Saturday 31 December 2016

Adieu to 2016

As we see out the final hours of 2016 to make way for 2017, I pray that you all have a wonderful New Year ahead,
filled with blessings, success, joy and an abundance of Love.

For those who have experienced difficult times this year, may you be filled with hope, and find comfort in the coming year
For those who have had a great year, may your new year be greater still!.

I'm about to get my 'glad rags' on

Snoop ( our cat) is back home
Thankfully after receiving the initial prognosis that he'd need an operation costing almost £2k and having to leave him overnight, the call came this morning that he would be able to come home after all, and the operation wont be required

Thank god.
Poor little thing is looking much better anyway
( and Snoop's looking better too... lol)

Do you like my new reading glasses?
I do... I look so darn smart right? heehee..
I'm just getting used to them anyway

There has been an abundance of good music this year as with ever year.
I usually like to offer a musical rundown of the year but this time I'll just offer again for your listening pleasure the last tune that warmed me all over

Pressure Buss Pipe... you're up my singer!

Happy New Year in Advance my darlings
Stay safe
Stay blessed x

Thursday 29 December 2016

Skinny Fabulous - This Island is Mine & Watch Thing

Hailing from St. Vincent & the Grenadines - Skinny Fabulous is proving himself one of Soca music's leading men

Skinny Fabulous - Pompous & No Broughtupsy


So funny!..
Carnival 2017

Calypso Rose - Leave Me Alone ft. Manu Chao (Kubiyashi Remix ft. Machel Montano)

Nice 1 Calypso Rose..

Fadda Fox Ft. Runtown - All Day All Night

Runtown from Nigeria and Fadda Fox from Barbados collaborate to produce this nice Soca track

George Michael

There are many songs Of George Michael that I love.
I was a big fan of Wham growing up back in the day, and have loved George ever since.
I was too hurt to even discuss it, and I still won't really. Just one of those things.. very sad.

Here's one of my favourite performances anyway


Bunji Garlin - Turn Up

Have you begun shaking off 2016?...
How you all doing?

and what a year it has been.
Do I say that every year?
It- is- highly- likely.

If there was ever a year where the masses took a hard look at themselves, Identity and nationalism.. and did not shy away from deciding where they stood either was this one
If there was ever a year for personal stresses for many people.. and political curveballs, was this one..
If there was ever a year when a country a 'peaceful' as The Gambia looked on the brink of serious civil conflict.. it was this one
If there was ever a year when despite the 'nonsense' hope and love sprang eternal.. it was this one
Yes, I know the year isn't behind us to qualify it being referred to in the past tense, but really.. 2016?.. really?!

However, its been interesting and It hasn't been all bad, not at all, and there remains a great deal to be grateful for
So I'll just say that I'm grateful for the good things that have transpired over the year
.. grateful for life
thanking god for the wisdom and mercy
life is a journey..
yada, yada, yada:)


Our Snoop is unwell at the moment, so taking care of him as best as we can
Trip to the Vet for him today, our dear Snoop has never really been unwell before. Ti's pride and joy, and the cutest little thing.
Hope he's better soon.

Its cold out.. very cold so here's a tune to warm your dancing feet

Nice tune, nice vibes, fun vid
Good job Bunji Garlin
Turn Up!

Pressure Buss Pipe - Red Rose

Speaks for itself, but this really is an incredibly beautiful song.. Pressure Buss Pipe!
I'm hearing Jah Cure on a remix should they ever collaborate, Tarrus Riley too.. Hmmmm

Thursday 22 December 2016

Skales - Temper Ft. Burna Boy (Remix)

Majah Hype Interview

Tarrus Riley - Crime Free Christmas

The African Bar Association meet with *President Jammeh

Anyone struggling to get to sleep tonight.. this might help! lol

I jest of course

There's a strange irony here.. they adopt and denounce western protocols at the same time :)
Anyway.. there is truth and monotony to be found here.. I'll watch the remainder tomorrow
I salute their stamina.. and the women who are present, I salute them also for their feminine restraint
Yes.. we can do that sometimes.

What is the Bar Associations purpose here?
Pan africanism was never a mission of navel gazing..
It's time for progressive action, founded in love
A progressive Pan Africanism is required, yet even before than, a rekindled understanding of what P.A truly means


M.anifest - 100% ft. Worlasi

Awww..Christmas is pretty much upon us..
Hope you all enjoy the break
Had to fit in some late night shopping, so time for bed and a quick post.
Westfield is a trip! You can easily spend hours there walking around, taking in the sights
I did well anyway, just little miss and little man remaining
Yawn... ok...that's all for now, Goodnight x

Manifest= gifted
Nice combination, love the mix of beats

Saturday 17 December 2016

Christopher Martin - Good Good & Dexta Daps - Feel good


Christopher Martin - Have Your Self a Merry Little Christmas / Big Deal

I Octane dem nuh real

The 'What on Earth?!' bit

This pic amused and disgusted me in equal measure
Not sure how this little gem passed me by but... how funny is that lol!!!
Actually. Forget disgust...It's bloody hilarious!! :)
Well done!.

I - Octane - Chatty Mouth

"The only secret Is that which is never spoken"..
People will talk all they don't even know, and swear blind it's gospel
Let them talk
Your actions will speak for you
Shower them with love, laugh, and move on

Nice tune Octane ( aka Mr handsome)

I-Octane - So We Bad

In love with me

Ode to me...

I take care of me
I care what happens to me
I'm considerate and kind to myself.. at least I try to be
I'm not vengeful towards myself, nether do I actively try to deceive myself
I pay my bills and expect nothing in return other than the services agreed
I appreciate my time and my efforts
I believe in my dreams and my aspirations
I set aside time for myself to nurture and feel my presence
I am loyal to myself
I respect the person I am.. and the person I'm becoming
I enjoy my jokes, my scarcasm, and my wit
I do not bully myself, neither do I try to undermine myself
I keep myself clean, and wash my clothes
I tidy up after myself
..cook for myself..
..and feed myself as best I can
In fact. I care whether I've eaten or not, slept well, or not, and how my day has been
I take myself out
I enjoy my company
I genuinely want the best for myself, and try my best to get it
I buy myself gifts
Every so often i'll by myself flowers...and not moan about the price, just because.. they're beautiful
..same with wrist bangles..
I select playlists for myself to cater to my moods
I take care of my responsibilities to the best of my ability
I encourage myself to keep learning..
..keep growing
..keep improving
I tend to eat well but when the mood takes me and I want to splurge.. I splurge.. and do not criticise, or attempt to make myself feel guilty about it
I appreciate my body, each curve every angle.. every length..
I love the colour of my skin and attach no negative associations to it
I've taken the time to discover what turns me on
..and what turns me off
Ive noted both
I'm patient with myself and when not. I remind myself.. with respect.. to be patient
I respect.. me

I love myself because despite my flaws and failings..
Ive stuck by me
For all these years
Through every glorious moment..
every high..
every low..
every trial
and tribulation
through abundant times
and though scarcity..

and.. I always will
In fact.. I'm the greatest friend, and love , I've ever had


Oh by the way I nearly forgot!

