Saturday 29 November 2014

Why I just don't quite 'get'...' Black Friday'. ft Mikey Spice


Tell me...just what the hell is ' Black Friday'?!

Our mainstream media and politicians like to condemn 'rioting'... but this is okay???


It's a twisted society we live in...

When an emotive expresion of anger and frustration at a series of injustices is frowned upon.. looked upon as folly...

But these frenzied emotive expressions of wanton greed... are not

I've watched the news over the years and have seen starving people in refugee camps perform better at a food drop...

People get hurt.. as they push over and step on faces on the ground
Such is our obsession with materialism...

Lol!!... I thought 'we' were broke.....
Cha.. 'we' broke alright.. deficient as F**k :)

Okay...People....I can't keep standing up for you if you keep letting me down like this.... :)

A riot is the language of the unheard
Black Friday is simply a cue for some dumb arse greedy f**ks to show themselves as .. well....dumb arse greedy f**ks
( hey..I never claimed to be anywhere near as eloquent as MLK)

Get thee to church shoppers... pronto.


Happy Saturday.. heehee ... I'm feeling chatty today!
Take it easy out there... and have a great day x


  1. And here we have another good example of man's greed. Do you know why it's called "Black Friday"? I know it came from the States but why "black?

  2. I don't know why.. I did wonder..
    my cynical side assumed it was the usual black =bad stuff. bad day for business good day for shoppers?.. lord knows.
    The scenes are ridiculous

  3. Because traditionally.its when stores get out of the.'red and into the black again. In other words they make a lot of money.

    1. Ohh.. thanks Anonymous!
      that makes sense. here you are Joe.. that's why it's called 'Black Friday'