Monday 29 September 2014

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Good morning.

I'm becoming increasingly introspective these days. I'm not 100% sure why, but there must be a reason for it. I'm longing for something.. almost pining for something.. but I'm unable to articulate what that thing is.

Anyway.. Seal Is an artist I rarely feature here on this blog, and haven't done so for a few years. But all I wanted to hear this morning... was him sing.
He reminds me of an ancient god
Maybe I'm melancholic, because September is ending. It's my month, its been busy, and many things have occurred.
I think I need to get away ahwile... be still a moment, so that I can hear myself think... If I don't get to hear that voice, I fear this feeling will persist... until I do.
I'm not in a 'mood' or anything like that... I could be wrong, but think its something slightly deeper than that. Perhaps it's a question that needs an answer.

Anyway... for all of you, whatever life holds for you on this day, whether happy or sad.. I hope you enjoy this song..
and I wish you all a great day x

Sunday 28 September 2014

Meet the Parents

Well.. today went well.
Mum and Dad are lovely. I asked them about thier lives ( thanks Joe) and learnt a lot. They told me about where they're from just outside of Lagos.. well.. far away enough actually.. and I got to see lovely pictures of the beach (I've never associated Nigeria with having any beaches for some reason).
Mum knows a tune or two, and is completing her PHd.
Dad said he wanted to see if this girl was an angel dropped from the sky to be with his son.. or if she actually came from somewhere.
Dad used to be a musician which explains alot.. but has had a very varied career. They enjoyed the food which was nice, and I was kinda sad to see them leave.
I liked them
Anyway.. these two brought our lives together.. a son and a daughter

.. and I'm really quite tired now so gonna rest for the night

Why I struggle to tell people my dreams.. and being Libran

This weekend I was asked by two separate people, 'What do I like doing?', and 'what are my life goals?'. Each time, I felt slightly uncomfortable with the question. So I didn't answer.
It was as if I were standing naked in the middle of the road
Oddly enough, if I were asked that a few months back, I would have had little trouble outlining it all. But for some reason.. I didn't want to. I feel a little differently about sharing my dreams now.

I love to write, but I'm a little tired of talking (If that makes sense)
I want to get on and do the things that mean the world to me... I guess It's my hope that my life reflects my passions anyway.. besides, I'm under no illusions that what matters to me, will matter to someone else.
That's version 1.

Version 2 is....

Perhaps I'm no longer sure.
Perhaps my focus has shifted. Even if a little. A shift is still a shift. Perhaps I will find clarity in the silence.

Version 3 is... If I state my dreams too loudly.. I will berate myself If I'm not living the life I dream of. I will feel like a fraud... everyday.

Version 4 is.. Maybe 'dream crushers' scare me. They often possess a powerful aura (aka negative energy) that if one isn't careful.. can suck the crucial flow of energy from your dream.. to dust.

Maybe my answer should have been.. 'to create.. I'm a creator... my goal in life is to express my creativity.. and love'. It's broad enough to mean anything.. and gives little away that I hold dear.
..and that's Version 5


I do believe we can be affected by universal planetary shifts. How could we not.. It's energy.. and we're energy.

Anyway... I'm no expert on the matter.. it's just a personal thought.

I recently had a conversation about the 13th astrological sign. Allegedly, if this sign was still observed I would be a Virgo woman and not a Libra woman. [click]

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman1 [click]

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman2 [click]

Characteristics of a Libra Woman1 [click]

Characteristics of a Libra Woman2 [click]'s pretty close.. but I think Libra has the edge.. I think.. no .. I know

There you go...seeing and weighing up both options.. now that's a Libra thing
and that's me.. being Libran

Sweet Sunday Vibes - Music from Liberia & Sierra Leone - Togar Howard - Basima, Famus, Takun J, and Trade - Just Like You - K-Man Popolipo

Enjoy your dayx

Black Diamond - Shadow, D-12 & Kuzzy of 2kings and more... Singers & musicians on Ebola

Liberia's West Point - Soldiers clash with residents mentioned in one of the articles posted
disclaimer - many may find it upsetting

Here is a new York Times article describing what happened [click]

Saturday 27 September 2014

Just another reason to love... Joe ; taken from the album Bridges

That 'never ending' War

I heard an army general pretty much say recently that if Britain commits to air strikes against the so called I.S, the exit strategy is ... 'we'll stop when they stop'

UK MP's here have (last night ) voted in favour of air strikes in Iraq. [click] I thought the conversation and focus had shifted to Syria

They messing with us?

Eddy Kenzo ft Toofan - Sitya Loss remix & Apero - Toofan feat DJ Arafat

Kissing; Yemi Alade

Articles on Ebola from; Africa is a Country

To live and die with Ebola in Liberia [click]

The Politics of Ebola [click]

Guardian links

The crisis in picture [click]

Fighting Illegal logging [click]

Brief history of outbreaks [click]

Friday 26 September 2014

P-Square Ft Don Jazzy - Collabo

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend x

I am in love with this song

The Nigerians are coming

I had intended to take a little break but there's so much going on in my life right now, and I need an outlet.
You'd be surprised how therapeutic writing a blog post can be. Aside from that I wanted to share a few articles with you that I came across on Ebola that i'll share in another post.

So, yes. The time has come...Its been pending for awhile,
I am, this weekend, (after about 10yrs) about to meet my daughter's boyfriends family, which could mean a marriage, sooner rather than later, either that, or they really just wanna check to see if my daughter is a fluke (being beautiful intelligent talented kind and sweet)

I'll cook them a sweet tasty welcome dinner.. and try and make sure the place is as clear and tidy as possible. They will be getting rice n peas, escovitch fish, brown stew chicken, salad, coleslaw, and if I really feel in the mood, some stuffing. I want to show mama Naija that I'm a grown up.. and we Caribbean women aint that different if at all ( and take pride in our cooking). So yes, they'll be getting Caribbean style food.

I'll be meeting mum and dad.
I have absolutely no idea what to say to them. I have no idea what they'll make of me. They're a bit older than me so I don't know if we'll have much in common. If they like food music, African world or current affairs then maybe. I cant gossip with the mum about boyfriends because she already has a husband. ( but maybe I can.. depends). They're just back from Nigeria so I can ask them about their trip back home I guess.

I'm kinda of a traditionalist but I haven't lived a 'traditional' life. I'm kinda scatty at times, bit young for my age, bit of a mixed bag
The Nigerians are coming.. and as you can tell I'm nervous.

I will say this. My daughters boyfriend is one of the nicest guys I know. I couldn't have wished for a better partner for my daughter, they are actually like 1 person. He's a very talented producer /composer, and they are the closest to 'soulmates' that I have ever seen in my entire lifetime. (I kid you not)

My daughter and I are born on the same day, Sept 30. .. I wouldn't say she's a fluke at all, but I would say that she is absolutely a better version of me.
I'm making an effort because I want to, I'm curious about them too, and I want my daughter to be happy.

I really do need to get away soon though, ( abroad) need to recharge the soul

Monday 22 September 2014

Thought I'd leave you with this for now..Dr SID - Baby Tornado Remix ft Alexandra Burke

..Especially as it features our very own Londoner Alexandra Burke.
Nice. London-Naija connection
Hmmm. what did he do with that slinky. naughty boy.
Okay.. break time.

Saturday 20 September 2014

African Princess

Saturday vibes with May D - Ibadi & Naughty Davido ft Dj Arafat

Hot Saturday morning beats

East London Yesterday. Floods all over the place! traffic was back to back.
My Baby-face friend's house flooded badly, and all electrics out. Will check in with him later

Good morning to a thundery Saturday.. No major plans on the agenda for me, other than catch up with some paperwork, and housework 1st, then review the situation. My nephew is off to University today which will be emotional for the family. (and for him)
Growing up huh. I guess we all do it if we're lucky
Whats odd is I still feel the same way i've felt for years. But yet I've watched an entire generation grow up.. right before my eyes.
I 'grew up' early. perhaps I'm doing things in reverse.
..and why not
Enjoy life
Happy Saturday allx

Friday 19 September 2014

United Kingdom - ft Yemi Alade

Gotta feel it for Alex Hammond
I've often found that people don't like change. It's a difficult process, and in the main people like to stick to what they know, or what's safe.

Friday people... yay!.. and what a week its been. Wow.

this has grown on me big time.. and the video's so funny :)
Fancy a dance?

Hmmm, so I'm invited to see the Prince's people later. Hmm,,see wha gwarn over there... hey..maybe I'll even try look nice. I'll be a nice Caribbean girl... opps I almost forgot. a British African Caribbean girl :)
Scotland may have decided No to Independence. but they certainly reminded us that they're there.
I'll be honest.. meant little to me, but people tell me Scotland is a lovely place

Have a great day all x

Thursday 18 September 2014

Dre Island - Uptown Downtown

Mad dream the other night. I was stuck in a horrible war somewhere, and couldn't scream, couldn't shout.. despite knowing they were coming for me. In my bed, here, I was stuck, couldn't move, was fighting to speak and could barely breath. It was as if I were being held down by something.. temporarily paralyzed ( which is a thing apparently)
I was stuck between two worlds.
Somehow, I woke up.. eventually
Not sure what's going on with me at the moment

Morning everyone.. and have a great day.

Sleep Paralysis Visions and Demons

Monday 15 September 2014

Africa Unplugged at the 02 Brixton

It was a great night at the 02.
Diamond is an excellent performer. He. can. dance.. I could watch him all night!. ..and he honestly does have a beautiful voice. Tanzania boys got it going on.
Tiwa, (Nigeria's 'Beyonce') gave a very flamboyant performance and made full use of the stage effects and lighting. I didnt know the 02 could accommodate.. but they did. The dancers deserve an award as they turned up the heat. Her verse in Dorobucci got the biggest applause. the band held that rhythm down TIGHT

Davido is solid as a rock.
He comes across much older than his years and weaves a reggae inspired vibe into his music with ease.
love him love him love him

The only let down for me was the quality of the sound. The PA system/mixing desk/sound engineer, didn't have a great night. For performers of that quality it should have been so much better.
DJ Abass played some hot tunes, and I can't wait to enjoy another night like it

Here 's a showcase in case you're wondering
Enjoy x

My No.1 Davido tune..All of You. Tore the place down

Davido & Diamond



Tiwa in Doro..

Sunday 14 September 2014

Africa Rising - ft Davido, Diamond, Tiwa Savage, Sarkodie, MiCasa, & Lola Rae

When I'm wrong .. I'm wrong

My sister has really grown. I asked her how her impartial advice was coming along.( as it wasn't great before) Better she said.
I thought I'd seek a sensible persons opinion
.. she gave me some really good impartial advice. Explained that I need to take control of my behaviour or at least recognise when it's unbalanced or irrational and sort it out. ( I kinda knew but needed.. confirmation?) She told me not to look at the behaviour of another whilst neglecting my own.
She told me off.. but in a good way.

I've made a few silly mistakes lately.. nothing major.. just silly. See?, even when sick I can mess up.. Yes..It's a talent ( perhaps one not recognized on this planet:)

I need to round up my forgiveness points.. hopefully I've collected a few along the way
Get back to being 'Dawna' again.. 'normal Dawna'

When I'm wrong.. I'll admit. Then always try to fix it
I'm not perfect ( well...not totally anyway :)
Please know I am joking

On another note.. I'm so hungry yet have no appetite.. #flubegone

Orgasy - Fally

Songs to get well to - ft Timaya

On the mend..
Nothing like the flu to give you flat stomach
Happy Sunday x

A chat with Timaya

Contender for song of the year for me - Bow Down

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Just a thought or two..

Walking down the hill this afternoon I had this thought...

Maturity doesn't mean you will never make a mistake. Maturity is about how you respond to the mistake you made
It's the response that separates a boy from a man, and a woman from a girl.
and...It has nothing to do with age
..besides.. I think that we will always fluctuate somewhere between the two. Man /Boy Woman/Girl
Generally speaking of course, as yes, some are transgender
It's never static.. we're always growing

I had a great day but I have the flu so I'm off to bed. No.. I'll try do dinner 1st, then I'm off to bed.
I hope to feel better soon
Hope you had a great day x
Luv ya

Mid week Selection - a little more Emmerson

Yay Timaya :)

I really love the lyrics of this one..what I'm able to follow..yes top lyrics, plus the beat is hot.. gotta love the drummer and bass player
Unfortunately I don't know the name of the song but I'm hoping its on the album ( pictured early in vid)

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Emmerson - Green Paper


Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley & the Wailers

Exco Levis' shirt reminded me of the song and video, so here it is. I think its taken off the Album Uprising but I could be wrong
check out Aswad and co in the vid

Have a great day x

Sunday 7 September 2014

Two years on and I realize..I learned nothing from that..

Spent some time with my big sister today, which was nice.
My nephew was telling me about my sign - Libra, which was all very interesting.

He also said that when people come into your life they do so for a reason. He said that when relationships don't work out they often teach you something.
This.. jarred me a little.
2 years ago I had one such relationship, and it turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. It has taken me a very long time to be rid of its effects, and even now, I find I have a tendency to be a little anxious about my relationships. I went from being very secure to extremely insecure in a relatively short space of time. I felt as though my mind was being manipulated for reasons I know not of, that I was involved in some weird game of which I didn't know the rules.. in short, there were many lies involved, and it was hell.. truly awful.

So... what could I have possibly gained from that experience?.
I don't think I gained anything, but my nephew thinks I learned never to make that mistake again.
Maybe. But because it's taken me so long to re-gain my confidence, and because I now have a tendency to insecurity, ( which I have to battle every other day) I don't think it's balanced very well.

I hate that I've had to build myself back up again, but I'm grateful that I've been able to.
I learned nothing from that experience, but I'm glad it's behind me.

We all have a past and often it's best not to bring old wounds in to the present to spoil your future
So okay.. maybe I've learned.. that

But I'll never send a thank you card.

Fally 1000% Mawa - Acoustic

I think Fally could sing the alphabet and make it sexy..

Sex and War

I woke up this morning to watch the news and was bombarded with images and updates on the wars taking place around the world ( I'm losing track) and so... my mind turned to sex.
Any psychologists out there?.. that's for you.

One thing that upsets me is rape.
There is a current story of a gang rape in Afghanistan. Oy yo yo.
Whenever I hear stories of brutal gang rapes which are being inflicted on women especially in countries that observe often strict religious practices, it often leaves me flummoxed.
If a women who is dressed modestly, covered from head to toe is still not safe from sexual violence.. then who , or what is?.

War rape annoys me also, but I am developing an understanding of how and why it occurs.
But my personal view is that it is horrendous, and an ungodly act.
Some women suffer almost beyond belief

Has Sex replaced God aka Love

I dont usually earsdrop. Honestly, I don't'. I usually have a way of 'zoning out'.
But last night it was a little hard not to as this small group of very English sounding students were not quiet. In fact, they were talking VERY loudly indeed, about which University they should go to, and what the students in each are like. According to them, the students at SOAS are much nicer than at Kingston...and the students at Oxford mess around way too much. On the plus side it was said, only 25% at Oxford are reported to be heterosexual. which meant according to one that the majority , if not gay.. are open to anything.
'Which is GREAT!' he said.

Is it?.. I wondered.

It is true that the 'norms' around sex, sexuality and sexual conduct.. have changed significantly.. correct me if i'm wrong.. but I do think the current trend to be as sexually outrageous as one can be.. once explored enough times, may actually become quite boring indeed.

I say trend because like alcohol, if your not seen to be drinking it ( no pun intended) one may be viewed as boring, repressed, or simply not fun.

In my experience , there are many who use sex to mask pain. Not all ( of course not all) but for those who do, it can be a temporary fix, as what is really sort, is often a connection much deeper than just sex.
Sorry to be 'wet' about it ( again no pun intended..) but what is truly sort is.. Love
Yeah... I said it.

The young man at the bus stop sounded as though he had been programmed to say what he said.
(..and if you observe the way in which current media social networks etc..operate, you may deduce it as a form of programming.)

Anyway, From an outsiders perspective it didn't seem authentic. But I could be wrong.

What is somewhat bothersome with a small 'b' is that heterosexuality' is almost ( among some) being frowned upon as though it's somehow 'unnatural'.
But tell me this....

Why is being open to anything okay..?
Is it okay to be open to experimenting with any drugs'.. violence.. crime?..
and.. where( if anywhere) do we draw the line.

I don't want to bring Rolf Harris ( and others of his ilk) into this but was he not open too?

Being sexually out there is not new. Group sex orgies and 'bisexuality' have been taking places for centuries.. and so much more.. (I'm told) What is new however.. Is the way sex is being re-packaged and re-sold to us.. as the new BIG thing
Is it?.. I wonder..

Saturday 6 September 2014

Saturday Special - Etana

My grandaughter was born yesterday. She's very cute, and all is well. Her mummy did great, it's not easy I know, and she did it
Well done mum and dad. My son says the baby cries alot. I guess its the shock of seeing the world for the 1st time
I can get like that I wanted to say.. even now lol!!
Little Kai has a sister..
Cool huh..


Attitude Tests

On the news today it was stated that job seekers in selected ( Pilot) boroughs will be asked to undergo 'attitude tests'
Advisors will be required to ask claimants how they feel about finding work, perhaps encourage them to tackle any negative beliefs that may be holding them back from progressing, ask about thier backgrounds a little , how much or how little support they have at home etc etc.
It sounds like Advisors are being asked to be Advisors... and not_____________ ( fill in the blank, keeping it clean) :)

I think the tests imply that people who are unemployed are unemployed because they simply have the wrong attitude.
This may be true of a minority.. but certainly and by far..not all.. my concern is that ' we' have a history and culture of stigmatizing the poorest among us.. and the job less among us.. and mud sticks.
A cynic (or the 'unemployed) may suggest those tests may be most effective if given to the powers that be..

I cant understand our government at the moment.
I'm old enough to remember a better time

Speaking of attitudes.. isn't it funny how changeable they can be?.
One day you can be up , and another down. ( but that's more about feelings and emotions rather than attitude really isnt it..) I think we
all have 'triggers', but in the main, we get along better when we have an attitude of acceptance, hope, love, and a desire to understand each other.

I think that attitudes can be learned.. at micro and macro level. By that I mean on an individual or personal level, right through to the Global.
e.g the 'West' has an 'attitude'.
Can you guess what it is yet..


One of my brothers called me recently and begun the conversation with.. who died, who was sick, and who had be sent to jail.
I couldn't believe it. it was like a punch to my Gut. I'm serious.. I felt weak. :)

Don't get me wrong. I can complain about stuff at times ( you know that) ... but this was different.

He said he hadn't been feeling well, and I remember thinking that what he was saying couldn't be helping.
Told him not to say certain things
he didn't agree
I find that It's often the elders that talk about sickness death alot when they get together, and my brother is not old enough for that.


Friday 5 September 2014

Friday vibes - It's Diamond

For the record, I thought Joan Rivers was funny. I had hoped she'd pull through. RIP to Joan Rivers 1933 - 2014. She was something else.

I'm looking forward to seeing Diamond in concert soon all being well, so glad it's Friday, and eagerly awaiting the birth of my grandaughter Ava.. who should be along any-day now. That will make 4 September born's in my family.. well.. no.. it's 5 now :)
Lots of Virgos and Libras

Happy Friday all x

' Mi want me take you home tomorrow we go
Mi want us to go and see a mother tomorrow'

Random Friday fact. After a Rolls Royce (black), the Mini cooper (convertible) is my favourite car.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Demor "Under Pressure / Emampondweni" +Black Coffee ft Bucie 'Superman'

I'm actually feeling quite tired today, like I've hit 'the wall' but gotta push through.
I guess I'm just readjusting. My inner time zones are a little messed up. My mission ( and I wish to accept it) is to get the energy flowing once more. But you know sometimes you gotta be calm. Alot has gone on, so it's time to take stock of it all :)

A very sweet track

'You know, we don't have to be dramatic..just romantic..
do all the little things,
that excite, me,
as your woman..'


Happy Thursday to you x

Video Version

Monday 1 September 2014

21 today!

Ti's 21 today.. so Happy Birthday Ti x..and Hello September!.
Yes,it could only be Fantan Mojah.. this will play many times later as he loves it. When the others 1st saw the video they found it very entertaining.. they think Fantan is funny.. now they cant get enough of it..