Sunday 2 November 2014

Emmerson - LXG, Camoflauge, Big Jewel, & PM: Ebola Prayers, and a few thoughts

I hear conflicting reports on Ebola.. sometimes I hear that it's slowly coming under control, other times that no, the spread continues.

People are still suffering there of this horrible virus, and this is in addition to Malaria and other illnesses that tend to be prevalent in the region. I've spent a few days reading up on President Ernest Bai Koroma, by all accounts a very wealthy man.

President Koroma has a background in Insurance. Some reports speak very highly of him, others definitely not. He pays himself a good wage that's for sure.
I think what's important is the quality of lives the people experience. Housing, Education Health, Security etc
Are they taken care of?
Were does the Aid money go?
I find him far more elusive in a way than President Ellen Sirleaf. I'm still trying to learn about him. I know he is charismatic, intelligent, I know he was voted in on an anti corruption pledge.. but Ebola has highlighted some serious gaps in infrastructure. Need to know more

I will say this... it's 'easy' ( so to speak) for an educated leader to rule over an un educated masses. In some cases it may even seem like a good idea to keep them so.. but people get restless. The world is smaller, and people want things.. They know a life outside of suffering exists, their people across the Diaspora tell them so.. and those who have access to the internet can see it.

It's always best to take care of people.. that way, you yourself may live in peace, and enjoy your riches.

If people know the amount of money coming in to a country, but see little or no improvements made.. trust is eroded.
and if you don't have trust.. what do you have?

Emmerson writes very interesting political songs when he's ready huh

My Ebola Prayer is that this episode marks a change in the governments of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone's (those affected most) priorities with regards to the well being and quality of life of those they were put in place to serve.
My prayer is for those who have sadly lost thier lives.. that they rest in peace, and for the safety of the carers and workers doing thier best with so little to bring Ebola under control. So many hero's.
My prayer is that those who have lost friends and family will find peace amidst such suffering. That they may find peace at not being able to touch thier loved ones, prepare thier bodies for burials or even attend thier funerals. My prayer is that a cure is found, to ensure that Ebola will no longer have any impact above that of a common cold, if anything. My prayer is that those who survive the virus, are welcomed home once more.. and children who have lost parents, are given the love and care they need among extended or surrogate families

Ebola Health care workers will remain on my Wall of Fame for some time.
it's an awful virus. and they deserve all the praise for thier bravery.


This is an interesting watch

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