Thursday 17 November 2016

African Feminism

There's Feminism, and then there's' Feminism
African Feminism.
Feminism for African women, women of African decent, is an inclusive affair; it does not shy away from the reality of racial bias that many liberal Feminists may find slightly difficult to acknowledge or even come to grips with.
Perhaps African Feminism isn't even Feminism at all, just simply human beings of the female gender saying 'hey, get your shit together, and don't take the piss'.
I... my somebody too.

'Besides, I gave birth to you buddy.. and don't you forget it'.

I jest of course.

But I have thought about women's rights a great deal lately. I watched the tears of Hilary supporters who were yearning to see a women in office.

I then I thought about Dr Isatu Turay, the 1st female candidate ever to run for the Presidency in the Gambia

A woman who will never receive the type of support or recognition that a Clinton may get.
A woman, who nonetheless, clearly possesses much strength of character to go up against current President; Yahya Jammeh.

In truth, there are many women working hard in the political arena across Africa, who face far more obstacles than us law protected ( and some may feel, pampered - thanks) women in the West

Yet, Liberal Feminists rarely give them the time of day

I myself watched Finding Fela this evening. If you watch it, you may cry too.
A very moving and insightful documentary, featuring a wonderful array of interviews with friends, colleagues, family, and indeed, the man himself
Wow Fela. Fela na easy o

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