Friday 30 August 2013

Friday night mix - music and lyrics

People just don't know what I'm about
They haven't seen what's there behind my smile
There's so much more of me I'm showin out
(These are the pieces of me)

When it looks like I'm up sometimes I'm down
I'm alone even when people all around,
But that don't change the happiness I found
(These are the pieces of me)

So when you look at my face
You gotta know that I'm made of everything love and pain
(These are the pieces of me)
Like every woman I know
I'm complicated fo sho
But when I love I love til there's no love no more
(These are the pieces of me)

[Verse 2:]
So many colors
(I make up the woman that you see)
A good friend and lover
(Anything you want Yes I can be)
I can run the business and make time for fantasy
(These are the pieces of me)
Now I'm gonna make mistakes from time to time
But in the end believe that I'm gone fly
No matter if I'm wrong or if I'm right
(These are the pieces of me)


Ohhhh As the pieces of me start to unfold
Now I start to understand
All that I am
A woman not afraid to be strong STRONG


I'm a woman... a woman... a woman woman woman
Yes I'm a woman... a woman
These are the pieces of me... yeaahhhh


Ohhhh, oh
Come here, let me talk to you
One call, two calls, three calls
Is that what I do to you? (Is that what I do to you?)
Ya outside my door, scared to be alone
I know you’re addicted too

I know it’s hard to understand (hard to understand)
Sometimes a woman wanna act like a man
And when it feels like I’m running things
I know you bout to lose ya mind

I know you hate me
(aye, but sometimes that’s just the way love is sometimes)
Don’t you hate that you love me?
And I know that you know that I love ya
Even though you don’t believe me, baby (aye)
I know you hate me cause you can’t stop lovin’ me

Ya walkin’ out sayin’ that ya had enough
But ya never gonna leave (gonna leave)
I choose to ya anyway
But baby won’t you let me breathe
You always thinking there’s someone else (be like that then)
Let me be real with ya
The only one I’m seeing is myself
You knew what it was when I met ya
But that’s just how it is lovin’ me

I know you hate me
Sometimes that’s just the way life is
Don’t you hate that you love me?
I know you want more
But I can only give what I have
I know you hate me cause you can’t stop lovin’ me
Hey, hey, hey

Yeaaa baby
You know I love you but I can’t give you the world
Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
I know you hate the way I love you
But you know I love you
Sometimes love will drive you crazy
But you still gonna be my baby, my baby, my baby

I know you hate me
I know it feels like, I know it feels like
I don’t want ya, but I do
Don’t you hate that you love me
I just need some space sometimes, yes sometimes
I know you hate me cause you can’t stop lovin’ me


Light that reflects in the mirror
Showing the essence of who I am
Made from pure perfection
I'm connected to the one, therefore I am

One to rise above all the ugliness
Evolve into a world of selflessness
I can see love and no love can be higher than this
What can be higher than this?

What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
You will find love, and no love can be higher than this

Feeling like everything going wrong
Take a step back and edit yourself
There's a hero in you waitin' to happen
Make the choice to take a chance and save yourself

You gotta let go of your insecurity
Explore the passion in your possibilities
You will find love and no love can be higher than this
What can be higher than this?

Love, ain't nobody love me like you do
So I gotta tell the world that
You are in everything that I do

Ain't nobody love me like you do
There's no love more higher than this
What can be higher than this?
Uh, uh, higher than this

I need someone to tell me
'Cause I don't see nothing else more
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, higher than this)
Don't nobody know the love that I feel right now

What can be higher than this?
There's no love more higher than this
What can be higher than this?
You will find love

See all you got to do is just let him in
(You will find love)
Anything you dream of is gonna to happen
(You will find love)
Just let it go

There's no love more higher than this
What can be higher than this?
Love, ain't nobody love me like you do
So I gotta tell the world that you are in everything that I do

Ain't nobody love me like you do
There's no love more higher than this
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?

What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?

What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?
What can be higher than this?

Harris Iii, James Samuel / Lewis, Terry / Wright, James / Ledisi, Young

Lyrics courtesy of MetroLyrics

Enjoy your evening.

Late Summer Spice

I had no intention of dancing, but I didn't want to resist the urge. How happy is this song.. and it still feels like Summer.

Lots on the Agenda today, but, that's life.. on-wards and upwards..
Get it done already. whatever it may be.

Happy Friday all!

