and you're in. If she fancies you of course.

Seduction Seminar? [click]

Perhaps if he's misbehaving .. stick him in these and keep the key in your bra!
I watched this short film to practice my Twi language skills, but found it quite entertaining too

It's actually an Aids awareness film by 'Global Dialogues'


Other Articles I noticed today

Should Bob Marley’s name be used to sell marijuana?

The Labour Party is culturally adrift from the White Van Man who proudly flies our flag writes DAVID LAMMY [Click]


Okay.. some other news..
I've been asked to be a part of an upcoming play/musical.

I'll tell you more next year all being well ( when it's okay to) and when I start to attend rehearsals
What I can say is, the plan is to tour the UK and Ghana with it ( to begin with)
I had no idea that I was in the company of some hugely talented people these past few weeks

I'm so excited! and looking forward to it :)
I know you're thinking.. can I act?
Well...we shall see wont we..

My lot laughed when I told them , but I could see the ahhhh.. in their eyes... here we go.. they may have been thinking.. all this Pan African 'shenanigans' gonna pay off then?

I was told yesterday that I'm too bloody opinionated. .. Moi?? :)

Happy Sunday all x

Saturday 22 November 2014

Weekend Wow Factor pt 1 - To Hide or reveal your Identity.. That is the question..

Quote - 'Emily Thornberry has resigned from Labour's front bench after sending a tweet during the Rochester and Strood by-election which was branded "snobby".' Full article [click]

So, she was forced to resign from the Labour front bench huh....
Funnily enough, there are a few houses near me that look similar, with a couple of flags drapped outside windows. I tend to associate that look with football these days. To be honest, the flags went up during the World Cup and just never came down!.. There were a few 'country flags' up during the world cup and it was fun trying to identify them.

I remember once many years back doing some outreach on a housing estate in Harlesden. It was a huge estate, and we were posting leaflets. I came across a door ( and walls) that were painted blood red. There was the biggest swastika on the door. It was black. But there was more than one. On the walls around it, and daubed on the door was Nazi regalia.. swastika's all over the place!. I felt sick , but mostly scared. Was that a sign of identity ?.. or mental illness.?
I fear the latter.
We made a swift gettaway.
Anyway.. that was an extreme example. In the case of the house in Rochester, I think the Labour Party's over sensitively has exposed them ..yet again.. it's pathetic.

Let people fly thier bloody flag/s if they want. It doesn't necessarily mean those who live there are a bunch of white racists. I guess the particular house that was tweeted was abit of a stereotype.. You know... white van man.. St Georges Flag.. and to add to that mix..a bloody West Ham fan. ( now that last one is troubling lol!) .. but wouldn't it have been funny of the owner of these symbolic references to white Identity, was actually Black?!
I went out with a guy who was a major West Ham fan. Turned out he was a complete dick.. Yeah he was Black ( but White) so perhaps that was my warning sign! ..who knew.

Anyway. Once again Britain struggles with Identity.
Hey.. it must be tough being White and British right now.


I have a Koran.
I was bored with 'Christianity' and did think once about making a smooth transition.
It's an English Translation, and I bought it many years ago. I've read a little, but no where as much as I've read the Bible.
Having said that.. I would have been screwed if I was on that bus in Kenya... [click]
I can only really read fully in English

That's like me walking up to a bus load of people and saying right.. sing me 3 Luciano songs or you're dead!
Or - name me one of Sizzla's greatest hits.. and for good measure.. who produced his first album?.. don't know?.. oh well.. guess your life is over

Play fair.
Extremists rule by fear.. but you don't win hearts .. or minds.. that way.
Not in the long run

For the second time this week Kenya has made my blog posts.. and not in a good way.
I have some Kenyan readers I think.. so...someone please please please - share something about Kenya that doesn't debase the people and the country.
Do I have really have to go back to the independence revolutionaries to find a hero?