If I haven't said it yet..
I'll say it now......
Merry Christmas darlings x

I'll be home for xmas, all will be sampling my cooking god willing

Monday 12 December 2016

Morgan Heritage ft Chronixx - Child Of Jah

Freestyle in Freetown, Emmerson Bockarie

Studio time now Emmerson..


The Dangers Of Being Dutiful


Would you marry a rich man... that beats you?: Battabox

I couldn't pass this one
For so many women to say that they would choose the woman beating rich guy is a very poor indictment on the poor guys, and the country as a whole
Seriously.. how bad are the poor guys..?
The reality is that poor guys beat women too, poverty can blight relationships
Fact is.. imho.. no-one should be beating anybody.
That my dears.. is not love

Tekno - Rara

I love this track
This song sums things up... and does so very well...
take heed

Great job Tekno

Salute! Fela lives on

African leaders and power

I was so impressed when Yahya conceded defeat so quickly and graciously..
well... U turn baby U turn..

It didn't last long
Apparently investigations were conducted which implies that the result had never really fully been accepted, hence, the thorough investigation

I honestly don't know what it is with some men and power.

God help Africa at this rate
like a dog chasing its tail.. we seem to go around in circles

I wonder what next. If the President refuses to go, what will be his next move?
I have no idea whether he is right or wrong in his assertions but honestly.. tell me... if you were President, and so many voted in favour of your opposition.. what would you do?
Overly long speeches and flamboyant rhetoric..
When you consider that many leaders in the poorest countries in Africa often preside over an uneducated masses, do you think it's fair?

In a democracy people can choose whether to vote, or not
Or so I thought
Is the suggestion that huge swathes of people were coerced manipulated or tricked into not voting? well, if so, that would be very serious indeed
We need a Garvey
Wake up Africa

Oh Yahya.. I spoke so highly of you.. wetin happen now
Wetin be the problem with men and power
Lets hope they find a peaceful resolution. If they go to the polls again, and the result remains the same.. what then?

I naively thought they were happy with the incorruptible marbles!

Perhaps if people had allowed him to leave gracefully and didn't insult him or his mother, he wouldn't had felt such a change of heart. He's a man after all.
...and men.. can have very fragile egos


Sunday 4 December 2016

Weekend Wow Factor : A mixed bag

9ice's voice gives me shivers sometimes...
When he sings.. yep something kinda sexy
Nice vibe, positive sentiment

On the subject of sexy voices, here's the Official video from Mr Daps for 'Mi c mi bed n miss u'

Money 'sweetens'... but not all the time
Ive noticed that men, more often than not tend to be less forgiving than women when it comes to cheating
They can't handle the thought of it really
This lot however....
'..Of course na....I will definitely forgive her..." lol

hmmm !!..


Funny :)
The man wants the kind of public toilets they have in America or Canada
after all.. 'we're not animals'
'So people who use these ones?..'

"dey animals.."


Should we be more concerned about the rise in far right ideology?.
It's being reported frequently that there has been an increase in racist attacks across the UK, which may or may not be due to the 'fear of' ..and the hostile rhetoric on the migrant crisis;
Who knows
I will remind however.. that racist attacks can be stealthy.. and any system set up to discriminate must survive covertly by not only maintaining a defensive stance, but be primed also, for perpetual attack

I digress...
My question is .. do the powers that be see far right political parties as just as much of a 'threat' to stability as Isis?


Farewell Castro..


Welcome President Barrow
( ..and to think... I've shopped in Argos for years.. a weh di rarse... wrong branch my dear lol!)

Have a great evening x

Sunday home zone. ft Freddie McGregor Bandulu & Back to my Roots

Home renovations can be a real upheaval. It takes time, starts off stressful and can feel quite unsettling, as you annihilate your 'comfort zone' in order to make way for something new

However, I've come across a few things I thought I had lost
I looked back at my degree pictures, found baby pictures, 'modelling' photoshoot pictures, certificates, all kinds of things

One of which is this back in time picture of me and Freddie McGregor
It's one of my favourite pics.. I thought it was gone for good

He voiced a tune for me, a remake of Bandulu. I produced and built the riddim, then watched him voice it effortlessly.
The master is not in my hands though, so unless I stumble across the tapes I wont be able to upload for your listening pleasure

Awww..look at my baby-face! :)

This is the original anyway
.. and as nice as my version was... it can't touch the original.

So here you are..

and here's his most recent track

Good afternoon all from a bright yet chilly East London x

Saturday 3 December 2016

President Yahya concedes defeat

Very honourable

To concede defeat quickly and with dignity

There were many protests leading up to the elections and many will consider Yahya's reign as autocratic and cite human rights abuses

Yet Gambia has witnessed the end of an era, and in learning more, I'm finding Adama's story quite fascinating.
Imagine, having worked as a security guard right here in London whilst studying, returning home and setting up a business
Now.. he is President
He's also and Arsenal supporter - big tick

Gambian's make up one of the largest ethnic group of migrants to Europe, with many attempting the perilous journey across the mediteranean that we have heard so much about.
Gambia will need to offer more opportunities for sure, education, employment development

In truth, both of these men are impressive
Over time, we will witness the changes Adama will bring. I'm hoping Gambian's remain realistic in their expectations, but with the level of support Adama currently has, one can only hope he will be able to implement the positive development the nation seeks.

