Friday 21 November 2014

Badman Place - Demarco and Jah Vinci - Loyal - Demarco ft Busy Signal

"Wen me tell dem lyrics!"...
Yay.. love it boys...

Happy Friday all..

It's time to down tools and relax. As weeks go, its been a good week. Its been a quiet week.. but I got alot done. I also made a new friend. He lives in Sierra Leone so we chat in the evenings about stuff. Strange how we got chatting...(kinda out of the blue) mutual friend and all that. I'm learning much more about the place, and it seems to keep calling me ' ( so to speak) so there must be a reason.
We get along well.. he's keeping well and doing okay
So yeah.. Interesting week

Enjoy yours x



  1. There's no description for how peopel become friends, except that you connect on some level and a bond is created, and before you realize it, you're friends. I remember once, trying to get to know this girl named Cindy, and through her I met her brother, Steve. Next thing I knew, Steve and I would hang out more. Cindy wasn't attracted to men who weren't rich, but it was okay because before I realized it, Steve and I had become friends, and he referred to me a few months later as his best friend. 27 yrs later, we still are best friends. Even in college. My dorm mate and I had alot in common, and we were close, and his cousin and I were hardly friends, but after college I thought my dormmate and I would maintain our friendship, but I didn't hear from him after college, and yet to this day, over 30 yrs ago, his cousin and I maintain contact.
    I'm glad you made a friend.
    Great music by the way. You always provide great music on your page.

  2. That's interesting Alieux, I love stories like that..
    It's true what you say.. friends can grow from the unexpected. You never know which will last but it's always nice to connect!
    Enriches our lives..and makes us smile
    glad you enjoyed the music