Saturday 25 March 2017

Douglas Carswell...

Is not a man I have much (if any) interest in, but anytime his name emerges, it appears to be in relation to him quitting something!
About 3yrs ago, he defected from the Conservative party to join UkIP,
and now... he has quit UKIP!

If he attempts to rejoin the Conservative party again a question to for the party faithful should be... 'should we let him?'
This man seems a little flaky to me
Some may choose to describe him as a political maverick..[click]
but others shouldn't be blamed if they described him as 'The Winner of the Most Disloyal Politician of the Year Award'

Does that Award not exist yet?

hmmm.. it should do :)

'Hmmm... which Party should I join now'...

'Ha!.. fooled em.. I'm off!'

'Me?.. Of course I'll stick with you!'

'Dear Santa... I promise I'll stick with one political party... now please, can I get a new bike for Christmas?'

' Don't blame me... I never trusted him anyway...!'

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