I have a vague memory of meeting Yahya
vague because I was with a few people at the time and I really wasn't paying attention
I was awestruck by one of his soldiers (forgive me)

I was taking a walk early one morning and he was simply standing at the corner..with his gun.. looking awesome.
I will say this about Gambia. I felt completely safe.
Especially as a woman
Even when a guy 'jacked' my necklace in the market... I felt safe
Someone chased him down
Gambian people are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet
very cool, very accommodating, very embracing.. in the main; decent.
Most thought I hailed from their part of the world so were quite familiar, yet perhaps more protective when they discovered I was from London

I enjoyed my time there 100%

Yahya's phone call to Adama was very humble
I like him
I respect him for relishing power (after 22yrs) with so much grace

Nigeria's ex President Goodluck Johnathan was also gracious in conceding defeat, so I'm not suggesting it never happens.
When it does.. it's a beautiful thing
It's just that with Yahya having been In power for so long, it's a testament to his strength of character
That's why he... Yahya..was the boss.

Friday 2 December 2016

Goodbye Yahya

.. you have cemented your name in History


Adama Barrow has won the election in The Gambia, becoming the new President, and ousting a man I never thought could be moved... [click]
Gambia's longest serving leader... Yahya Jammeh

Jammeh, was only 29yrs old when he came to power following a coup
Regardless of what anyone says, Jammeh, has been an extremely strong and powerful leader
Respect is due for his achievements over the years

Gambia may need 'change', but I still feel a sense of sadness at his losing
I'll cry for you Yahya

Congratulations Adama
Gambia's new President

A Woman..

Got this via fb from the wonderful Keturah
I actually quite love it
Yep..Know thy self baby..

What's up with Kanye?

What's going on with Kanye West?!

I'd been ignoring the reports that the may have had a breakdown because I thought it was just gossip initially.
Yet it appears, there may be some truth in it
I hope he recovers well from whatever is going on for him
..he is talented of that there is no doubt

Sometimes, what highly successful and talented men of Kanyes ilk need is a humble woman of substance to help keep them grounded

Try... to stay grounded
Fame aint always easy.
However, one can have that.. and still fall apart

We wish him well
Whatever it is

Lets take a look back at some of his early tracks

Hot music and strong leaders - rock my world. ft Wizkid & R2bees

Tonight tonight tonight

I have my outfit ready and am looking forward to the evening.
But first order of business, is to take care of business
I've had the busiest week, but am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel
Thank god.

Friday vibes

What an amazing talent Wizkid has. He looks set to become a legendary Nigerian artist, with international acclaim and fans worldwide
Well done guys

On the political front, Gambia are still counting marbles.
Will Jammeh lose this election?
Apparently it's close
If he does lose... wow is all I can say.

Whilst Gambia experience an internet blackout the rest of the world will look on and wait keenly
Political changes this year all round

Wednesday 30 November 2016

The History of African Women and their Hair [HomeTeam History Vid]

I found this video quite interesting and informative!
I came across it whilst looking into a history of African hair styles after reading about the slave history of African head wraps.
The intricate hair styles of African women forced into slavery, were banned by slave/plantation owners and their wives, and the women were therefore ordered to cover their hair, as a way to mask their beauty.
However, the women found a way to make the head coverings look beautiful, and continue to do so, to this day.

The Head Wrap, such an intrinsic part of African culture has a very interesting history

A Writer?.. Are You Serious?

African and Caribbean parents have more in common than some realise. Anyone who knows African or Caribbean people will tell you that. Especially, parents of a certain age.

My parents, wanted me to become a Lawyer.
Apparently I was very inquisitive.
In fact, they were convinced I would become a Lawyer, up until the point that they were convinced that I'd become a world class athlete. Lol.
I will give them credit for this; although they had their preferences, in fact, whatever I presented to them career wise (within reason) they appeared willing to support.
Their only fear (or slight concern) was my slightly 'rebellious' and questioning nature, my cultural awareness, and my attachment to retaining my culture amidst a society which would rather you render it. (Or at least.. cool it down a bit).
Not my British culture.. no that I can propagate freely.
But the other two :)
I guess they had genuine reason/s to be fearful.
(based as it was..on experience, and that wisdom of the elders)

There is still a desire among many African families to have Doctors and Lawyers in the family, and there always will be
And why not?, they remain honourable professions
Plus anything which suggests 'upwardly mobile' and may induce a minute or two fun bar bragging rights perhaps, will always appeal to some, but in the end, what's really important, is the child's well being and mental health; as too much stress or pressure to comply or succeed, can be a hard bolder to carry on young shoulders.

But I understand it.
Ultimately, what parents want, is for their children to be well educated, and find a source of legal income whether employment or in business which will grant them a wonderful quality of life, and the ability to care for their families.
Of course!
But give writers a break abeg!
as the irony is that no degree would be possible without... reading
..and there would be nothing to read... without writers
Respect writers I say

Trust me, without out the 'Arts'
I do believe that the world would be a much duller, and poorer place

Vanessa Bongo - One Day at a Time

Maleek Berry - Lost In The World

Always loving this track Maleek

What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women - Sch of Life Vid

Jollof Wars: Ghana vs Nigeria, The Official Taste Test

Foe me...One is hotter with more Pepe than the other.. guess which one....

I wonder which Caribbean island thinks they makes the best Rice n Peas....

All things being equal

To celebrate your achievements is a good thing. To recognise the progress you make in this journey called life, and to be thankful for your blessings will serve you well.
Let it be your armour, your motivation, your solace

There is a cliche that us 'Brits' are quite subdued, yet that's not really as true as one may beleive.
It's certainly subjective, as Brits are certainly no homogenous group,
Whilst the British class system may 'subdue', 'Brits' are not as subdued as one may think

Watch PM ( Prime Minister's) questions on a Wednesday.
There, amidst the policy and decision makers you will see no shortage of arrogance, self assurance and that undeniable sense of entitlement.
I love watching whenever I can. It's theatre, it's comedy.
but it's also a window into how our 'leaders' operate within, and amidst positions that denfine and redefine what they consider should take priority with regards to what's important to the masses.
It's a lesson in how to maintain order the status quo.

However... if you look closely enough, you will see those lessons.. all around us

I found this short video ( below) quite interesting. Do you agree with it?
It certainly makes sense.
Yet I still favour democracy.
There are issues across Sub Saharan Africa regarding elections and democracy.
The question often raised of 'Can democracy really work in Africa' is an interesting one
How are those with very little political knowledge or education really able to make an informed decision?. Desperate people will vote for whoever promises the most, and that's is true everywhere.. for the desperate and not so desperate to be fair.
Yet promises alone are not the only reason why many people, living in some of Africa's 'poorest' countries will vote the way that they do
Developing countries have an increasing wealth and class divide, add a sprinkle of culture tribalism and loyalty and it makes for an interesting blend.
I respect organisations like OBV who work hard to provide civic and political awareness. It's non partisan, and all things being equal, a political education should really be deemed one of our must have basic skills.
Granted as much importance as Maths or English.
The ability to cook many would consider also an essential basic skill.
I digress.. that's another post entirely

Good night x

Saturday 26 November 2016

Fidel. "A Revolution is Not a Bed of Roses".

