Friday 28 November 2014

Coco Baby - Waje ft Diamond

Three cheers for the weekend.. hip hip.. hooray.. hip hip.. hooray..hip hop?....errrm, okay never mind

Well... my new friend certainly put a smile on my face today. had me blushing actually.
Seems hes been mulling over recent events... (just as I was this morning!).
He surprised me by sending me a lovely bunch of flowers. He arranged it that I should get them delivered this afternoon. His Aunt told me something that I wont share as I'll just be blushing over the keys. but each time I think of it I smile. I'm happy.
It's very sweet of him. Imagine.. dealing with Ebola lock downs, work, etc... and still sending me flowers....
Okay.. blushing again

Suffice to say.. my day has been absolutely lovely :))

Ti came home and aksed me If I stole the flowers from 'Black Friday'.. I said they're from Freetown. He stopped in his tracks..' you wash them?!'.. he said pointing at the door.. 'get them outa this door now.!'.lol!
He's such a nicompoop. Thinks his jokes are funny.

Forget black Friday.. Ti just has black humour.

Glad he finds my life a source of his ongoing entertainment lol!.
Tɛnki ya SK
Tɛnki ya MF

Happy Weekend.. time to chill x


  1. Hope you had a great weekend too. I will be looking for this song on Itunes when my phone is done charging. I like it alot

    1. I did thank you!. Yes .. this song I like v much too :)