[Reggae Dancehall Saturday Special] - ft Demarco -Busy Signal - Lady Saw & Bugle - .Lucas DiPasquale - Mr. Vegas, Wicker Man, Mr. Lexx, Famous Face, & QQ

Song List - Demarco - Love the gyal dem good / Bad gyal anthem. Busy Signal - Personally. Lady Saw & Bugle - Infidelity.Lucas DiPasquale -Popcaan Mashup. Outta Road Medley - Mr. Vegas, Wicker Man, Mr. Lexx, Famous Face, & QQ

..and a good morning to you! x

"Di gyal dem say, dat fat bwoy a boast say...dem affi give im de trophy.."

Gyal gimmi fi you love ina de dyam place..
She bawl lard jesus bwoy you dyam great
She come 1st me go 2nd ina di one race
Only cook food go pon di don plate..."

did she say.. aint nobody do it better than me baby.. not even Kentucky...? :)

Friday 21 November 2014

Badman Place - Demarco and Jah Vinci - Loyal - Demarco ft Busy Signal

"Wen me tell dem lyrics!"...
Yay.. love it boys...

Happy Friday all..

It's time to down tools and relax. As weeks go, its been a good week. Its been a quiet week.. but I got alot done. I also made a new friend. He lives in Sierra Leone so we chat in the evenings about stuff. Strange how we got chatting...(kinda out of the blue) mutual friend and all that. I'm learning much more about the place, and it seems to keep calling me ' ( so to speak) so there must be a reason.
We get along well.. he's keeping well and doing okay
So yeah.. Interesting week

Enjoy yours x


Thursday 20 November 2014

Ganja Farmer - Greedy Capitalist or humble Rastaman? ft Marlon Asher

So the Marley Family have launched a Cannabis brand called 'Marley Natural' which is to be sold where Cannabis is legal.
Bob Marley's legacy... is an interesting one.
His image is probably one of the most recognizable images across the entire globe.

Most people have an impression of Bob.
The Rastsman,..the Ganja smoker, the Locks, the Ethiopian colours.. the women, the music..
No one can argue that Bob Marley is big business, . the commodification of Bob and the commodification of Rastafari is undeniable. Across the world, locks became possibly the fastest growing 'hairstyle' and the rise in the number of white Rastafarians seemingly taking the movement in a new direction and begging the question..just what does Rastafari mean today?

Ironically perhaps...Bob seemed to have had very little interest in capitalist pursuits, despite being one of the biggest selling artists of the 20th century!

Beneath the haze of commercialization...Bob was so much more than the smoking of 'herbs' .. more than the colours, more than the locks.. use his image to front a brand of Cannabis?
I don't know.. I really don't.

I've been told many times that Cannabis has many health benefits. I personally don't smoke it, but I'm well aware that across the Caribbean it's often boiled and drunk as tea.. They don't get high.. It's not about that.

I fear there is a real issue with weed theses days. It's often sprayed/laced with other toxins to make it more potent. Young people who buy weed, don't really know what they're getting.
Skunk is manufactured to be as potent as possible.
(which can lead to problems such as hallucinations etc..or even longer term issues)
My advice would be... don't.

Smoking weed these days is risky business. It's not a business soley run by those humble Rastamen in the hills anymore. you know... those men who used to grow Ganja farms to sell enough to feed thier families. No...those days are long gone. Those who sell weed want big profits, and to buy nice cars and all the other trappings that have come to epitomize wealth and success.
Prayer, meditation and healing I suspect are the last thing on many peoples minds when they light up theses days.
Sure you may have a few who smoke to ease physical pain, and yes you will always have those who just wanna light up to chill. But my feeling is that a great many people smoke like they drink. They want a buzz, and they want to get high.

*Ganja Farmer - Marlon Asher*

I understand that Marley Natural with be a range of products, creams , lotions etc, infused with Cannabis.
But lets face it., When people think Bob they think the Rasta that sung some great tunes and smoked weed, Not the rubbing in of some herb infused cream.
It's a business.