"A revolution, is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.
They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?
I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating... because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition".

"Men do not shape destiny.
Destiny Produces the man for the hour"

"Quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture. Values are what constitute true quality of life, the supreme quality of life, even above food, shelter and clothing".


For Aljazeera news on Fidel click [here]

Friday 25 November 2016

He Taught Me How to Fight

Rather.. how to BE, a Fighter
My brother and I.
We are so different, yet similar.
We will both stand up for what we believe in.

Of all my brother's he's really the only one I've ever had conflict with, and by conflict I mean conflicting views

I think it would be fair to say that he was a bit of a bully towards me growing up, and if he's honest he would admit it
He has an amazing intellect and doesn't hesitate to beat anyone with that particular stick, in fact, he totally enjoys it.
( A 'bug bear' of mine. One is best served I feel, when one uses their education to build.. not destroy, to comfort.. not ridicule, to unite and not divide)
Apologies...I digress.

My point is, that he may have actually have given me a very useful gift
and that is..
He taught me how to be a Fighter, and he doesn't even know it

Being the youngest of five, you learn a thing or two
My crime, if you can call it that, was 'to be the youngest'. To be cared for or adored in some circles is also to be considered somewhat ..'spoilt'

To be considered 'spoilt', growing up in a Caribbean household, can make one a target
yet targets... quickly learn how to fight back

Funnily enough, he's actually very funny, and very unique
He still insists on telling me what to do.. and what to think
I know... he really should know better

Our chats look like this at times..
Him: Feminism is crock of shit, women have been conned into the myth of Feminism and have been suffering ever since
Me: I'm a Feminist
Him: Sheeeeet.. you're crazy!
Me: No, but I'm not referring to Feminism as you know it
Him: Bell Hooks can't save you
Me: I don't need Bell Hooks to tell me what my own experiences have been
Him: I can tear feminism apart in seconds
Me: I'm busy
Him: Dont run
Him: Black women need to understand that Feminism was never about them

Me: I'm a Pan Africanist
Him: I love you Sis, but Sheeeet

and so it goes on...

On that particular day, our conversation ended up in all honesty being rather fun and a very interesting debate, until it got personal lol
But it ended well... and wonderfully respectful
He has my back. He's my big bro.

My point.. (and I do have one) is that the people around us really can shape us, those who like us and agree with us, but especially those who don't
Like a Diamond, our true beauty is exposed when we are scraped and robbed of our outer. Only when we go deeper, do we find what's real.
Not everyone may be deserving of that, but to be able to live that way, authentically, is worth it in so many ways.

Fighters tend not to fight for fun
Only when they need to
What a fighter must learn however, is which battles are worth fighting... and those which.. are not
I'm no 'General' ... but I'm learning.

He Taught Me How to Fight - but God Taught Me How to Love

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Malawi Hyena's. music by Don Jazzy & P Square

Now I came across this video awhile back. I didn't actually think much would be done about it, other than it being another tale of rural life in country in Africa for us (rightly or wrongly) to frown upon. Wondering how, why, etc etc.
Anyway, something was done

Started in 1985 104 women? ( where's Dr Maggie when you need her)

No, seriously since the appearance of this interview this 'Male Hyena has recently been given a 2yr jail sentence, and women's rights groups are 'outraged'
Whilst I understand their outrage, the reality is that these are practices which are embedded deep within the culture in which he operated. He was paid. It is not outrageous to those who believe it.
To them, it's not wrong, or they remain simply unaware of the potential impact
and rural life?, rural life will always differ

Therefore, to have achieved any sentence is possibly a step in the right direction. As whilst the law can help to influence behaviours, the work, the work of 'change' of 'evolution', that will be required is possibly best undertaken right within the communities.

What do you think?

Widow cleansing?

Something a little lighter?

Signing out.
Goodnight x
Don Jazzy!!! Holla Baby

Guardian Video - Beautiful equations: E=mc² explained in two minutes – Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock

What did she say?

I'm kidding. I love this woman. If she was my teacher at anytime growing up, guaranteed I would have been the 1st in class and last to leave. Even now.
Cool lady
Ermm. say that again.. I drifted somewhere between atoms or light or something ( It's that big meal!):)

Duncan Mighty - Oburukwelem Oma (Video Teaser)

patiently awaiting more...

Nigerians Reactions To Trump's Victory

Size 10 no give or take - ft Infinite Waters

Well.. I've lost my love handles. I wasn't even trying. I'm size 10 and fine with it.
I suspect my aim now will be to gain a little weight :\

It may have something to do with not actually having a full meal for two days! ( didn't even feel hungry) why?
I've been so busy including decorating, that I honestly haven't had time. That said.. I've just eaten a plate possibly unseemly for a lady I'm sure
Who said anyway?
The plate was big, and now ..its gone, and yes.. I'm feeling much better.

I remember back when I ate no fish, then got pregnant and craved it.
So.. I've been on the fish ever since
For you foodies out there , you may enjoy this
I can definitely do much better. I'll watch this every so often for tips
It's a life style change, more and more people are embracing

Can I say.. I really cannot eat and drink at the same time, I thought it was weird but apparently its a pretty good thing to do

Justine Skye - U Don't Know ft. Wizkid Official Video

"You don't know "...


Merry Christmas...

Of course!... I know, it' not quite Christmas yet.. but I wanted to be the 1st to say it
For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas
Merry.. merry.. end of year approaching :)

This has been one hell of a year
Two roller coaster years back to back, which if I were to summarise in one word ( which may be a real disservice but i'll do it anyway) , that word.. would be CHANGE.
But I complain not
god knows what she knows

As you all know, not all change is 'bad', and even that which may appear unappealing may actually in many cases turn out to be a blessing, and just what one may need. So, what is it about change, that can often unsettle?.. I ponder as I type, and the answer that comes to mind is.. it's not change itself, but rather 'unplanned change'.
Which then leads me to further explore why 'unplanned change', may unnerve even the strongest and steadfast individual
The answer that presents itself, again as I type is
out of ones control ( and the impact)

Astrologers have been highlighting recently that 'change' has possibly been a key feature of the lives of many.

