Friday 14 November 2014

Omawumi - Megbele

I do like Omawunmi. I love the way she presents her culture in her music.. and she's FUN!.
Probably my favourite Naija female singer
The 1st song is a tribute to her father apparently. he must have been very proud.

Happy Friday x

Hey fellas....
'STOP.. wait a minute.. I know you want some SUGAR IN IT'!"


  1. Very very gifted indeed :) have a super weekend, Dawna!

  2. Hi Dawna! I've been catching up on your posts. I was out of town for a few days and then trying to catch up here at home ~ in our snowy subzero (Fº) weather.

    You have posted so much great music recently. I listened to parts of most of it because it is wonderful to hear music that I don't usually hear. I really liked Ike Kan and Manifest. And thanks for the Jennifer Hudson videos ~ I remember voting for her on American Idol and being stunned when she was eliminated. I thought it was very cool of Barry Manilow to speak up for her and do a concert with her right after her elimination. But true talent survives and thrives!

    I know very little about Burkina Faso. Politics IS a dirty game, and it seems to play out most tragically in Africa. I am more familiar with the Republic of South Sudan. My brother has been in both Sudans (oil ~ sorry) and has shared his experiences with me. I have this safe, wonderful life, and I can't imagine what it must be like to try to survive in such places as Juba.

    I am constantly surprised and inspired at how hard people try to build lives amid such chaos and tragedy. The African music that you have been posting feels so joyous. I think humans may have sung before they talked, and I think music helps people pull through some awful things.

    And I too would like to know what is truly going on with ebola. I pray to God that it is slowing down. I didn't look at the episodes of Africa: A Voyage of Discovery ~ running out of time ~ but I'm going to look for them on Youtube or come back to your blog.

    I think it's wrong for people to call you Afro-centric. All you are doing is enjoying and sharing your cultural heritage ~ which I appreciate because I'm learning and enjoying many things coming from you. I'm proud of my Scottish heritage, and I share it and discuss it a lot ~ get swoony over Jamie in the Outlander books and TV series, but nobody calls me Scotti-centric! You must get tired of all the slams big and little and unkind.

    You have my mind going in lots of directions! I guess I'll end with saying TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend, Dawna!

  3. and you Fundy.. and yes! you have been catching up!
    Sub zero weather!.. keep warm!!. I expect we'll get ours soon enough
    I've been trying to look at more of the countries that I don't know much about. Who were their liberation heroes etc. politics drives me up the wall.. but I keep gravitating back to have a peep. e.g .. how does Good Luck Jonathon continue to smile and campaign while parts of his country are being blown up.. the so called truce with Boko Haram was clearly a farce/lie.. and despite Nigeria having the largest number of billionaires in Africa, poverty and corruption is rife. Good Luck to him :)
    Interesting that your brother works in South Sudan.. you must have some interesting stories there. I wonder what it's like there in 'real time'

    The voyage of discovery is a great series.. i still have some remaining to watch!

    I remember going to an event recently, actually it was teh Miner film, and Ti said something about my focus on Africa.Yes, he was playing and teasing me.. but what I had to report back to him, was that often when I go to certain events.. and certainly when I was studying.. the majority of people there.. were white. So I now say.. If you are 'white' and have an interest in Africa you're either an academic, socially or politically aware, a charity or health worker, or just plain ole middle class. if you're black? ( in the UK) with that interest.. you be Afrocentric. heehee :)
    It's crazy.