Bob has many fans. We love him, we can be overprotective. We love his music his message, his style. We're accustomed to people adorning themselves with Marley t-shirts, and posters on the wall.
But when is it enough?.. when does it become too much?... or is it all just.. One Love.
I'm not keen on the exploitation of Rasta,.. or of Bob... but it's his family so they must know. and if they're okay with it.. who am I to talk.

Guardian Article - Bob Marley fronts marijuana brand to sell healing power of the herb [click]

Guardian Article - Bob Marley’s legacy is going up in cannabis smoke [click]

Dawna's song of the day - DJXclusive ft Wizkid - Jeje

The new Band Aid 30 on-line strap line says.. 'Buy the single - Stop the virus'..
Have a great day all x

.. this is my song of the day. Beat and flow on point!. Wizkid again

Wednesday 19 November 2014

A Correction!.. and a Delroy Wilson Feature

I have to correct a mistake!!
I don't usually make many musical mistakes ( at least I try not to) but yesterday, I said that it was the Delroy Wilson's version of the song 'Sitting in the Park' which I loved.. but now I'm not sure if he even recorded it. Today, I've been 'wracking my brain' trying to remember who sung the version I used to love to sing along to

Slim Smith?
I'm convinced Delroy recorded it but I can't find it.

I give up.
Any music heads out there please tell me... did he record it?

Now these are without a doubt the Delroy Wilson classics I make no mistakes on

This song... Awwwww.. dear

This is my song..

'Delroy Wilson was our first child star and boy wonder, having started recording at age 13 when he had to be hoisted on beer boxes for concerts. Delroy was an immediate sensation. He was our first superstar. In the ska era, he was a lethal weapon used by Sir Coxsone Downbeat to demolish Coxsone's former employee, Prince Buster.' [Source]

More on Delroy Wilson [Click]

Cool Operator - Delroy Wilson.

Geeks Rule OK

It has been suggested that Ed Miliband is too 'Geeky' to run the country, and as a result... never will.
It's possible.

I know it's early, but I think we will have a 'full' Conservative government come next year.
No Coalition.
The Lib Dems are pretty much dead in the water...aside from thier 'one saving grace'
The 'saving grace' who refuses to chew on the neck carcus of his comrade. Instead.. he sits ...and waits.

The eyes have it... hmmm yum yum...stealthy

I guess he knows that, ' he who wields the sword... rarely wears the crown'.

But Vince Cable needs to remember that he's not exactly a 'spring chicken'. Not being ageist or anything, but he is ( relatively) owl. That's how Caribbean people say it sometimes when we not being ageist.
He's 'owl'.
If you're Jamaican you may say... howl.
Anyway, linguistics aside, the man is frustrating.

I like him so much that if I saw him on the street, I'd get off a bus to greet him. But he's starting to look weak and wimpish to me... darn it.
So anyway... forget the Libdems.

Ed Miliband strayed long ago into un-electable Neil Kinnock territory, and seems to be loving it. . Only, people don't seem to have the affection for him, as they did for Neil.

Neil Kinnock sunk his ship the day he delivered his infamous "we're alright"... "we're alright". - pause - "alright" ...speech.
Losing consecutive elections didn't help Mr Kinnock, neither did tripping over his own feet on the beach, and practically dragging his wife down with him.
But that day on the stage.. he could just as well have have well have approached the podium, and in his finest Jamaican accent screamed.. bumboclartttttttttttttttttttttttt !

That's how well it went down.

So... Ed the Geek?

The mainstream media are having a field day with him right now. Apparently he even eats a bacon sandwich like a prat.
No comment from me. That he's even eating bacon ... oh never mind

What is the UK coming to when a man can't even eat a sandwich in peace...

The Labour Party are beginning to strike me as a bunch of cowards. They all know Ed hasn't got what it takes to really raise the profile of the party.. but will they do anything about it..
will they heck.

So perhaps they deserve to lose.

To be fair I like Geeks. Geeks and Introverts.
Introverts are underrated.
But let's face it...extrovert Geeks can be annoying.
I have my Geek moments for sure. Geeks are cool.. Geeks rule..

