Tuesday 22 March 2016

On P-square splitting up

Perhaps the question is .. how were they able to work together for so long? [click]
well done...they have been a very successful team
I personally like to see and hear them together

see for yourself

(ft don jazzy)

( with J Martins)

You know.. success is a funny thing. Perhaps the simple fact is they don't really need to work together anymore as they've achieved what they set out to and want ( well one of them anyway) to do different things.
Who knows ..It happens
No worries.. they can reconcile
They still fit.



  1. That's a lot like the band, One Direction. They're all moving on with solo careers.

  2. Back again. :) I nominated you for the Music and Words Award. Please stop by my page to check it out.

    1. Wow! thank you very much Sherry I'm honoured :) coming to collect