Mmmm, you know I love you right? Love you too
Ain't nobody got what we got, no, no
Wanna be with my Baby
yeah this, this here is built from the concrete baby, it don't get no better than this. Ooo, no no yeah

We had some ups and downs,
Made a lot of bad mistakes
But we've always had some good times
And through it all
You held me down,
You've always held it down
Oh yeah,

There were times when I was afraid
and wanted you to leave
But you stayed right here by my side
You never let me go
You always stayed around

That’s right,
You stayed around
And you been so good to me
And it doesn’t matter
I know whatever comes our way
You know , you and me, we gonna stay, together
Baby we've been through so much
Our love is so strong , you know, I know
We gonna stay, together, oh yeah, my baby

We know each other so well, you always seemed to tell
When I need a little kiss and hug, and that extra kind of loving
You love me like a champion
Baby you're my superman, yeah, yeah

Girl you know just what I like
What you do it makes me lose my mind
I just wanna give you, make love to you
Take me with you on a rocket, *fly*'keep on loving til we touch the sky, whoa
Till we touch the sky

And it doesn't matter....I know whatever comes our way
You know you and me, we gonna stay, together
Baby we've been through so much
Our love is so strong , you know, I know
We gonna stay, together, oh yeah, my baby

I love you, I love you too
You mean the world to me and I ain't never leaving.
I ain't ever leaving this
Together yea, uh yeah,
Baby gonna stay together
Gon', ... baby we gon' stay together
Your love my love, our love, we gonna stay together
Your love, my love, our love, we will stay together
...gonna stay together
We gonna stay, together, together.

African women In China, and Rolf 'didgeridoo' Harris

I was up earlier than I thought I'd be, but perhaps that's because I slept poorly last night.
The news I awoke to, was that our MPs ruled against British military involvement in Syria.
How long before they find a way in?
I guess, bypassing the UN (again) did not sit well with most MPs after all

Ironically, perhaps there may have been more a legitimate reason to do so on this occasion, (if chemical weapons are being used) It's tricky, as although many people would perhaps be in favour of supporting or protecting innocent people around the world from the terror of war, or politicides
People are now very skeptical of British foreign policy, and trust has been eroded.
and to be honest, I think most people want peace, and not war.

There is pretty much a constant barrage of disturbing images, which again,perhaps makes people wonder what's really going on.. (why there, and not elsewhere)


Another news story caught my eye yesterday.
actually, two did

One was Rolf Harris, the once very popular children's performer who has now been charged with 13 child sex offences [click]

I don't get it Rolf. (a bit of an icon for a generation)
I can't tell what it is yet

The other was regarding two black women stranded in China [click]

The women have stated they were beaten in a store after an argument, arrested, detained for 38 days,and having now 'overstayed', are being denied access to apply for an exit visa to leave, as they are still on bail


During the report it was stated that there has been an influx of Migrants from Africa, and the 'darker skinned migrants' are now facing much hostility.
It was politely stated there is a growing racist element in China, growing racist attitudes, and the daughter of one of the women detained, mentioned that when walking in China, some Chinese people hold their noses, whilst others say things like 'dirty black'

I found the story quite upsetting and hope that the family get the support they need, especially as one is quite ill, and needs her heart medication.
China, China, China
In the words of Marvin Gaye, what's going on?
Heck..we know what's going on
It reminded me that if you're black, the world is not always your oyster...there will always be the possibility of ugly racism. The possibility of having to rethink holiday destinations, having to consider alot more than a passport and visa when wanting to see the world.. is absolutely ridiculous.

What's even more ridiculous is the number of Chinese businesses and Chinese workers in countries across Africa.. Nigeria, Congo etc...can you imagine?
Someone needs to have a word back home.

Thursday 29 August 2013

The One Lovely Blog Award..

Thank you very much for my very lovely Blog Award from Debra She Who seeks
Which is now proudly displayed on my side bar.
It's my 1st ever,yipee.. so I am honoured.

Okay.. following your lead Debra, I shall tell you all 7 things about myself ( If I haven't yapped on enough already)
and pass this award onto to 7 lovely blogs that I also enjoy reading. (only 7 this time) which I hope they will collect.
I will also tell you what it is about the blog that I like.

Okay here goes.
1. I am the youngest of 5 (I have 3 brothers and 1 sister)
2. My favourite colours are yellow and pink (not together)
3. I had an acute fear of people as a child
4. I love writing plays, and will be over the moon to have a play on at the National
5. I love the intro of this song

6. Walter Mosely is my favourite writer.. Easy Rawlins.. easily a character I love the most.

7. I'm 5ft 8, but people always say i look taller... trick of the light I say, but it's cool.. I love it :)

Now here are 7 blogs that I enjoy reading and would like to give this AWARD to

they include..

