Thursday 31 December 2020

Farewell 2020

Its been memorable. A historic year of global sociopolitical change . The year the veil was lifted.
If you're reading this, you have survived the turmoil, and that, is certainly something to be thankful for. It has been a year of revelations, reflections, uprisings and achievements against the odds. A year of many losses, yet many gains. Hope amd despair, fear and fortitude. Laughter and tears. Balance. The universe is in control.
My prayer for you/us, is a simple one.
For peace, justice, good health, wealth, wisdom, joy, and understanding. That you feel secure within yourself, fulfilled and loved.
That you focus more on your strengths, and less on weaknesses. That you are able to live your best life, each and every day
All the best for 2021 I'll end my musical year with Chike. A beautiful voice for all time Stay blessed.. beacause you are x

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Emmerson - Telescope

How is the impact of the great Conjunction treating you so far? Celestial forces right... Personally, I'm still working ( nursing a cold awww) but thankfully will be off soon. Happy days.. lunchtime. Back in time with Emmerson..

Monday 21 December 2020

Heavy K in 2020

Anytime I listen to this track, I long for a flight to SA. I had planned to head South this year, Joburg in partcular, pre 'Jumanji' that is. But it's okay, because truth really is quite amazing in that you can actually feel yourself there anytime you would like. It conjours up images, the sights, the sounds, the aroma... everything. If you close your eyes .... ( but open your heart) you may agreee with me. Heavy K had a good year musically..

'African' Music of 2020

AG and Kizz Daniel provided one of my favourite songs at the start of this year. It has been an amazing year for music, simply put, it just gets better and better AG was on my playlist all summer long Chike and Mayorken gave us this cute singalong track Kizz Daniel helped my garden grow...warm evenings outside, good food, good music...another great summer track Burna Boy blazed crazy Igbo fire across the globe and amazed the world again with a stunningly cool album WizKid's 'Made in Lagos' album continues to remind the world of the talent that emerges from Lagos, and the beauty of collaborations between artists. Tiwa Savage, our very own 'African Bad Girl' 'Raised her consciousness up a notch and 'called out' so called leaders... and promptly got 'called up' by the DSS as did Yemi Alade We salute the ladies, 'Nigeria's' real 1st ladies for sure. I havent even touched on music across other African countries yet, but I think it's fair to say that the biggest track out of Africa ... and we're heading South 2020 ....was non other than........

Sunday 20 December 2020

Phyno - For the Money ft. Peruzzi

Aiye - one family! Phyno and Peruzzi too much niceness.

Fally Ipupa - Un coup feat. Dadju

Weekend WOW Factor: I'm very proud of my new arrival!..

My 1st childrens book, has been published and is available for you over at Amazon. Set in Ghana, it follows a little Princess on a rather magical journey. The 1st in a series, that I hope you enjoy reading, as much as i enjoyed writing
Ideal for children aged 4- 8yrs. If you get a copy, Thank you!...and please leave a review if you can!
Thanks in advance ...and happy Sunday x

Monday 7 December 2020

Fally Ipupa - Attente

Back in time....

Fally Ipupa - Posa

Fally Ipupa - Message

Domestic violence is not something to be 'managed'

I honestly don't understand some people sometimes Imagine a leader being 'praised' for aledgedly reconcilling a man with his wife he beat so badly Why would he do that? Maybe someone can explain it to me
Would the 'Governor' advise his daughter to return to an abusive marriage with a man who beats her, cheats on her, and had being doing so for six years?. What kind of system would promote the idea of marriage over being single at any cost? Sure marriage is beautiful, but so is not being beaten fearful and afraid, and not having what should be a safe space turning into a war zone. No one deserves that.
Perhaps there needs to be a movement against domestic violence as big as EndSars. It's possible, if they invetigated it, that more women are brutalised by their husbands than those affected by police brutality. Who knows.... It's just a thought. Anyway, I feel that this governor set a bad example in my humble opinion, to the abuser, the abused, the community, and the entire country,that somehow domestic violence is not a serious issue, but rather something thst can be 'managed' Did he not see her face? Did he not hear her account? Did he not hear her child?. He said... 'mommy don't cry. mommy sorry. Well....... Maybe he didn't see..