Saturday 18 March 2017

Challenge accepted - challenge lost - Like it is :)

At the latter half of the week I set myself a challenge.
The challenge was to live an entire day, and not complain ONCE about anything.
Not even internally..
Not about the crowded train, the rank smell at Dalston Kingsland station. The fact that so many people don't get their Oyster cards ready before hitting the exit machines - causing delays, the realisation that some people appear completely obliviously and really unaware that I'm over 20/30yrs thanks..
( Sweet n sour that one)

Just not complain about anything small or large... in any - way
Not even about myself
The challenge was set in the evening.
By morning the following day I had lost the challenge!.
With simple stylish simplicity
Woke Up.. started talking..
Argghhh! lol!

Easily done, yet as I was aware of my challenge, I was able to check myself, laugh at it, and monitor just how often it occurs.
Not too much I'm happy to say, but I'd prefer far less

However, there is a difference between complaining for the sake of complaining, and lending voice to something which doesn't appear quite right in the grand scheme of things.
Trick is to spot the difference
Whilst I've not completely abandoned the challenge I aim to adapt it
Get it straight

Part of that adaptation is, to reman as authentic as possible. To see and feel, and perhaps acknowledge that what can be viewed as a complaint may be a simple indication ( to me) .. to do something differently.

Tired of a road block?
Try another route

Sometimes it really is, as simple as that.

The weather has improved a great deal, and I no longer feel as though the UK winter is trying to annihilate me. In fact, I had turned the centre heating off for a fully brave... 2hrs!
I'm happy to report that Its now back on.. and thank god for that
Spring nah really kick in yet but nevertheless... Time to make some headway in the garden..

Happy Saturday!
Peace x

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