Have there been many changes in your life? and if so.. have you welcomed them?

Capitalism or socialism?
Come on, own up :)
Which do you prefer?
Perhaps compassionate capitalism is your thing, which I like to call responsible capitalism, which inhabits all the benefits of socialism yet also caters to our ambitious and at times somewhat greedy natures

some serious symptoms outlined there..
homelessness, unemployment, poverty, hunger, feelings of powerlessness, fear, apathy, boredom, cultural decay, loss of identity extreme self consciousnesses, loss of free speech revolutionary thought and more..

Peace x

Friday 18 November 2016

Feel Good Friday - ft Rihanna What's My Name?

Happy Friday to you all.

I've had a fairly late start pondering the list that needs attending to, however, Im aware that what needs doing will only get done once done
On the agenda today is to begin decorating, further creative endeavours, and whatever else requires attending to.

All whilst enjoying this old Rihanna track

"Oh na na.... what's my name"

Stay blessed stay safe be you
Universal children x

Thursday 17 November 2016

Bucie - Not Fade

African Feminism

There's Feminism, and then there's' Feminism
African Feminism.
Feminism for African women, women of African decent, is an inclusive affair; it does not shy away from the reality of racial bias that many liberal Feminists may find slightly difficult to acknowledge or even come to grips with.
Perhaps African Feminism isn't even Feminism at all, just simply human beings of the female gender saying 'hey, get your shit together, and don't take the piss'.
I... my somebody too.

'Besides, I gave birth to you buddy.. and don't you forget it'.

I jest of course.

But I have thought about women's rights a great deal lately. I watched the tears of Hilary supporters who were yearning to see a women in office.

I then I thought about Dr Isatu Turay, the 1st female candidate ever to run for the Presidency in the Gambia

A woman who will never receive the type of support or recognition that a Clinton may get.
A woman, who nonetheless, clearly possesses much strength of character to go up against current President; Yahya Jammeh.

In truth, there are many women working hard in the political arena across Africa, who face far more obstacles than us law protected ( and some may feel, pampered - thanks) women in the West

Yet, Liberal Feminists rarely give them the time of day

I myself watched Finding Fela this evening. If you watch it, you may cry too.
A very moving and insightful documentary, featuring a wonderful array of interviews with friends, colleagues, family, and indeed, the man himself
Wow Fela. Fela na easy o

The 'Hypocrisy' of Skin Bleaching

I think it's time to end the hypocritical condemnation of women who bleach their skin.
Whilst I personally am not a fan of skin bleaching, I am even less of a fan of the hypocrisy that is highlighted within each critical statement against women's choices.

Firstly, for many women, skin bleaching (aka rubbing) is not the 'choice' that many may think it is.
Believe it or not, in many parts of the world ( even in 2016) darker skinned women remain vilified, ostractcized and marginalised in areas of marriage, employment and other life opportunities in favour of their lighter skinned counterparts.
In many parts of the 'developing world', women are reliant on finding a husband to provide an income for the family. For some, an unmarried women is a source of pain and shame on a family, hoping as they often are, to benefit from the marriage of their daughters, and any subsequent grandchildren.

In some parts of the world, including across the Carribean, historically, lighter skinned women ( and men) occupied the best jobs, and held powerful positions in society, over their darker counterparts, much in the same way that we in Europe experience institutional racism.
Across the Caribbean, 'Ghettos', (economically poor areas) are rarely occupied by lighter skinned individuals, and more often than not, it is also where you will find that 'bleaching' is more prevalent.

Now, If we can accept that racism remains an issue across Europe, and that discrmantion exists with regards to societal and political racial bias which actively works against black and other ethnic minority people, then surely we can come to grips with the reality of bleaching also.

Whilst many countries across Africa have now begun to ban skin bleaching products, In truth, I fear it will have little impact.
Because the issue is not with the actions of women, or the purchasing and rubbing of bleaching creams.
Skin bleaching is a physical manifestation of our all too often combined and collective belief systems, which when practiced long enough, become an established fixture within our numerous African and Caribbean cultures.

Changing the law alone will not change those long standing beliefs.
and the issue, I repeat, is not the women

It remans true that despite the 'bans', Skin Bleaching across Africa Is as common as the selling of yams in Ridley Road Market.

In fact, skin bleaching although rooted in ideas of whiteness and racial purity, expressed further during colonialism and slavery remains deeply embedded across many African and Caribbean cultures, despite earliest tales of use being by Elizabethan women way back in the 1500's.


Recent pictures of the African American rapper Lil Kim, have prompted much opinions.

Why did she do that? how could she do that? and so on...Yet I fail to be able to recall much (if any) disapproving comments made, when she posed seductively with her legs spread eagled.

Lil Kim aside, I also haven't heard much said about men who bleach.
Now my argument that many women bleach for marital, socialpolitical reasons may not hold much sway with regards to men who bleach, but it remains possible however, that their reasons for bleaching are actually, quite similar.
Little, if anything, has ever been said about the President of Congo Brazzaville, the esteemed Denis Sassou Nguesso

or the numerous Jamaican men ( usually dancehall fans who occupy a lower social class ) who also proudly bleach.

Well, clearly the issue of bleaching is gendered, and is another 'stick' to beat women with, and as such, appears to be an additional form of oppression against women who seek to overcome oppression. ( whether they themselves realise it or not)

Advocates of bleaching may say ..'it's simply style'.. 'just fashion', just like 'changing your shoes', or earrings
but what we cannot do, or run away from, is our history, and the story of colourism, which remains ever present in our society.

Whilst I'm no advocate of finger pointing, I would suggest that if there is any pointing to be done.. it is now time for that finger, to be directed squarely at.. men
The real question ( which we tend to avoid asking) is not; 'Why do women bleach?', rather, 'Why do some men continue to make the choices they make, if, or when, clearly steeped in racial ignorance?'.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

I missed my blog

As a blogger, I felt slightly lost without my tools of the trade to say the least
I'm really happy to be back.
I'll be checking out your blogs to find out what's been happening in your world/s. I tried to comment using my phone but to know avail.

I wish that people working in customer services were a lot kinder to older people. Hostility rudeness and bullying really is a form of abuse.