1. Chocolate covered daydreams
Because it's such a personal blog, and Simone writes about her family with so much love

2. Afrodisia
A real cool Blog..uplifting and inspiring, as I said.. real cool, with great writing.

3. this person called me
I love the elusive nature .. every so often she pops up.. the blam.. gone again. Kinda sweet really.

4. Reggies Rantings
Very funny.. with some weird ( I can't help but peep) pictures sometimes. Neat. like it.

5. Siamrootsical
Reggae fans?.. need I say more?

6. The Ramblings of a Madman
Slick and stylish.. cute blog, and well written

7. Diane Cayton Hakey
I love the pictures of the home and life, hot diggidy..nice.

love ya
Enjoy your day x

Wednesday 28 August 2013

The little things..

I've had a focused day today.
Kinda easy really. Had a fun chat with bro.. who just found out I've been on leave.. then promptly told my mum :)
"Can you believe Dawna's been on leave all this time and didn't even tell us....."
It's fair to say I've kept a low profile..

I have a few birthdays coming up.. big sis tomorrow..
Then Ti see's in and blesses September, whilst my daughter and myself will see it out.
I do love September.. It's my birthday month, I love October too, as I'm on the cusp, and my brothers b'day is just after mine.

I've felt thoughtful and loving today. Don't know why.
To be honest, I feel as though I've had a sip of Irish.. but I haven't.. really i haven't, so I can only put my current feeling down to my pre and trust me.. post Masterchef' soundtrack

You know.. for weeks Ti has been quite excited (as usual) about his up coming birthday (he'll be twenty)
So, I told him he was being 'annoying' and I cant buy him anything anyway ( for the fun of it, and to get him to keep schtum)
Then.. one day out of the blue, he said he wasn't looking forward to it anyway, and you know.. that made me feel kinda sad.

The reasons he gave were that everything is changing, as just last August he celebrated his mates birthday, and now his best mate is no longer here, and another has just been sent on holiday

I reminded him about the friends who are still here.. etc etc and he perked up.
We're only young once, and I really want my children to be happy.
It's important to try to find joy in life
There is no magic wand.. just gotta work at it

So.. my 1 recipe cake will be getting another airing soon :)
and Ti is back being Ti.

It's all good

It's so old skl .. so unfancy, it's now legendary. A friend of my eldest son loves my cake, and knows every birthday.. cake and candles.
Better make sure I get some foil in.

Spotlight on..Sammy Davis Jr

A seemingly strange and complex man.. but has always attracted my interest.
Smiled alot, but never really looked happy to me.
Performing in hotels he was not allowed to sleep at, due to the colour of his skin, to crowds who loved him, yet hated him
I wonder how much he had to suppress, just to get by.
I have a feeling his act did not end when he walked off the stage.
A great performer

Between two worlds..
Who was Sammy?.. I still don't know, but a legend he be.

In the video, it's said of a black woman who dated him..(Lola) it's believed she loved him.. in her strange way?
What strange way would that be then.

Hey.. you know what I've just noticed?.. that Ive posted the song Mr Bojangles about 4 times now
1. Nina Simone
2. Dennis Brown
3. John Holt.. and now Sammy
Clearly.. I really have a thing about that song. To be honest.. I quite love it. it's been imprinted in my memory bank since I don't know how long, as I can't remember ever not liking that song.
Sad songs help me to concentrate.. and think...and I need to concentrate a little more today

* I had a slight crush on Sammy growing up*

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Thought of the day.. I need glasses

I'm not helping by reading in the dark.. and typing on a tiny laptop.. and boy.. I have blurred vision at the moment

Some big ole cute ones is what I'll get if it's to be

off to buy some carrots..

and dial specsvers..

VMA's.. and btw .. err, why do Virgin cancel channels whenever they feel like it?

Music lovers...
What could Miley Cyrus be doing on stage to be the recipient of looks like this from the Smith family?

Well... dancing half naked on stage and gyrating on the crotch of Robin Thicke.
I've heard so much fuss about it... and it seems to have been met with much distaste.

Media outlets have been rather cruel towards the ex-Disney star... (I remember her TV show, as my lot used to watch it when they were younger (which meant... so did I)

a really fun show

Well.. shes all grow'd up now

We arrived at a 'clothing optional' stage when it comes to music a long time ago, more so with certain types of music I will add,
however,let’s remember Madonna gyrating half naked used to cause a stir back in the day also, until she seemed no longer able to shock, and was overtaken...thanks to hip hop honeys, dancehall queens, and pop artists such as Rihanna, Beyoncé etc...

