Monday 21 March 2016

Song of the day - For me - Turbulence

Second day of Spring. My favourite time of year.
Brighter days .. even if still a bit chilly for my taste. Brighter is best on many levels.
My reoccurring cold is paying a visit.. so you know I could use some warmth outside of my own home
Still, nice weekend, family day on both days.
Cooked without thinking too hard and all who ate said it was lovely.
There's something to be said for not giving some things too much thought it would seem
For sure.

I remember an interview with Turbulence many years back when he was starting his career. So humble, very hard-working, keen to breakthrough, at a time when there seemed to be a lot of competition in his genre.
Still, he has persevered and has a solid following
Seems like a nice guy
Nice song

Politics can be crazy sometimes huh
Imagine... 'you' champion a policy.. hard core hmmm lets say..cuts to welfare for example..
then turn around and say cuts are immoral

I tell you... Follow your own mind people, because if you listen to or follow some people they will lead you a merry dance :)
For sure.

If it turns out there was another reason for the IDS resignation it wouldn't surprise me.
What did surprise me was just how funny the Luther and 'Some mothers do have em' spoofs were on Sport Relief..
Freakin' funny big time
For sure.

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