Vershon - Dangerous

Featuring one of the biggest artists in dancehall music right now.
love him or not, his voice carries well over a dancehall track.

An 'Un-united Kingdom'

I love movies.
I love films which move me, challenge me, make me laugh.. rom-coms, you name it.
I recently watched the Netfilx film entitled 'The African Doctor, which I loved so much I may watch it again later. ( with a glass of Irish)

I cannot say that about the much hyped 'A United Kingdom'

In fact, ( not that anyone will notice) but I almost want to boycott the film. Why?, for pretending that this 'story' is a new story. This 'story' is as old as Jesus Christ, and to be honest, I'm trying to work out why people are so enthralled by it. If you know.. feel free to tell me. Only then.. may I give it a peep.
To be honest ( and fair) I may watch it purely for research purposes, and if so, I will definitely provide you with an honest review.

I remember reading once that if you have a black protagonist in a film, that the film is often subsequently deemed less accessible to wider audiences, which is why film makers may strive to ensure that there is also a white protagonist alongside.
I shake my head at such shortsighted absurdity.
I hope you do too:)

Anyway, If you fancy a nice feel good movie, feel free to check out 'The African Doctor'.
It certainly gets my vote.

Black is the new Black

Will Britain ever have a Black Prime Minister?. was the title.

Oh, and feel free to say hello by the way, and be upstanding for my new baby. I hope we will have a most enjoyable time together. Like all new things I'm still feeling my way around, but say hi, to my new Laptop. ( yet to be named)

Yes indeed, new beginnings and all that.

Right, back to the question.
The question itself masks a host of other issues, many of which were addressed in this slightly depressing yet never-the-less well presented programme.
It's a loaded question, which one could never truly answer without looking racism squarely in the eye, and admitting that racism, continues to thrive in many of the institutions we know and love.

It could have easily have been retitled; How institutional racism and how a white supremacist ideology continues to impact on the lives of black people, but a title like that wouldn't get past editing.

Whats useful about a programme like this, in addition to the accompanying research is that it provides further evidence of the all too familiar lived reality for many, who in some cases, could be viewed as falsifying the expereince of racism, or at worst, having a chip on their shoulder aka 'a difficult attitude'.
Also useful about a programme like this is that it highlights the sheer tenacity and strength of character of many people, who despite all, continue to aspire, strive succeed, and overcome the obstacles often set before them.

The programme does not address historical generational wealth, which lets face it, has certainly benefited our 'elite' and non elite classes. But then to do so, would require looking at the not so pleasant aspects of British society including its involvement in the Slave trade.
Its okay. There's only so much one can fit in within the hour.

I'm sure there were no surprises for those of us who are Black British African Caribbean, especially those of us of the second and 3rd generation of migrants, who were born and raised here. ( we have seen and experienced much)
No, it's an old story. Yet its a story that will always require telling.
Never mind 'Trump'. we have our own issues here, and always have done.

Good morning x

Monday 31 October 2016

E.L - Fefeefe

One time love riddim medley ft Sizzla, Fantan Mojah, Lutan Fyah, Cali P & more. + Lutan Fyah - Jah make the world go round

Fantan Mojah needs to be in a film... seriously
He's so expressive/dramatic.. natural born actor :)

Lutan Fyah and Sizzla are missed, pity they aren't in the vid

My artist

Iyanya ft Don. Jazzy & Dr Sid - Up To Something

Attachments!. Out with the old and in with the new

'wuk my waist wuk my waist..'
up early. lots to do.

Today I say goodbye to a good friend. We've worked together, dreamed together, laughed together, discussed news together.. been a vessel for my thoughts and opinions, and rolled out some sweet tunes together. Been ever so crucially useful over the past few weeks, and has stood by my side throughout.. wishing me well... no back chat.. and straight up loyal
Nope, not my car ( as some of you guys may be thinking)..
but , my laptop
Yes, time to say goodbye to this baby, and hello to a new one.
The pleasure, my darling... was mutual i'm sure..
you had me touching you up every day so how could it not....

In the Caribbean we say 'new broom sweep clean.. but ole broom know every corner'
A testimony to our loyalty. Yeah, we tend to be loyal folk, but needs must and all that. You must return home..
I was a mere foster parent

Have a great day x

Sunday 30 October 2016

Sunday Sunday

Sunday evening viewing 'Nigel Farage gets his life back'.
Very entertaining that's for sure.
Its a multitasking Sunday, working and watching the show at the same time. Probably not ideal but when you have to get something done you push on don't you?

Kevin Bishop plays Nigel, and his accent is very good
Very well written indeed

... clocks went back so it's official..bye bye Summer

Who will protect our women?. music by Sexy Steel – Sisi ft. Tekno & Olamide (Remix)

Nice track. cool and easy.

I was reminded again, of just how fortunate some of us are to live in the UK.
Make no mistake, Inequalities remain rife, and as blatant as ever, all women are not created equal, neither all men it would seem, but many.. in other parts of the world..have it worse.
In cities like London, despite the results of recent research into loneliness among men in particular, there is often help or support out there should one need it.
I read an article today describing the plight of many young black African female domestics working in Saudi Arabia. There are reported cases of these women being badly beaten, and treated appallingly by their employers. As bad as that may be to read, I then wondered of the wives of such men.
It's clearly cultural, and in the cases of these women it's also raced and gendered.
They are clearly viewed as occupying the lowest social strata
It's a diplomatic situation for sure.

African women really deserve more protection.. at home, and abroad.

We need our men to get up, stand up, and be heard when it comes to women's rights
The way us women do, and have done... year in and year out... on their behalf...
To be honest, I cant fathom why some of us do the things we do.
There are times I remain a mystery even unto myself.

At least here in the UK, we have a strong civil society... which undoubtedly makes a difference.

I love a love song for sure.
Sometimes though I think, ok, thank you, but Instead of focusing on our beauty and how we make you feel, it would be lovely if you actually opened your eyes to what's really going on with many women, and took a stand against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.
Silence on issues that matter tend to be viewed as agreement.

However.. I guess if they cannot.. they cannot
Not all birds can fly.
They should sit down, hush, and let the Kings take over
Still, a love song such as this can heal many wounds and soothe many souls.
I love artists.. they are the gods of our time

Good evening x

Saturday 29 October 2016

Saturday chill zone ft music by Tiwa Savage - Rewind

Nothing about the way i'm doing things today will indicate to an observer just how much I actually have to do. I'm so incredibly chilled out.
On the agenda, is to clear.
You know those big clear-outs you may have every so often to welcome in a fresh start, fresh outlook, encourage and creative positive feng shui?

