Friday 14 November 2014

Abreham Belayneh - Shalaye shala. *TFIF*

I decided to get up early. I could have got up much earlier in truth.
I haven't really slept,. so today should be interesting.
*Thank F**k it's Friday*, is one way of putting it.
I came across this track whilst watching a documentary. I had no idea who the singer was or anything, but I typed in the chorus and bingo... found it!
Cool huh.
Singers a handsome chap.. will feature him some more soon enough
Good morning everyone x.. wakey wakey.. the cock has crowed .. heehee


  1. I'm actually sleeping well at the moment, 7 hours a night which is amazing, but strangely enough I feel more tired in the days then when I only sleep 5 hours. Go figure. Happy Friday to you!

    1. Hey Joe .. I actually had more energy today than I thought I would.. maybe I didn't need the sleep. I'm gonna insist on some tonight though.. hmm see if that works huh!. Hope you've had a great day