Wednesday 16 November 2016

An 'Un-united Kingdom'

I love movies.
I love films which move me, challenge me, make me laugh.. rom-coms, you name it.
I recently watched the Netfilx film entitled 'The African Doctor, which I loved so much I may watch it again later. ( with a glass of Irish)

I cannot say that about the much hyped 'A United Kingdom'

In fact, ( not that anyone will notice) but I almost want to boycott the film. Why?, for pretending that this 'story' is a new story. This 'story' is as old as Jesus Christ, and to be honest, I'm trying to work out why people are so enthralled by it. If you know.. feel free to tell me. Only then.. may I give it a peep.
To be honest ( and fair) I may watch it purely for research purposes, and if so, I will definitely provide you with an honest review.

I remember reading once that if you have a black protagonist in a film, that the film is often subsequently deemed less accessible to wider audiences, which is why film makers may strive to ensure that there is also a white protagonist alongside.
I shake my head at such shortsighted absurdity.
I hope you do too:)

Anyway, If you fancy a nice feel good movie, feel free to check out 'The African Doctor'.
It certainly gets my vote.

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  1. The trailer didn't quite grab me in the way I thought it might. If I'm stuck on a plane for 10 hours and it's available I may watch it.