Wednesday 29 March 2017

Mid Week musings

I watched parts of 'Rio Ferdinands' Being Mum and Dad' documentary which aired yesterday.
I say parts as I found it diifuclt to watch his pain. It's difficult hearing or watching anyone dealing with grief or loss when you've struggled with it yourself.
We all have to deal with loss at some point in our lives, and we all deal with it in different ways. Some seem to move on quickly whilst others may take a little longer.
But things get better with time
At least we learn to manage.. we practice acceptance
Still reading his book.
A very decent man


I've been enjoying a few Nollywood movies. One of which i'll post as it's so darn funny
Americanah,,, tut tut lol!
A real joker

I tried to find a full version of the main song that plays, but I've not found it yet
Love it.
Watched all episodes.. feel free to do the sane if it tickles you.


I've had a busy yet constructive few weeks getting on with things. The brighter days we're having certainly make a difference. I can't imagine living in a country where they only had 3hrs sunlight during winters per day


This track is on fire!
Riddim tight and lyrics on point
I didn't think I'd love a version more than Mr Martin's.. but this certainly comes close
had it on replay..
Nice one Bugle


Saturday 25 March 2017

Chris Martin - Love Me & I Octane -The Most High Live [Satta Rebirth Riddim]

Seyi Shay - Yolo Yolo

Jah Cure: Telephone Love : Promo

Lutan Fyah - Knife In My Back & Ghetto Youth Dem Wake Up

Currently reading: Rio Ferdinand; My Autobiography: 2 sides

Despite being an Arsenal Fan, Rio Ferdinand is one of my favourite footballers.
Don't know why .. Ive just always liked him.
Guess I'll know more soon enough
Anyway.. I walked into the library, and was drawn to this book.. no other .. just this

Meal, drink, book

Happy Saturday..
Peace Xx

Rio Ferdinand ( My Autobiography)

Douglas Carswell...

Is not a man I have much (if any) interest in, but anytime his name emerges, it appears to be in relation to him quitting something!
About 3yrs ago, he defected from the Conservative party to join UkIP,
and now... he has quit UKIP!

If he attempts to rejoin the Conservative party again a question to for the party faithful should be... 'should we let him?'
This man seems a little flaky to me
Some may choose to describe him as a political maverick..[click]
but others shouldn't be blamed if they described him as 'The Winner of the Most Disloyal Politician of the Year Award'

Does that Award not exist yet?

hmmm.. it should do :)

'Hmmm... which Party should I join now'...

'Ha!.. fooled em.. I'm off!'

'Me?.. Of course I'll stick with you!'

'Dear Santa... I promise I'll stick with one political party... now please, can I get a new bike for Christmas?'

' Don't blame me... I never trusted him anyway...!'


It's a beautifully sunny day in London.


One of the most diverse cities in the world.
Events in the week, shook Londoners again
The question that always emerges, is why?
What prompts individuals to harm others in pursuit of a cause
My sister asked the question.. who really gains?
In reality everyone loses
Yet at the opposite side of the scale we are reminded of just how connected we are, and just how much we have in common

We are all human
The weeks events reminded many of us that perhaps we sweat the small stuff, a little too much
Remember to focus on what really important
On what matters
What matters is... Love, and humanity

A news headline read.. Middle Aged Thug'
Poor headline, but there are emotional times when even the best writers struggle.

Another headline could have read..
The Day a Broken Man Broke The Hearts of Many Londoners
Another poor headline you may say, but in truth...
There are many broken people... and no one really knows who they walk beside each day
No-one knows who they walk among each day
the struggling man or woman
the stressed out worker
the divorcee struggling to get up in the mornings
the overworked and under appreciated mum
the over pressured boss
the bitter religious fanatic
the politician whose hands are tied, unable to influence change
the tired and worn out President
the doctor bowed by his or her work
the job seeker struggling to find a job
the business owner unable to expand, and barely staying afloat
the lonely in a city surrounded by people
the homeless
those struggling with mental illness
to be honest the list goes on...

Noone really knows
so.. it's best to smile awhile, and give thanks for the good in our lives
smile at the known and the unknown
the stranger .. the friend

because something tells me there are many souls battling demons

Apparently, tomorrow marks the start of British summer time!
.. hmmm.. it's not officially summer for me until I no longer need my coat boots tights, and I don't scream internally as the cold breeze bites!
if I can sit outside comfortably...'s summer

We welcome it anyway..

Sometimes, I just love this sp

Saturday 18 March 2017

Praiz ft Wizkid – Body Hot (Remix)

One of Ghana's finest - (rewind selector) It's E.L -Fefeefe

Between a rock and a hard place...

If you stumbled across this... what would you think?.
Doesn't look like much does it?

Yet this odd looking piece of rock is worth millions
It's a diamond , recently unearthed in a country well known for diamonds
Sierra Leone

Just goes to show , beauty more often than not, resides below the surface

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh is reported to have unearthed a 706 carat diamond [click]

This diamond worth over £50 million has reportedly been handed over to the President.
Its been stated that the governments plans are to auction it... and the money raised will be used to benefit the communities.

As the weeks go on the people will forget this amazing discovery, and their lives will continue as usual.
Corruption plagues countries like Sierra Leone, so it will be amazing if the communities will see any benefit.

But imagine... if you lived in a country where trust in government and officials was in short supply, and you found such a gem... who would you hand it to?

Who would you trust with it?