The music industry is a male dominated industry, and women who succumb to the pressure to present a hyper sexual femininity, and are willing to be objectified... are sometimes rewarded handsomely... and I say sometimes, because you can rest assured the few that get through are a minority (a very small percentage)compared to the majority of those who try... get used or exploited,then dropped.

In reggae dancehall .. I've been told women rule.. It’s a woman’s domain..
Well... yes and no...
While the women do provide the glamour of dancehall, are the main feature of a dance,and are free to celebrate their sexuality (if hetrosexual) and womanhood... the majority of dancehall artists are men...

If the men say bend over... the women bend... if they say bleach often the women are at the very least tempted ... if the men raise the bar further and promote further competition between the women... competition prevails.. and many women will go all out to be the most outrageous, and serve up the most sexual stimuli, in the hope of praise and attention.

Ironically... many of the male artists will then retire to a nice home... with a wife and family, a million, miles from the life portrayed in the dancehall.
It’s a job
It's cool
But it's a job.
It is however, also a way of life, and like most things, there are many sides to to the tale.

Dancehall queens can earn alot of money, and some will hope to be selected to star/appear/dance in videos, which may then launch a lucrative career
the view from the bridge makes perfect sense.
and.. it's fun.

So why the Miley fuss?..
The main thing I noticed about Miley is that she looked very thin compared to when I used to see her...
But that's okay
I then wondered if the pressure to be a pop 'sex siren' was deemed ( by her team) to be the best way to resurrect or further her music career
Who knows...?
But I will say this
The lovely Rihanna has performed in many many tinie tiny outfits... and as a Bajan.. knows a move or two straight outa dancehall
Not many people bat an eye... its fine... no outrage ( aside from a sexy dancehall Ex factor TV performance a few years back)
So what is the main difference between these two ladies?

I do wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they hail from different cultures
and a woman's cultural background often impacts of how we view her femininity, and what we expect from her physicality
What is proper behaviour.. and what is not
I know I don't need to spell out the cultural sexual stereotypes that accompany the female form

If i'm honest I didn't really dig the performance.. it looked odd to me
but I am not immune to cultural conditioning either.
but generally speaking, I often think, just because we can .. doesn't always mean we should
As women.. it really is our call

Me?.. hey I just love music..
and the nice vibes draw me in every time ..

It's evolving, changing all the time..
there really are .. blurred lines

On to JT..
I think Justin is a fantastic artist, I have heard him sound better before, but I think the atmosphere looked electric, and is possibly why it has been hailed as the best performance of the night

As for cable.. thanks for BET and a few other randoms.. but where the hell has MTV dissapeared to?
It's like going to a restaurant ordering pot luck

* update , Ti found MTV..
Okay Cable.. I apologize

Konshens and Delus

An earlier track..

More of Delus

1st song I heard by Delus

Late night sound check - Steel Pulse - back in time

Most of you know I was a big Aswad fan back in the day, but I always had time for this band

possibly best known for songs like rally round


and many more

dont know this one though.. but its quite sweet as he looks back at their career

There's a documentary /film about them which I haven't seen but will like to

That's a wrap x

Monday 26 August 2013

Jaheim - til it happens to you

What would you miss if you lived with a Tribe for a month?

I've always thought (and still do), that Masai men and women look really cool
This picture in particular... gets my vote
and I mean really cool

Symbols of beauty and maturity
Looks painful. ( mainly when the plate is out ironically)
In the Tribe documentary below Bruce states that legend has it that it was first used as a way to deter slavers from taking their women

I like the reddish tint used by Himba women
I do not believe that they bathe only once a year as sometimes stated

I do sometimes wonder how they manage without things we women have become accustomed to.. and reliant on.

I found this rather amusing. hey.. I can't stand a man without manners either!.. we have something in common
Lack of chivalry can be a real turn off

If it were not for... female circumcision ( or cutting as its known.. tribal or not.. you can ostracize me if you like on that one..but certain things are a big no no for me) the occasional or regular drinking of blood,
lip stretching, body scarring, husband sharing, and daily physical hard work... I think i'd make a pretty cool tribal wife... err.. on second thoughts.. scratch that.. I don't think i would actually.


I wonder what they would make of me..