Well, it's as if I believe it can be done by telepathy alone, as i'm sitting here writing, and sipping a little red, after a big lunch.
I'm sooo French.
Seriously though, I also have other wonderful things on the agenda which will burn calories and without a doubt reap positive rewards.
Only the sofa...

Doubt me not! however, I'm a determined women once aroused, and will certainly activate action stations forthwith
Only this song...

I had originally skipped over this song from the album (RED) in favour of other more immediate tracks that appealed to me at the time. Yet this is a slow burner.
This video has really brought the song to life for me.
It's so cute, romantic, and loving; heck, It's a nice song without a doubt and sure to stoke the flames of love
How could it not?

Special moments
Nice one Tiwa
Got me feeling romantic

Happy Saturday x

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Film Africa 2016

We're approaching that time of year again!
No, not Christmas ( although its not long now) favourite film festival

Film Africa 2016 [click]

Good evening x

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Breast & Honey.. humour - gods gift to mankind

I heard this last week
'the spirit lies in the breast of a lay-dee...'
What a funny man
Lol, The reporter's quite funny herself
Good afternoon x

Monday 24 October 2016

When the name Selasi became cool again

This GiF from the Great British Bake Off always makes me smile :)
I've no idea why

Let the final commence
though for some.. it was over once Selasi left

Good evening and much love x

For more check out BuzzFeeds incredibly funny article [here]

Saturday 22 October 2016

Duncan Mighty -Janimaaah & ft Timaya - Owu


Trump and Clinton - The perfect pairing

..yet now... President Obama fully endorses her..

I will confess; I haven't watched all of the Trump - Clinton debates, so perhaps I'm 'out of touch' with the US election debacle.. but I honestly don't believe that Donald Trump was ever 'supposed' to be a serious candidate, merely appointed to assist Hilary Clinton's route into office.
What the powers that be perhaps didn't expect was the 'unique' mindset of swathes of the American population.
Many will continue to love Trump regardless of what politically incorrect statement he delivers. 'Grab em by the p***y? no problem.. ( if he's been doing it and we've heard nothing about it until now...proof is in the pudding; I guess with his money.. with some women anyway..he can)

'build a wall? lol! no problem.. 'Immigrant problem?' honestly, his tales will continue to become even more shocking as time is drawing to a close, and he needs to get out..
only.. his supporters wont let him.
Perhaps things are not going entirely to plan
The plan being that the Clintons under the guise of Hilary, are almost begged to return to the White House.

I suspect this is the most fun Trump has had since .. 'The Apprentice'

What I find more interesting is the 'Clinton Foundation' and its alleged ruthless involvement in the exploitation of Haiti.


Have a great day.. still with flu but me and little man chilling watching documentaries and writing stuff
#Lazy Saturday's sometimes feel good x

Friday 21 October 2016

Duncan Mighty - ' Certificate' album feature - ft Mama Born Dem & Oburukwelem Oma

Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu aka Duncan Mighty was born on October 28, 1983.
The sultry voiced Nigerian Musician, Singer and Producer, who hails from Obio-Akpor in Cross River State - is also fondly referred to as Port Harcourt's first son.

I began to notice his style on the track 'Jide Ofor', after which, every so often, I would attune myself to his offerings, and so far, his most recent album 'Certificate', does not disappoint.
There are a few singers that carve a special place within me; Brymo is one, and Duncan Mighty is another.

Whilst I continue to make my way through his album. I've selected two tracks that immediately stand out for me.

What I like about Duncan Mighty is his lyrical consciousness, and whilst it takes me a while to work it out (and sometimes a little extra research!) for some reason, I'm able to connect.

I'll be sure to get a little extra help with these two tracks as id like to offer a more fitting review, although... as reviews go, I've not come across a more detailed track by track review as yet.
I remain on the look out

humble yourself

Music aside...
I came across this and my liking for him increased further


Using his Instagram to speak out against child marriages the pic exposes an old man marrying a girl child which was apparently accompanied by the words..

“Please my people, lend your voices to End child marriages. Many child brides develop fistula as a result of early pregnancy that subsequently will either kill them or render them disabled for life,” he wrote alongside it. Adding, "This little child needs a PENCIL not a PENIS.” - Duncan Mighty

Seriously tho.. whose grandad is that.... Him no shame?

Nice one Duncan Mighty

Monday 17 October 2016

Becca Ft. Bisa Kdei - Beshiwo

Lovely combination

The song is apparently about love ( of course) and encourages couples to bury their differences in times of disagreements and move on with their relationship.
Beshimo meaning = 'it will pain you'
Becca talks about wanting her man to treat her well, ( and the consequences. should he not)

# bringbackourMEN

Well... it seems the Clown phase has finally hit Nigeria, after the US and London.. :-)

For a President of a country of approximately 188,336,691 half of which are men, President Buhari's comments were careless callous and unfortunate.
Considering the recent enough kidnapping of over 200 schoolgrils, in addition to many African women suffering 'domestic abuse' under the guise of culture or cultural expectations, his comments could simply cement the ignorance of many men who insist on treating women as second class citizens.
Buhari's wife is beautiful, intelligent and hardworking. To speak of his wife on the public stage such as he has, seems somewhat disrespectful

One can only hope it was said with a hint of irony and jest.
Yet the serious looking Buhari has never struck me as a man with a sense of humour .. but, perhaps I was wrong.
( he remains on my 'smile-watch' for that very reason)

In the main.. most women I know don't dont mind being in the kitchen, being the main cook, and taking care of their families etc
Yet to imply that such a role is somewhat insignificant, or therein lies the limitations of women is a bit insulting.
Consider this.. my own mother worked.. yes, but I can undoubtedly say that most of her time was spent in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning ironing and taking care of us and my dad.
Yet it was my own mother who brought his comments to my attention!

I can only assume that the Presidential adviser was away on vacation
Back to charm school! I reckon.
Although it's said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I think it's worth a try.

#Bringbackourmen! I say... out of which there will be leaders among them

[Guardian Article]

Sunday 16 October 2016

Voice - Far From Finished

Soca is sweet... all year round

Loving this 100%..
Good afternoon and have a great day x

Saturday 15 October 2016

Heavy K - Wenza Njalo

Saturday showcase, and so much to do on this cloudy day.
Driving hypnotic beat with heavy baseline; it's a great track from Heavy K..
SA's finest
Perfect soundtrack for my Saturday

Good afternoon x
... and, as if on cue.. the sun is emerging through the clouds...

