Friday 28 November 2014

Waje - No Be You

I really like this song by Waje
Amazing vocals and amazing video (different )

This tune made me think. Do you ever wonder how two people can go from thinking the absolute world of each other.. to fighting.. constantly?
It seems quite insane at times.
Sometimes people mend their differences, and repair thier relationships...other times, they walk away.
..not just in romantic relationships either, but life in general.

I appreciate love very much
To love deeply.. is great. I suspect when the arguments come along they could be equally as passionate :)
Maybe, maintaining love is an ever evolving process of remembrance .. and renewal

Okay.. unless some major event occurs that's me for the night..
I want to practice a bit before my class tomorrow
Hope you enjoy the song

Mo yin na mere ka

Seven kinds of love Article

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