But aint no Geek gonna win the next UK general election.
Mark my words.


- The Way We Were -

Light the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? Could we?

Memories, may be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So it's the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...

Lyrics by B Streisand

Yeah... I know...I am silly sometimes heehee. that'll be the Geek in me

Remember Spitting Image?

... Nevermind...I guess there's still time..

Wednesday wonders.. ft M.anifest & Obrafour - No shortcut to Heaven

Good morning on this misty Wednesday.
Ti took his cats to the Vet.
They told him they were both depressed and charged him £200. heehee :)

They're both wearing cones to stop them over licking.. which is apparently what cats do if stressed.

Sometimes I think...I'd love to mine a Diamond. Just 1.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rock Steady feature: Spotlight on Alton Ellis

'Alton Nehemiah Ellis, better known as Alton Ellis, was born on September 1, 1938, in the Trenchtown area of Kingston, Jamaica.
He was a prominent singer, songwriter, producer and concert promoter, referred to by many as the "Godfather of Rocksteady," a romantic, R&B-styled Jamaican music genre. Ellis died of multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer, on October 11, 2008, at the age of 70. [Source]

[Guardian Obituary]

Most people have a favourite Alton Ellis. song. Quite often.. it's this

Sometimes they say it's this..

Sometimes they may even say.. this..

Even this

Me?... Tough call..
I think Alton Ellis was an amazing talent, and has left us with some truly great music.
Alton Ellis was a Rocksteady King .in an era that produced a very unique sound in Reggae music's history.

Growing up I loved Alton Ellis.. and this song in particular... although the version by Delroy Wilson will always have a place in my heart.
Now Delroy Wilson... he was another outstanding talent.. ( will profile him another day)

Today is all about Alton
As much as I liked this track there was one I liked even more and to me was quintessentially Alton...

A very stylish singer

So which tune did I like even more?...yes, it was and remains...RockSteady

Catching Up with BattaBox.. A word or 2 from Lagos

Will the guy in the pale yellow shirt ever get a girlfriend again after this? .. yikes
his sore wife.. I mean poor wife :)


White shirt man said a cheating wife is as dangerous as poison.. she can easily kill!?!.. eh?!

"As a matter of Nigerian concern I would spend de money"... lol!!
If there was an extra 2 grand in my account I would honestly think it was mine.. I wouldn't even blink #realtok


One guy said he'd take her to counselling! .. another said he'd " run straight to god!"...


They found a very handsome man with tribal marks ( 1st pic)
I wonder if people will feel this way about our current love of tatoos later on down the line.
Tribal marked people have no choice do they. If it's the cultural practice of the family, it's usually done really early. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tribal marked or not.

My favourite comment is..

"A lady with tribal marks.... tribal marks doesnt really matter.. quite alright, what matters is love..".. Awwww Sweet

Damian Marley - Set Up Shop + Nas - Patience & As We Enter

Happy Tuesday allx

Monday 17 November 2014

Special people in Sierra Leone

I met a woman today from Sierra Leone. She asked me if I tok Krio, I said I'm trying to learn. I communicated abit.. ( a tiny bit) in Krio. But I felt shy though.

Anyway, she's a nurse and wants to prepare herself and gain a few new skills , update her old skills, and go back home to help out. She was confident that Ebola will go soon.
Tonight on The BBC ( Panorama) I watched a young woman burst into tears as she was told her sister had died. She listened to the doctor, was really still for a moment, then, simply fell apart. It actually made me cry to see that.. that was awful.. It took me unawares. Of all the reports I've seen on Ebola, (and there are many) this was the most heartbreaking.
I really didn't expect it.

The doctor wore a special camera so that the viewers could see inside the contaminated areas, and experience as much as it possible, what life is like for an MSF doctor.
It's really horrible
.. so sparse!.
.. and you have to be meticulous with disinfecting, at the various stages.
One thing that I hadn't considered.. is the heat. Often whilst working, they have to endure the heat of Sierra Leone under a protective suit
I hope the nurse who wants to return is right... I hope it goes soon
The people have suffered way too much
I wonder what changes the SL government will make to improve things after this..