Perhaps you would feel inclined to simply put it back

E.L - Agbo

Tarrus Riley - Just the Way You Are

Challenge accepted - challenge lost - Like it is :)

At the latter half of the week I set myself a challenge.
The challenge was to live an entire day, and not complain ONCE about anything.
Not even internally..
Not about the crowded train, the rank smell at Dalston Kingsland station. The fact that so many people don't get their Oyster cards ready before hitting the exit machines - causing delays, the realisation that some people appear completely obliviously and really unaware that I'm over 20/30yrs thanks..
( Sweet n sour that one)

Just not complain about anything small or large... in any - way
Not even about myself
The challenge was set in the evening.
By morning the following day I had lost the challenge!.
With simple stylish simplicity
Woke Up.. started talking..
Argghhh! lol!

Easily done, yet as I was aware of my challenge, I was able to check myself, laugh at it, and monitor just how often it occurs.
Not too much I'm happy to say, but I'd prefer far less

However, there is a difference between complaining for the sake of complaining, and lending voice to something which doesn't appear quite right in the grand scheme of things.
Trick is to spot the difference
Whilst I've not completely abandoned the challenge I aim to adapt it
Get it straight

Part of that adaptation is, to reman as authentic as possible. To see and feel, and perhaps acknowledge that what can be viewed as a complaint may be a simple indication ( to me) .. to do something differently.

Tired of a road block?
Try another route

Sometimes it really is, as simple as that.

The weather has improved a great deal, and I no longer feel as though the UK winter is trying to annihilate me. In fact, I had turned the centre heating off for a fully brave... 2hrs!
I'm happy to report that Its now back on.. and thank god for that
Spring nah really kick in yet but nevertheless... Time to make some headway in the garden..

Happy Saturday!
Peace x

Monday 13 March 2017

Infinite Waters: Stress Less

He's so chilled
Nice vid.. great tips!

Peace x

Feminism under satire and the female orgasm

Has anyone else noticed an increase in feminist discourse in the media lately?
Not a day goes by ( well almost) where I don't see or hear the word...

Ironically, it's also becoming increasingly divisive ( in its simple complexity)

Funniest comment credited to the trailer below, read simply.. 'Packing right now.. I'm off to Rwanda!'
In all seriousness, Rwanda has the highest number of female parliamentarians of any country in the world.. and if the female orgasm/ejaculation gives thier men so much joy.. then .. well... they've come a long way ( no pun intended)

Korede Bello - IF You Smile

Monday 6 March 2017

Bracket - Chop Kiss Ft Flavour

Big thumbs up for this track.
Bracket and Flavour?
Produced by Masterkraft?

Nice feel good happy song..
What more could you want...?

Peace x

Saturday 4 March 2017

Weekend Vibez

Saturday vibez

Enjoying a selection of Busy Signal et al, early meal , wine, movie, catching up

This week I read a comment somewhere which said

* clears throat...*
'Black women are the only 'race' of women who can look at a black man and wonder if he's 'into' black women.'

Jezus Kwist!!
I didn't know whether to laugh at that one or cry.


On the way home this week I bumped into 'Uncle Ruckus'.
... enacting out some Uncle Ruckus moves
Trust me.. he's real :-)


Has President Buhari returned?

'Vultures' should back off scrutinising President Buhari's health. Smh. [click]
Anyway..perhaps the best way to govern Nigeria is ... outside of Nigeria
Oh dear... sounding like a coloniser right there...




How's your weekend going.. good I hope!
Enjoy x

Unconscious bias? or straight up racism

Race in the workplace
The McGregor-Smith Review;
Is a damming review on the state of play of racial discrimination (against BMEs) in the workplace. I've been reading it on and off over the past few days.
This review may not attract the headlines at the level of the 'Macpherson report', but its findings are compelling
Well compelling is perhaps not the right word.
As sadly, in truth, this review could have been presented 50-60-70 years ago.
There are few surprises.
There is nothing in the review that a non white person will not already be aware of.. at some level.
In fact, the 'state of play' is so common, that it has become 'accepted' and is often shrugged off as simply... 'the way things are'.

An interesting development is the desire to use the phrase 'unconscious bias'.
I personally do not believe such bias is unconscious at all, rather, very conscious, but it does present a 'get out of jail free' card for all those who participate in it.
After all... if it's 'unconscious'.. one cannot be at fault..blamed... or held accountable.

Proudly celebrating the headline; The time for talking is over now is the time to act', the review presents a list of 24 recommendations [click]

Which I suspect will go ignored.

'Obstacles to progression
Experiences of obstacles to progression
Seventy-four percent of individual respondents reported that
they were not satis ed with how their career had progressed to date, as opposed to 22% who stated that they were satis ed. Seventy-nine percent of BME individuals reported that they were not satis ed with their career progression, compared with only 26% of White individuals. Eighty-eight percent of BME individuals said they perceived there to be di culties which have limited their chances to progress in work, compared with only 52% of White respondents. Graph 24 shows the obstacles individuals thought they have encountered in their career which impacted upon their progression at work'.

I don't think the time for talking is over necessarily. Perhaps the best thing that BMEs can do, even now is to speak up..'call it out'.. every time.
Is it boring? ( after all these years)- Yes!
Is it tiresome? ( after all these years) - Yes!
Is it necessary? - Yes!
To speak out takes courage.. it can feel scary, one may lose 'friends', face increased discrimination ostracisation, be labelled a trouble maker... the list goes on...
but.. it's quite possible that only then will there be any real action
Remember, this warped system relies heavily on our silence compliance, and acceptance.

Peace x