Thursday 13 October 2016

Phyno - Pino Pino

This may be one of the nicest songs I've ever heard from Phyno
Musically , its just lovely
Great Job

Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Rise of the Black Male Tory

What is the attraction between black men and the Tory party ?

I've noticed a trend whereas new black male faces in the arena of politics, tend to gravitate to the Tory party.

Somewhat intrigued..I asked a few people this evening, what they thought the Tory party stood for, and how it differs from the Labour Party, and the comments, if not surprising...were interesting

"The Tory party push the idea that if you go out and make a'll have an amazing life .. whereas Labour push that if you go out and work for'll have a 'nice' life"
" The Tory Party is the party of enterprise and growth"
"Labour is more about taking care of all... often at the expense of the rich"

The current average black man tends to be very entrepreneurial
When asked, many may tell you that they prefer not to work for anyone; perhaps that's because people tended not to want them to work for them...
..who knows.

But they have become accustomed to taking care of themselves.
With many of their women tired and frustrated at having had to carrying the sole burden, in some cases for prolonged periods, they have had a few options... but little choice.

I think it's fair to say that Labour...still has a slight image/policy problem
Many people still equate the party with huge spending on welfare, socialism and soft hearted Liberals..
Labour.. the party for the working classes.. the party of the 99%

Tony Blair changed the image of the party considerably and won 3 elections as a result
Jeremy Corbyn feels to many as a step backwards, to an un-electable 'Neil Kinnock' style past
This need not be the case.. but perception in politics is stronger than facts.

I once thought the Conservative party was rooted in conservation and minimal change, yet things have certainly changed.. less so a change of universal values, but a change with regards to the focus on financial growth and a growing sense of Nationalism.
Perhaps Tory conservation, is simply to conserve the status quo...
the class system.

Interestingly, Theresa May ( our un-elected P.M.. please remember the stick Gordon Brown got folks) speaks about wanting a fairer country. A Tory party that recognizes inequality and strives to tackle those inequalities?.. all very labour-esque.

Perhaps the 'Tory' attraction for some black men is a desire to feel as though they are moving among the higher echelons of society.
Perhaps it's a desire to shake off any unwanted 'stereotypes' of a 'difficult fella' or 'rebellious/ anti system' man.
or... maybe, those men are simply fed up of caring for others.. .especially if very few actually cared about them. Preferring an easy(er) life, and are tired of fighting a seriously skewed system.
I don't know
Perhaps the warriors... have simply left the building...
I expect the easy answer is... that I should just find a black male Tory... and ask him...

Samuel Phillip Gyimah

MP Kwasi Kwarteng

Kcee ft. Tekno – Tender

A return to Community?

I've never seen the film, 'Inside Out', but I'm always impressed by the quality and detail of animated films. The subtle, and not so subtle messages they convey, appealing to, both adults and children.
An amazing talented group of people.

As the mental health of the nation becomes an increasing concern, I was surprised to find out that the film 'Inside Out' actually touches on what it's like to live with a period of depression.

Previously I had been sent this clip by someone who suffers from anxiety. Again, very interesting.

As researchers begin to uncover the depths of this growing problem, and are resolved to finding solutions, I tend to explore the demise of our traditional communities, and find myself in agreement with this article written by George Monboit.
In the past, I have heard people refer to depression as a Western problem.
In the West, I have heard of it referred to as... a rich mans problem.

E.g , rich people have time to get depressed, whereas the poorer classes are just too busy fighting for their rights, and to put food on the table.
However, this (if it ever was) is not the case.
People.... get depressed.

Our traditional communities and our sense of community has been obliterated by years of neoliberalilsm yes, but perhaps even more importantly, we have witnessed the shift from the tangible community, to the virtual, in huge swathes.

Online communities are THE communities of our modern times. From remote villages of the Global South, to cities in the north. We are linked more than ever before, yet global loneliness continues to rise.
We make 'friends' across the globe, yet poverty increases. Our online world has sold us a dream. A dream of an ideal community, one which you can see, feel, but may struggle to touch.
Unable to take food to your 'friends', or hot 'chicken' soup if they're unwell, unable to simply 'hangout together; our global communities provide a sense of togetherness without ever really being together.
It's not all bad though, so please dont mistake my assessment for gloom, as there are definitely positives.

Progression in my opinion, is the ability to turn our virtual communities into real life communities and connections. It's a dream perhaps, but once upon a time .. so was the internet.

Our virtual communities offer a sense of belonging. You can easily find like minded people, and if lucky, reduce any feelings of social isolation; isolation which can be, and if often caused by societies commitment to classism, racism, ageism, and gender bias.
You can meet great people who become great friends, and an important part of your life.

We live in a world where communitarianism is cast aside in favour of a self serving and self pleasuring way of life. Governments have reduced spending on adult education and communities for that very reason; the main reason remaining that 'communities' equate to a sense of 'people power' and governments tend not to be in favour of such a concept. The global south continues to live a more traditional community focused life. Life in Africa for example, is very much an extended friends and family affair, with networks, tribes, and links which yes, have their drawbacks, but in the main, definitely produces positives.

A way of life in Africa ( or the global south) is a way of life we have struggled to sustain here in the global north.
Yet beware.
However, that way of life in places like Africa, will be, and is at risk. As Mark Zuckerberg continues to visit Africa and further extend his reach, communities there, will soon become a mass of virtual communities before our very eyes. Communities will become further divided by those who can afford the modern gadgets required to access this world, and those who cannot.
This will further divide the poorest in society whilst the richest ( or policy makers and 'leaders') will undoubtedly remain untouched.

The only way to subvert this potential catastrophe, is a return to traditional communitariansim; and traditional community development. To understand fully the virtues of socialism, ( or neo socialism) once more, and to learn once again, that we are truly interdependent.

Virtual communities work best when balanced by traditional communities.
As we witness the rise in mental health issues, it should be a warning that selfishness or a lack of investment in communities really isn't the best way forward for any of us.
Let's hope that we find a way back to recognizing that the 'traditional community' has the potential of a powerful family, with a wealth of resources.. yet we should not 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'.

You may disagree with me... if you dare :)
[Click for Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson]