Sunday 27 March 2016

Sunday mode ft R2bees "Slow Down" ft Wizkid

On a rewind...
I haven't heard this for awhile
cool and easy
Holidays do give us a chance to slow down.. yet ironically catch up abit on ourselves
'Slow Down.... let me talk to you..'

Good morning and Happy Easter - Dj Big N ft Dr. SID and Wizkid - Erima

Sun is shining , it's a beautiful dayx
I was trying to figure out where I've heard the track before... It's a May D beat
If it's not identical it's very very similar

Friday 25 March 2016

The Music and Words Award

I would like to thank Sherry Ellis for nominating me to receive this great award!

I am honoured to accept.. it means alot to receive this.. looks great too!
Now I'm supposed to answer a few questions ... so here goes

Question number 1: What does music mean to you?

Music has been a continuous pleasure in my life. I'm a self taught bass player first, and guitarist second. I've enjoyed producing music and have great memories of the many nights I've spent in studios. Music soothes me in a way that very little else can. Rarely a day goes by that I don't listen to music, and what I listen to depends on my mood. Music is a question and an answer .. and never lets me down.
I'm biased perhaps due to my love of music, but musicians are some of the coolest people I know.
They tend to feel deeply.. and I get them.
Lovers of music also... kindred spirits an all that
When I listen to music I'm somewhere else.. transported to another place
Simply put .. It's my thing

Question number 2: What is your first music-related memory?

Wow.. now thats got me thinking... Tough question, but I think it's possibly 'Big Youth, 'Hit the road Jack' playing on the family Gram. I remember we used to stack 7" records which would fall once one record finished playing. Interesting invention. The song scared me witless. don't ask me why as I really don't know.
Growing up my parents used to have friends visit and they'd dance in the front room as my brother selected the tunes. They seemed so happy being adults an all..I'd sit on the stairs for as long as I could in my nightclothes enjoying the vibe before being told to go to bed.

Question number 3: What was the first album you purchased?

Okay this is fairly easy. It was UB40 1 in 10!.
Great album..
I used to love the album cover.( It was the signing on form).
Creative.. 1 in 10 people were unemployed at the time ( or something like that)
In truth I didn't have to purchase many records as my brother stored the music collection in my room, so I literally had hundreds to choose from. But.. UB40?... yep, that was me. I guess compared to the selection around me it was 'reggae lite'... but I resonated with it. Very 'British multicultural social commentary'

Question number 4: What was the latest music you purchased?

Iyanya Appladise [click]

Yep.. that handsome fella

Question number 5: Which song did you listen to last?

Lutan Fyah
Had the flu.. wasn't feeling too strong

then my fever and I danced to this.. boom...
Tune!!.... Uhuru Uhuru!!

Now I'm supposed to nominate five other bloggers for this award.
All blogs that I love and appreciate, and who share some great music also
They are

I hope they will be happy to receive the award.

Paul at siamrootsical

Alieux at Afrodisia

Chrome at God Is Black

Joey at Capture the Beat

That's 4 I know.. so I may update

No-one is obliged to accept, but those who do are asked to follow the 5 steps below
Here you are...

1.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
2.) Answer the questions with words AND music.
3.) Pass the award on to 5 other people. Make sure you notify them.
4.) Tag your post with #MWA for Music & Words
Award so we can all find you down the line.
5.) Quote these 5 steps and display the award icon
in your post and also on your sidebar if you wish.

Finally, Thank you again Sherry!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

On P-square splitting up

Perhaps the question is .. how were they able to work together for so long? [click]
well done...they have been a very successful team
I personally like to see and hear them together

see for yourself

(ft don jazzy)

( with J Martins)

You know.. success is a funny thing. Perhaps the simple fact is they don't really need to work together anymore as they've achieved what they set out to and want ( well one of them anyway) to do different things.
Who knows ..It happens
No worries.. they can reconcile
They still fit.


Wande Coal - Monster - We ball - Wanted remix ft Burna Boy

A good morning to you, and 3 off the album x
Ah the N word. shall we ignore it?
Shall I?
Never sits well with me if I'm honet, especially from artists from the 'A' continent.
Well... over time I've come to define the use of the N word as an America colloquialism and little else. Its meaning as changing as the British weather
The spread of it I would say, is just another example of Americas influence in and on the world, our minds, language food, culture,
Americanisms... sometimes cool, often-times not so cool
I wonder...what will Americas influence on Cuba be, if relations really are to rebuild, strengthen/grow in the future?
At worst perhaps Cuba will lose it's identity- autonomy, and all that goes along with it
Forced ( indirectly) to support America in its occasional foolishness?
At best?..

Anyway... on with the album
.. and getting dressed for work

Music... the healing of the nation..
Excellent Mr Coal

Love this one... feels like spring/summer

Monday 21 March 2016

Leriq - Wishlist ft. Wande Coal

I was trying to work this out actually. I wondered why Wande Coal sang the entire song, but turns out Leriq is the producer.
The castle is apparently the Kajuru Castle in Kaduna

DJ Xclusive - Oyoyo

such a funny comment heeheee

'Xclusive let your artist sing abeg and stop shouting like community town crier. Watin concern futball for this matter now?'

Regardless. top tune

Lucy - Special Driver & Muno Ft Paul Okoye - Slow Slow


On Winnie

I've been reading up on Winnie Mandela
Ti also bought me a book which includes some of the letters sent to her by Nelson when he was serving time in prison.

The media has long portrayed Winnie as more sinner than saint.. but how many of us could have endured what she did..?
Winnie fascinates me
... in a similar way to President Mugabe I guess
So, I research them both

Trying to understand her through the swaths of information out there isn't so easy though.
It never is.
Whilst I only know a small amount at present, I'm finding her story very interesting
I'm also aware that her story is possibly very similar to the story of many others (of the time) in some ways... the ones we don't hear about

Anyway, here are two mini documentaries worthy of a watch

Good interview.

Song of the day - For me - Turbulence

Second day of Spring. My favourite time of year.
Brighter days .. even if still a bit chilly for my taste. Brighter is best on many levels.
My reoccurring cold is paying a visit.. so you know I could use some warmth outside of my own home
Still, nice weekend, family day on both days.
Cooked without thinking too hard and all who ate said it was lovely.
There's something to be said for not giving some things too much thought it would seem
For sure.

I remember an interview with Turbulence many years back when he was starting his career. So humble, very hard-working, keen to breakthrough, at a time when there seemed to be a lot of competition in his genre.
Still, he has persevered and has a solid following
Seems like a nice guy
Nice song

Politics can be crazy sometimes huh
Imagine... 'you' champion a policy.. hard core hmmm lets say..cuts to welfare for example..
then turn around and say cuts are immoral

I tell you... Follow your own mind people, because if you listen to or follow some people they will lead you a merry dance :)
For sure.

If it turns out there was another reason for the IDS resignation it wouldn't surprise me.
What did surprise me was just how funny the Luther and 'Some mothers do have em' spoofs were on Sport Relief..
Freakin' funny big time
For sure.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Nero X - Forward ever


Cecile.. Money love

'Boring' Buhari :) and a President's bickering bad ass boys

I've watched this a few times
Seriously.. I have
The 1st time, it took all my energy and concentration NOT to fall asleep. Convinced that an aspect of President Buhari's strategy is to bore us all into submission with his droll boring monotone voice..
.. 2nd time round I made it through, but was at a loss to actually work out if he had any answers to the questions posed or the problems the country faces.

There does appear to be a somewhat laissez-faire approach.. well... those who have.. have, and those who don't .. don't
O-Kay.. thank you sir

Hmmm..I do kinda like him though.. maybe I should add that :)


Over in Sierra Leone two cabinet minsters (The Minister and Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs) were recently sacked for having an argument (a public one)
'You're an opportunist!' said one
The deputy minister, apparently frustrated at his bosses attempts to halt progress....
'You are no-thing'

If ministers are not sacked for hmmm..lets say, disappearing funds, ( or not carrying out the duties required of them for example) surely a little argument isn't a deal breaker..
Not in my book anyway
Deal breakers are... an on-going lack of infrastructure after many years in office, and an overall malaise to identifiable progress across the board.. all tribes, regions and class's.

No.. the argument was kinda funny

Lack of running water.. is not.

Laissez Faire does appear to be the approach taken by many countries across, aside from conflict
But does it work?
not so well

Corruption, now that is a moral issue.
For some, corruption is a necessity, for others, it's greed.
There are those for whom corruption is simply a low wage ( or any wage) supplement
Fundamental to corruption is perhaps...fear. fear of lack , poverty and want.
But the impact of corruption once it becomes a culture, embedded in a culture, can be very great indeed.
Improvements wont be made, things just wont get done!..
and trust..will be non existent
In truth there is more than enough to go around... there really is..

Bounty Killer's no fan of politicians is he?... for years...

But as we know, Politicians are just people.
Other than education often there is little difference between the politicians, and the people they serve
Cha..let them argue..
Let's hear what they really think for a change

Saluting Grammy winners M.H

Mid Week Melodies.. report today of a guy on the news getting a tattoo aged 100+
Make way for.. patronizing chatter faux laughter and the odd desire to talk to older people as if they're stupid..
I don't get it
Not a worldwide phenomena.. thankfully

Tax on sweet drinks?
Okay...that'll bring in some extra cash

Moan of the day out of the way
Blessed Wednesday x

Monday 14 March 2016

Dexta Daps - 1 Minute

Dexta or Chris.. hmmm, which version hottest?.. I can't choose, I love them both..

'If you could just give me da minute deh.. whe it a go cost me...'

Sunday 13 March 2016

Vershon - Inna Real Life

One comment said.. 'there's nothing wrong with rice and Mackerel'
#idonteatmackerelbuttrue! :)

Ok.. seems like a musical Sunday - catching up.. catching up

Bushman - How you living

I remember when Bushman had shoulder length hair..
It's been awhile
This one's a grower...
Nice horn section rolling steady beat.. yes it's definitely a grower
Positive lyrics

Just as I was thinking I hadn't heard many Bushman tunes for awhile perhaps this explains a little..

Christopher Martin - Pirate Of The Caribbean

Sun is shining - the temperature's chilly cold
But it's okay.
A little sun works wonders every time
Hold tight Chris.. nice tune

Happy Sunday x

"This is not my city I'm just visiting.
I'm just pillaging the villages.
I see two pretty diamonds that I want.. I know they gonna give it up
Beautiful girls are my treasure
Looting their hearts is my pleasure
I've sailed across the seven seas yeah..
..but this is my territory....

..cause I'm a pirate.. pirate of the Caribbean.."

Lyrics too cute..

Jah Vinci - More Worthy

Friday 11 March 2016

The Friday zone.. - ft the UK's bestest Garage Tune...

I heard it as I was getting ready and thought wow, I remember this... top tune no doubt
How y'all been?

Wednesday 2 March 2016

27 beats

Mid week already, and a new month.
Today was icy cold, so hoping for warmer days. Spring is my favourite time of the year usually, and whilst we're not there year it's a cheerful thought.

I have no idea why I called this post 27 beats!. It just came to me so I wrote it down.
There's a song in there somewhere perhaps...who knows

Hope your day was A-okay.

Christopher Martin - One Life