Tuesday 25 November 2014

The rise and rise of Tony Blair .'The Last King of Africa'

I'm really interested in how the governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia are run.
I love those countries.
I'm interested in who makes the decisions and how.
I often wonder of the difficulties developing countries face...when trying to move from a position of dependence ( e.g on foreign Aid) to Independence

Having said that.. who really is independent these days?...we live in a world of Globalization..Interdependence.. not Independence.

Recently, we have witnessed the poor health infrastructure of those countries deeply affected by Ebola, and the difficulties that they're facing to eradicate it.

It would appear that despite lucrative mining deals, and contracts being signed, and despite the assistance of our ex PM Tony Blair in facilitating many of these deals. services, for the majority of the people, for the poor people, remain woefully inadequate.

Whilst I hear the sentiment of the Africa Stop Ebola message by Tiken Jah Fakoly, It is a fact that many families who took loved ones to the doctors and to hospitals... were turned away.
The reality for them was - lack of space.. lack of beds.. lack of doctors. = no entry.

Since leaving office Tony Blair has become an incredibly rich man.
He has aligned himself with some of the richest countries of the African continent., and appears to be governing from the not so shadowy shadows.
I have no issue with anyone making money.
..and I definitely have no issue with anyone willing to help out and share thier knowledge, skills and experience
But I feel a sense of unease with Tony Blair's involvement in these regions, especially as development still remains a slow pace issue.

What is suggested in various reports and articles, yet unquestioned.. are the private deals he is able to make as a result of his connections.
Unlike Independence, neo-colonialism is no myth.

It almost pains me to ask this. It pains me because I like Mr Blair....ask anyone who knows me. yet I have to ask

Did Tony Blair really take the UK into an illegal war.. leave office.. then find a way to manipulate his position in places he knew would be unable to decline his 'help'?
Don't misunderstand me. I understand the concept of reciprocity.
It's how the world is run.
But I also understand that Africa's problem ( if you approach it as Nkruma would have wanted ) remains its disunity, and shaky leadership.

Tony Blair loves Africa
Question is.. does he love the Africans who live there?

The African Governance Initiative.
..working at the heart of 'African Governments

AGI In Liberia

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