Saturday 15 November 2014

Me Pɛ Twi Kasa Paa*

Saturday's just got much better for me. I had my second language class and I'm really enjoying it. Ɛy ampa! ( It's true)

If I'm a good student I'll write my notes out again and revise in the week. I'll certainly try.

Some words are difficult to pronounce initially but hopefully with practice I shall be A okay.
I learnt a few phrases, getting used to the date and numbers, he, she, you etc, .. I learnt to say..
Me pɛ aduduane paa - which means - I like food alot.. lol!!
onso ( also)

I learnt how to say .. me dɔ wo ( which means I love you deeply)

cool huh..
Food and love... add music and we have a full house :)

I like saying Mi pa cho - bio ( please .. again)
You never know when that may come in useful

*I like speaking Twi alot.. Ɛy ampa
can't wait to get real good at it

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