To be honest.. our needs appear quite similar..if not the same, just played out/performed in a different way.
Men have big.. Egos.. and women like to look pretty.

Alternative rights of passage for girls? [yes please]

Thursday 22 August 2013

Morgan Heritage - Call to me . Bob Marley.. from his album Uprising

The West Indian Front Room

The West Indian front room.. became one of the key diasporic locations for West Indian immigrants and their children (like me)

I remember the front room well.
My parents never locked the doors to their 'empire' but we knew... as children, that front rooms (not only ours) were special places.

My defining memories of the front room include the 'gram'... the ornamental enamel fish... a red and yellow crotchet table mat,
A picture of the last supper... and the blue/green eyed Jesus picture with eyes that seemed to follow me around the room.

The series/documentary below, is a fantastic nostalgic, historical analysis of the social shifts that occurred in Britain during the 1950's onwards, with the arrival of black immigrants from the Caribbean, and looks at the formation of the front room, and how it was located in this social setting.

West Indian parents were considered too strict for some in working class Britain. To be fair, many were disciplinarians had high expectations for their children, and took education very seriously.

It's not uncommon to hear of after dinner recitals of the times table, and homework inspections being carried out in homes, yet ironically many children ( of my generation) were classified as in need of 'special education' or even un-teachable, coming from homes which were somehow dysfunctional with authoritarian parents.
This pathologizing of black children grew apace, and every so often rears it's head from time to time, even now.
It depends which book you read, who you speak to, or what archive footage you watch however because ironically, a counter stereotype emerged of West Indian parents not caring, or caring less about their children’s education than African or White British parents.

These divisive, divide and rule assumptions are quite inaccurate, yet surprisingly resilient, as on occasion I still hear these assertions being made.

Speaking as one who grew up in a West Indian home, with West Indian parents, and had many West Indian friends, and visited other homes, both family and friends alike... it was virtually impossible to leave without being questioned about how you were getting on at school,and being told to ..'listen to your parents!'.. 'work hard, and do well'

So where are we now?
Well... we don't live in a vacuum.
Society changes... and changes in attitudes, social pressures, and our hybridic identities ensure an almost confusing blend of expectations vs realism and individuality vs community

We have no 'front room ' now.

Once the front room was a safe haven, perhaps a make believe reconstruction of the colonized becoming the colonizers.
Living the dream of an imagined ‘empire’.
Yet the space became a battle ground.
The old vs the new
The phantasy vs the reality.
Whilst it may have been possible for the older generation to shut the world out once inside these front rooms, it was impossible for the youngsters to do the same.
Something had to give.

I wonder now about our living spaces, and what they mean to us. How we define ourselves with relation to our belongings. What items we consider precious, and why.
What do Caribbean living spaces now say about us?

I don't have many, but no..some pictures were just never going to make it onto my wall..

Looking back though.. I am sad to see it go
It was a strong cultural site. It was that in between space Caribbean – England (with me positioned in the middle)
There was real meaning there.
It spoke of Britain, it spoke of the Caribbean, it spoke of post colonialism, it spoke of my parents, and my parents generation.
It's part of our history

slightly out of sync voice over in this episode

Oh yes Jim Reeves.. and blue beat singles

Story on paraffin heaters..When I was a baby.. Christmas eve. a door fell on a paraffin heater.. went unnoticed, and burnt the house down.
A bad fire.. we all got out, but unfortunately not all unscathed.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Song of the day - Pharrell - Happy

My running soundtrack
Ti's recommendation.. nice tune boyo

Feel free to sing along
Have a nice day all x

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Making music simple

Came across this on the Before I am no Longer..Young Gifted and Black Blog [Link]

I know two people who really liked this tune.. so for a bit of fun..this is for them
Look at their instruments .. ( no pun intended) :)

Studio 1, roots and lovers tribute session featuring..Lincoln 'Sugar Minott'

Interview filmed a few years back with Sugar Minott (who died July 10th 2010)
Sad to hear him say he never felt recognized in his home country.
Gone but not forgotten
We salute and love, Sugar Minott

Race & Respectability - Illdoc Vids

* .. a concerted effort to not talk about it.. may mean it matters more than you say..*


Yes.. those conversations we have with ourselves...:)
..but hey..only two??

Currently reading - Internal racism - a psychoanalytic approach to race and difference.
Yes it's possibly preaching to the choir - but the internal thought processes of the psychotic is an eye opener.. and is helping to shed light on a whole lot of mess I've both witnessed and encountered over the years.

