Wednesday 23 November 2016

Malawi Hyena's. music by Don Jazzy & P Square

Now I came across this video awhile back. I didn't actually think much would be done about it, other than it being another tale of rural life in country in Africa for us (rightly or wrongly) to frown upon. Wondering how, why, etc etc.
Anyway, something was done

Started in 1985 104 women? ( where's Dr Maggie when you need her)

No, seriously since the appearance of this interview this 'Male Hyena has recently been given a 2yr jail sentence, and women's rights groups are 'outraged'
Whilst I understand their outrage, the reality is that these are practices which are embedded deep within the culture in which he operated. He was paid. It is not outrageous to those who believe it.
To them, it's not wrong, or they remain simply unaware of the potential impact
and rural life?, rural life will always differ

Therefore, to have achieved any sentence is possibly a step in the right direction. As whilst the law can help to influence behaviours, the work, the work of 'change' of 'evolution', that will be required is possibly best undertaken right within the communities.

What do you think?

Widow cleansing?

Something a little lighter?

Signing out.
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Don Jazzy!!! Holla Baby

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