The report I saw I couldn't find on YouTube.. Its probably on the BBC IPlayer
This is another - by Street Child.

Anyway.. off toBedfordshire

Angel wings and fairy lights.. that's what little me was made of.. (*not really)

I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays!
I love fairy lights
Love songs
Good food
Good music
Romantic films on TV
The annual classics like Wizard of Oz
I hope they show 'Mrs Doubtfire' this year

I have a Christmas tree
Raising the children.. when they were small I didn't allow it
Didn't believe in it
They're grown now
It's different
It just is
I used to recognize Jan 7th.. (Ethiopian Christmas)
But couldn't really manage the two
.. and noone else in the family except my tight ( love him really) brother did .. so it wasn't the same
The holidays are about family , friends, togetherness
Plus we're all on leave from work in December!
I felt I was being unfair
..because I loved Christmas as a child
and I turned out okay .. ( I think)
Conscious enough ( I think)
I was a hypocrite though because we always went to my mums.. where I'd insist she put one up!

I watched a film yesterday called 17 again ( with the boys)
A woman had decorated her entire garden with lights
It was so beautiful
I'd love to do that
Cover my garden with fairy lights

I bought some dry arse 'nibble's today.
You know the savoury mix?
You know Christmas is coming if you start buying that shit
You think you'll nibble on them while watching a movie..
Then you realize you don't want to .. but will probably have to because noone else wants them
After 8 anyone?
I love Stevie Wonder
As the season approaches i'll be digging out these love songs
You know why?..
Because i'm really looking forward to the Christmas holidays :)

By his Deeds - by the way...just where is VC?

This tune was a very big hit in 2000
The lyrics were so serious.. it just seemed to resonate with many people at the time

Davido Ft Dj Arafat - NAUGHTY & J-Martinsft Arafat - Faro - Toofan ft DJ Arafat - Apero

I like Ararfat like I used to like Busta Rhymes .. which is alot!. I like his DJ style ( don't know what's up with Busta lately...)
Arafat hails from Cote d'ivoire,. and Davido 'dimples' as you probably know already is from Nigeria

Ft more Arafat

How should an African Woman dress?

I have a confession to make.
I quite like wearing short skirts, I find them cute and fun.
I like my jeans tight
I like long skirts too ( shock horror)
.. and sometimes I even like baggy flowing clothes
What will you make of me..?
Go figure...
Like you I suspect...I like nice things.. I like nice clothes if I can find some. Heck... I even saw a really nice Black and White Mini Cooper this evening ( 2nd hand as it was only £4,000) and I tell you when I saw the Leather Trim interior I felt a little weak at the knees..
Does that make me a bad person?.
It makes me me

So...apparently a woman was stripped naked in Nairobi last week in public, ridiculed and assaulted, by a group of men, who felt that she was indecently dressed.
She was wearing a miniskirt..
... and what looked like.. a t shirt.

Who are these men, that felt the need to do that ?
A mini skirt? .. enticing.. really?
Men have been known to rape women who are dressed in burka's. .. you know that right?
Clothing is irrelevant to a man who wants to rape.

The hypocrisy of some men is also outrageous. For example, quite a few men sleep around, use prostitutes, watch OTT porn and get up to all sorts. ( and lie about it) . So tell me...what's worse.. getting up to all sorts in private .. or being totally upfront about it?

Who's policing the behaviour of the men in our midst, who are 'inappropriate'?
and just what is inappropriate exactly?
Some men should dress nicer..
Should we strip them naked and insist they improve on their attire?
Some men are just so darn sexy, and fit...with thier firm six packs... dark chocolate skin glistening in the summer sun.. muscles a pumping.. should we strip them naked and punish them for enticing me.. I mean us...women?
You know why?
Because we've got sense.. and that's not the way you do things.