The colour-blind theory holds no water.

Racist organisations are reliant on subjects being in their 'proper' place, being in character, continuing to be receptive to projected guilt, or racist thoughts or beliefs.

By racist organisations the book refers not to bricks and mortar, but to those internal systems that construct the self.. part of the structure of the mind, alongside self, mother, father and superego.

In one sense the book implies that racist thought is a 'natural' process... concealed and hidden in modern times, not discussed, or highlighted.. unless something, or someone unsettles the internal equilibrium.

I would argue against that however, as racism is very much a product of modernity, a relatively new and socially constructed phenomena, and a very conscious process.
But.. the argument is both compelling and extremely plausible.
I'm not done reading yet.. but...

Two key features of internal racist functioning against the object racialized other?
Projection and rapid reversal, and phantasy presented ( and accepted I'll add ) as reality
Internal racist functioning of the racial other?..

I'll save that for another post
My break is over

Have a nice day

* I thought I'd find it a difficult read.. with lots of terms/concepts alien to me - but it's not too bad thankfully.
Written by M. Fakhry Davids - for anyone who wants to take a peek

Monday 19 August 2013

Christopher Ellis - Willow Tree

Beautiful voice.. like his Dad before him

'Build a boulevard in the city'.. the French African connection

Documentary Quote - "Sometimes policy comes before morality"

The French African connection episode 1 [link]

The French African connection episode 2 [link]

Saturday 17 August 2013

Sporting brilliance

IAAF Olympic and World Marathon Champion
Stephen Kiprotitch of Uganda

What a brilliant race!!
Endurance..quite an emotional watch ..

Yes.. it's the...

IAAF World Championships - Moscow 2013

I was shouting at the TV during Mo's races..

" Come on Mo..!"..

Fraser Pryce

aka (to me) Ms dynamite.. simply brilliant

Self belief.. discipline.. hard work.. guidance.. support, and talent
All part of an athletes mental toolbox
It has all been amazing

Love athletics

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Happy birthday - big girl now

It's my friends birthday today.
She's now 45.
We've known each other since our skinny little legs could barely hold up socks
We've fallen out and made up..fallen out and made up... until we grew up, and our friendship remained

She's been through alot
She's still here
We have history
We have stories

She's more like family now really.. don't see each other much, but we catch up from time to time
This song was released in 1994.. big song back then, though Ive never seen the video before today
I think Reggae fans will know this one

We saw Everton Blender at Sunsplash.. along with Cocoa Tea and others that year
We had a blast
This is to a long friendship.. her special day


Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize

Time gettin' harder
Still we strivin' for better
And we're not gonna stop till the battle is won
And we get justice
Cause if you lose your stance
Anyone will try to push you over
Over and over

Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize
Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize

Don't be discouraged,
By the pitfalls and their worries
Pain endure for the the night but joy cometh in the morning
And if you lose your soul
There's nothing to gain
It will be over
Over and over

Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize
Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize


Nah go bow cause the color of my skin
Nah go cheat because me wan fi win
Nah see the crown an still no know the king
Nah see blessin' an no know blessing

Cause if you lose your stance
There comes someone to push you over
Over and over

Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize
Lift up your head and hold it up high
We know that we'll win the prize

Hezron Clarke - Fly

One of the finest reggae singers

1st class

* btw that's not my back garden* :)

In the Studio.. with Burning Spear, Beres Hammond and the late great Dennis Brown..

Great Beres Interview. It didn't feature much of his music so I thought I'd post a few recent tracks..

Nice Beres

Interview soundtrack

When someone loves you

As simple as it is, I think that love is often sooo misunderstood, misrepresented, manipulated, even abused.It's often used as an excuse., a scapegoat.. which is a shame.. love by any other name.. is not love
So here lies a few of my thoughts on the matter..

When someone loves you
They just do
They display it in a variety of ways but ultimately
They just do
And you know

They support you
They consider your thoughts and feelings
They never try to hurt or manipulate you
They don’t speak ill of you behind your back
To think ill of you hurts them
So they don't
Stab you in the back
Find pleasure in your discomfort
Cause you discomfort
They are loyal

They care about your well being
Your hopes
Fears and insecurities
Never would they use your weakness
For their own selfish gain
To gain your trust is everything
So they guard it intently
They are your best friend
A trusted friend
They listen to you
Respect you
They appreciate all that you are

As beautiful as you are to them in their eyes
It goes beyond looks
How pretty you are
How handsome you are
How sexy you are
It’s bigger than that

