Sunday 23 November 2014

Weekend WOW Factor pt 2 - hello Accra - hello Freetown.. and some other stuff

The allegations about Bill Cosby could well be true
There are too many.
It reminds me of the Jimmy Savile - Rolf Harris (and others) saga that we witnessed here in the UK

There are clear differences I guess..(Not that I'm an expert on the details of any of the cases)
The main one seems to be that Savile abused children, even sick children and abused the trust of a hospital for sick children that had put thier trust in him.
Rolf abused the daughter of a friend..

Cosby is alleged to have drugged then raped young 'starlets'.. abusing his position as much loved ( famous) 'American Dad'.

There's a film in there somewhere.

If it is true I feel nothing
Correction...I feel it for the 'victims', but any man that feels the need to drug.,. then pounce.. for shits sake.. that's low.

I watched and loved the Cosby show.
He was funny in it yes..but it was the family dynamics that really made that show for me.. that and the fact that they were black.. and we had few black ( non criminals ) on our TV screens. In the Cosby show, we could look and see ourselves. Even if they were an America Family.. they resonated with many of us growing up in the UK.
The kids were cool

If the allegations are not true.. I fear his reputation is damaged forever. if not forever.. for a very long time.
It's sad whichever way you look at it.



It has been reported that yesterdays Kenyan Bus attack was carried out by Al-Shabaab as retaliation for the storming of mosques by Kenyan Security forces. Add to that Kenya sending troops into Somalia,, to which Al-Shabaab responded by storming the Westgate Shopping Mall ..shooting and killing innocent shoppers.. and you have a growing problem for Kenya.
What is the best way forward. I can't see a clear way out.. yet.
Seems to me Kenya has more pressing problems.. than the length of a woman's skirt.

Kenya bus attack survivor tells how gunmen selected their victims [click]


NewsFlash - Men ( some) don't need any more 'lessons' on how to lie to or manipulate women for sex.
Can we have less games and more honesty. Now.. that's a workshop I'm happy to endorse :)

Julien Blanc is barred from the UK, as it was deemed his workshops encourage the mistreatment of women.
Basically.. it's felt that he teaches men how to be utter and complete arseholes
I'll be honest I'd never heard of this man before
.. but I would hate to come across any man who has attended his cheesy looking seminars ( unless for journalistic purposes!)

In his defense?.
Some men could benefit from a class or two.
Women are not the enemy. or an army to be conquered. I have a feeling that more men are secretly afraid of women than they be willing to let on.
Hey!!.. we don't bite!.. unless asked
If you want to know anything?
Maybe it's as simple as - clean groom, exercise, listen, be honest, read, have a personality that doesn't make a woman wanna vomit, pay.. for stuff.
But it's not really that simple... is it. As women, are so very different, . We have our little nuances. Crack that.. and you're in. If she fancies you of course.

Seduction Seminar? [click]

Perhaps if he's misbehaving .. stick him in these and keep the key in your bra!
I watched this short film to practice my Twi language skills, but found it quite entertaining too

It's actually an Aids awareness film by 'Global Dialogues'


Other Articles I noticed today

Should Bob Marley’s name be used to sell marijuana?

The Labour Party is culturally adrift from the White Van Man who proudly flies our flag writes DAVID LAMMY [Click]


Okay.. some other news..
I've been asked to be a part of an upcoming play/musical.

I'll tell you more next year all being well ( when it's okay to) and when I start to attend rehearsals
What I can say is, the plan is to tour the UK and Ghana with it ( to begin with)
I had no idea that I was in the company of some hugely talented people these past few weeks

I'm so excited! and looking forward to it :)
I know you're thinking.. can I act?
Well...we shall see wont we..

My lot laughed when I told them , but I could see the ahhhh.. in their eyes... here we go.. they may have been thinking.. all this Pan African 'shenanigans' gonna pay off then?

I was told yesterday that I'm too bloody opinionated. .. Moi?? :)

Happy Sunday all x


  1. Canada has banned Julien Blanc too. Now he says all his hateful videos and advice were just his attempts at humour. Scumbag.

    Yes, the Cosby allegations are very distressing. We need to remember that "star power" is real power and many will abuse it.

    Good luck with the play! Keep us posted about your adventures treading the boards!

  2. Humour?.. is that what he's saying huh..
    I wonder of the men who've been taking him seriously!
    Star power is, as you said, real power.. imagine. Money and fame, can be seductive and yes there are those who will take advantage of the situation. Seems each day I see his name popping up in articles.Not good.

    Thanks Debra, and yes I will keep you posted:)

  3. How exciting that you are going to be in a play! And it will be a touring one ~ awesome! Just go for it and have a blast!

    Lots of singers and actors in my family, at least in the next generation + my sister Barb who has done a lot of community theatre in Calgary. I did a lot in university, including directing one play (probably the only geology graduate ever with enough credits in theatre for a serious minor). I guess that's why I was attracted to teaching elementary school because I could work in all my interests.

    So sad about Cosby. I didn't watch his series because I went through long periods when I didn't watch TV; but I did listen to his comedy records (Oh ancient history!).

    It always truly disappoints me when anyone presents himself/herself one way in public and acts completely contrary in private. Elliot Spitzer particularly comes to mind: prosecuting prostitutes vigorously as attorney general and governor of New York State while soliciting them out of state. There's just something about men with money and power that leads to an arrogance that tells them they are entitled and can get away with anything.

    What's really sad in Cosby's case was he did so much for education and for encouraging black families to rise above their circumstances ~ and now that's all going to be undercut by the news that has come out. If he is guilty as accused, then I think he deserves the consequences.

    Our society does not take rape nearly as seriously as it should, and there is no excuse for rape. Period! Sexual abuse is pervasive, and as many as one in four American women have experienced it. Maybe one in three. And I'm one of them (molested, not raped). I tend to think if you rape someone, the victim should get to cut you-know-what off. Well, that's my initial heat-of-the-moment reaction.

    On that happy note ~ have an awesome week!

  4. I don't know what to think about Bill Cosby. I heard allegations against him many years ago. I don't know why they're coming up again. I don't know why he wasn't prosecuted before. The world bewilders me.


    1. When Janice Dickinson waded in I was quite surprised. I too wonder why the allegations resurfaced It's a strange one. mucky.

  5. Hey you directed a play? whoop whoop Fundy that v cool!. Yes I intend to enjoy whatever comes along. It's flattering to be asked. I think it will be great, and i'll do my best.
    Men Money and Power.. sounds like the name of a great book.. or even Play!

    I know nobody is perfect.. but lately I'm beginning to think that if your in the public eye.. any skeletons you have in the closet will come tumbling out one day. I lost track of Cosby so don't know much of the positive work he has done but I've since heard a little about it. I hope for his sake and his families sake that its sorted soon. But things don't look great there.

    The subject of rape tends to be controversial ..
    I've never had anyone end a comment with a 'cut off the what nots!' :).. Ouch!
    Have a great week too !!

  6. The whole thing with Bill Cosby is awful. It appears we can't trust anyone.

    1. Mix men money power.. and an over inflated ego.. and often I think perhaps anything is possible...
      In truth I actually hope the allegations aren't true..
      but if they are.. they are

  7. I really hope the allegations are not true...but with so many women coming forward it makes me think they very well might be...

    1. I suspect his PR are wishing this whole thing blow over and be forgotten ..soon.