Why strip a woman naked anyway?.. why not clothe her then. Clearly..perhaps.. they needed and wanted to see more?.
How horny are these men that they cant see legs and not get an uncontrollable raging erection?
Give me a break..

Whilst I think there is a debate to be had regarding cultural changes.. maintaining traditions vs, embracing the new, a debate on the positive and negative effects of western influences, standards, or decency and respectability perhaps.. how we embrace change, or just plain asking how far is too far?
How do we manage our differences whilst maintaining respect for each other?
Sure...these are questions that require answers...
But ultimately...I think women should set the agenda...on who they want to be.

There are times when I think many of us have pandered to male flights of fancy for so long that we cant see the wood for the trees ( see what I did there.. wood get it?) No?.. not Jamaican?..okay , nevermind.
Perhaps some men need to remember this.... 'not every woman is your wife'. 'Choose your wife wisely ( to suit your tastes) and leave the rest alone'.

I hate the thought of these men disrespecting a woman like that..
But I wouldn't like to see a barrage of Kim Kardashian clones across the continent, with thier naked arses out either ....
We gotta wake up

Today I say...
Respect to all the men out there, that love women and know how to treat us
We not all whores.. yet we not perfect either
We just human
Just like you.

Talk to us


Sunday 16 November 2014

Stephen Marley, Wyclef & Nina Simone - Keeper of the Flame + Damien & Ky-mani Marley

That's Bruce Lee at the end right?.. cool

Diamond Platnumz ft Yemi Alade - Ukimwona- & Shetta Ft Diamond - Nidanganye

I love Diamond's voice!.. nice combo/s

the sounds disappears at the end.. don't know why
The make-up artist took great care doing his eyebrows... then he goes and wears dark glasses anyway:).. smh.. men. what's it really about? - ft Africa Beats: Aziza Brahim

Motivation is a curious thing.
I think that knowing what motivates us can lead us to live better and more fulfilled lives.
A lack of motivation I find is potentially very dangerous and can lead to depression
But we as people can also be motivated to do some terrible things.. so my assumption/expectation that it's always a positive force is incorrect.

I associate motivation with a positive energy to undertake a task. A burning passion, a desire to complete, achieve something,
Motivation ( for me) is a desire to do

If you type it in Google what comes up is..
"a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way."..

I'm not a psychologist so I don't understand the 'motivation to kill', or to cause another distress, or what possible joy can be gleaned from doing such a thing.. and I hope I never have personal experience of it

But I guess on a social level it's useful to look at the positive impact it can have on our lives and the lives of others, if used as a force for good.

I started this post by saying that motivation is a curious thing.. here's why..
Even with the best of intentions.. even if many stand to benefit from you completing a task .. even if you know that you will feel great and it will benefit you greatly...if you lack the motivation to do 'it'.. it probably wont get done

So yes, motivation for me is passion. It is a force that drives me.. pushes me.. pulls me

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a bar in Brixton waiting for a movie, and met a girl from Guinea. I noticed her when she walked in because she was absolutely beautiful to look at. We smiled and acknowledged each other. Soon enough she came over and asked to sit with me , so we talked, and I ended up making a new friend that day. She speaks Portuguese, and if you remember , I mentioned not long ago that it's the one language I said I can never recognize, and cannot speak a word of!?

Anyway.. I was giving her an outline of the film I was going to see. She looked horrified.. she said there is no way she'd want to see a film like that. I assured her that I too liked 'Rom Com's' and she said (of my interest in that particular sad tale) that it's probably in my blood. aka my passion.

I reckon she was probably right

However, In my personal life. I am always motivated by love and romance.. pretty much always.

Now this pretty girl from Guinae had only been in the country a few days, and had moved here (UK) to be with her boyfriend of 10/15 yrs. She told me she was looking for a job..and felt that she needed to improve her English also as it may hold her back.
Anyway; a few days ago she called me to tell me she had found a job!. She'll be working in a high end fashion store selling designer clothes.

I was so pleased for her and very impressed.
She was motivated.

There are times now that if I feel down, I think of her for some reason, and I feel a little bit better.