They carve a niche into your world which enhances
Doesn’t detract
They appreciate your friendship
As they know that true friends
True friends
Real friends
Can be hard to come by

Their kindness extends beyond you
Extends to others
Their honesty extends beyond you
Extends to others
They know that love is love
Sex is sex
And making love
Is making love
They crave your company
Not out of desperation
Or selfishness
Just simply to create
To experience
More love
To infuse love
To enjoy love
That extends
That overflows

Although you may argue
You reconcile
With no
Lasting grudges
Willful plotting of revenge
Attempts at creating jealousy
No fuel for anger
No play on guilt
They recognize what they have

It’s built on a strong foundation
On joy
On happiness
On fun
On introspection
On expression
You can be you
And it’s okay
You feel safe
To cry
In their arms
To show your sadness
To be vulnerable
You remove the mask
You show to the world
And the ego knows its place
There is no need for ego
It’s redundant
The search
Is over

Contentment sets in
You are content
At ease
Your love harms no one
It blesses all that come into contact with it
A beacon of light
Of joy
And inspiring
Not eager or grasping
No bitterness
No spite
No games

Known by the company you keep
You keep yours well
You keep love
You protect it
From predators
As it protects you
It’s never too good to be true
It is true
It is truth
And clarity permits insight into that which is false
Pretenders feel uneasy
As the revelation that the shallow cannot be filled
With the deep
It’s never forced
Begged into existence
It’s either there
Or it isn’t

You cannot fool love
With gifts
With sex
With words
With promises
Or falsehoods

It's easy
The easiest thing in the world
To do
To feel
To be
It's the air we breathe
The soul within us

When somebody loves you
Truly loves you
Really loves you
You know

* Who would you be.. to have such a love in your life*

You feel me....

Monday 5 August 2013


Does Maslow's' Hierarchy of needs' still matter?

Answer: Yes. I think so

I do think that many of us need to have certain needs met in order to fully move forward to the next stage. In order to focus on anything other than our most basic needs.. they must be met.
But it's not ironclad.
People fluctuate.. go up and down the ladder at various stages in their lives
Needs change.. they can be met.. then unmet.


Overhearing a discussion in the shop fueled a thought today.

When you're desperate you don't think so much about your rights.. you're even less likely to think about what's right
Desperation is exploitable
and for some a useful, and valuable commodity

Rights.. for some.. may seem like a luxury they cannot afford.
Food, clothes, Shelter
A job, a home, safety
Desperation is never a choice
It's an outcome

Everyone has basic needs, and everyone has a right to have those needs met.
Yet many differ, in what they regard as a basic need

For many people now.. the internet has become a basic need, and with most employers expecting employees to be computer literate.. It's understandable for it to be regarded in this way. As society changes, so do our basic needs

Or do they?
we can survive without a computer.;. we cannot survive without food.

Sunday 4 August 2013

Sunday revival selection

Love this song. Sounds of an easy Sunday night.. and happy memories
Hope you all had a peaceful and pleasant day x

Tarrus Riley


I love banana plants.
My aim to to grow as many as possible so when I look out.. I feel as though i'm in a tropical paradise.
I just love them..that's all.

One did bear (small) fruit around 2 yrs ago, but I've not had anything since from the other plants.
I think I may have made the mistake of not cutting that particular plant right down to the husk after the fruit, as i was told they only bear once.

What I'm not sure about though is how to cut them down without causing damage. I've trimmed old leaves okay,, and they tend to 'fall' back' in the winter, so perhaps that's when I should cut them down... as they are really quite tall now.
I don't want to cut them in their prime.. so yes maybe i'll wait until late Autumn, then cut them back, that they can begin again with renewed energy in the Spring.

I noticed when clearing up a bit today a few baby suckers coming up.. great.. I will nurse those, and replant elsewhere

There are plenty of tips available online which is great. So far, I've just been playing it by ear. it's an organic relationship.. lasting years.

I just love banana plants.. that's all

An eye on Walthamstow now - by MP Stella Creasy

Sunday sweep

Sunday mornings.
I'm yet to cook, but will do something quick for today's dinner, although I quite fancy not cooking at all.
I'll keep it simple.
Today's a lovely day, fairly quiet.. very sunny.. yet not overly hot.
The front yard needs a sweep up, must oblique, as everyday there seems to be some other item that has 'blown in' to the yard, or simply been 'dropped' from above.
Annoying really.. people and litter.

I think we should teach children early not to drop litter, but as some adults still do, that point I guess, is null and void.

I have Jeyes disinfectant anyway, and I love the smell of it..strong, clean and fresh.

TED Talk

Saturday 3 August 2013


Sometimes we worry about little things like getting older.
Sometimes I worry
Will I still be cute
or even a little attractive
Will I lose my sense of humour
Will my body change..if so how..and will I be happy with it
Will I get bigger.. smaller
Will my fortunes increase
or remain the same
Who will be in my life
and who will have gone
Will I stay level
Will I become grumpy
Or will I remain soft
Will I be loved
Will I be loving
Will I be happy.. or sad
Will I be lonely
Or will I be too be busy to be lonely
Will I be smarter.. wiser
Yes sometimes I worry
But those times are becommig.. less frequent
With each passing day
I like getting older
I like me
I'm okay
being me

BBC HARD Talk - Zimbabwe's Justice Minister - Patrick Chinamasa

Change. Often a brutal and bloody affair - as can be... the status quo

There are some things it would be wise to remember, colonial rule would be one... much because of it's legacy.

What is the real argument here in this interview, why is Britain really so 'mad' ..
Breech of human rights?..if so .. whose?... or.. is it land reform policies?

I watched this today, and would have preferred a more balanced and less interrogative interview ( although it is the BBC's hard talk, and is therefore to be expected) it's very revealing nonetheless, on both sides... if you read between the lines that is.

Neo colonial landgrabs, enscrined in law if needs be
Have money.. will buy.. if not

Is it really that simple?

Is this simply the longest unresolved argument?

I would like to see, and hear, some honesty..
But the history.. and legacy , may be just too fresh.. and too painful.

An eye on Brixton now

Clearly i'm not the only one with an eye on local changes..
Alex 'Brixton Rock' Wheatle looks around Brixton..

Question... what is progress to you?

Interactive map - London becoming un-affordable for the poorer classes? Click here

Jaheim Finding my way back

Summer break.. and late morning.. it's nice

First morning of my break. I was up so late last night.. after 3am.

Spent the time drifting in and out of sleep downstairs on the couch watching Family Guy..then American Dad. Until I finally decided to get to bed. Out like a light.

Took a short cut through a dodgy estate on my way home from work, but there were gun shots at the exit so I couldn't take that route.. I got stuck in a rabbit warren of alternative exits, unable to find my original route in.
I asked for directions.. but they couldn't help.
I was alone.
I got scared...stuck in a lift dodging dodgy people, then decided it may be best to find a secluded corner and camp there for the night,

*That was my dream...*

Today is the first day of my summer break...
The weather is sunny and fresh.. slightly damp due to the rain.. It's really nice. Very Lovely indeed.
Bun and cheese for 'brekky' and fresh Orange Juice
I feel lighter already. I've slowed my pace...
Time to refuel

Thursday 1 August 2013

Love is limitless

Love never dies
It's eternal
It takes less effort than hate.
But relationships, require work
Because we do
We make them what they are
For better... or for worse
As we continue to work on ourselves... strengthen and know our potential to love
So shall we see the benefits

I wonder then, about war .
Some say we know war, so we can know peace
We know hate, so we can know love,
We know lack so we can know plenty
We know hunger, so we can know what it is to be filled
We know sadness, so we can know joy
Everything has its place
A purpose
I think that love is limitless
I just do
It just is


An absolutely scorching day today.
I think my arms are now officially the colour of dark mahogany.
I have a crush on them.

Last night I reminisced a little, thought about times gone by, old acquaintances, and found strength in what I’ve learned from my experiences so far.
At times of impact I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, but it’s fair to say I see much clearer now.
I set myself a few challenges, you see, much to do with being stronger.. the nature of self belief.. and a few others things. It’s always work in progress…well for now anyway.. so much so it’s almost not worth mentioning... but I thought I would anyway.
For example, i've been a bit snappy this evening.. snapped at the boys – young men, about the housework.. then had to fight the feeling of feeling bad. Felt I had ever right to say what I said, plus I’m the adult. It’s just that after that.. I really I don’t like to see them look sad.
Big picture says it’s not that important
My picture says.. perhaps... but I am.
See I told you.. work in progress

Time for a cool soak
Nothing quite so grand

In from work and a not so random conversation..

'Do you know who won the election in Zimbabwe?'
'seen any news today'
'Me neither'
'How about you?.. you're on twitter all the time..'
'Yeah .. but my age group don't care..'

I'll find out soon enough I'm sure..