Saturday 4 March 2017

Weekend Vibez

Saturday vibez

Enjoying a selection of Busy Signal et al, early meal , wine, movie, catching up

This week I read a comment somewhere which said

* clears throat...*
'Black women are the only 'race' of women who can look at a black man and wonder if he's 'into' black women.'

Jezus Kwist!!
I didn't know whether to laugh at that one or cry.


On the way home this week I bumped into 'Uncle Ruckus'.
... enacting out some Uncle Ruckus moves
Trust me.. he's real :-)


Has President Buhari returned?

'Vultures' should back off scrutinising President Buhari's health. Smh. [click]
Anyway..perhaps the best way to govern Nigeria is ... outside of Nigeria
Oh dear... sounding like a coloniser right there...




How's your weekend going.. good I hope!
Enjoy x


  1. Some great music here! Just woke up to rain. Sigh. Have a great Sunday!

  2. bwai! that comment, still computing it, deep. As for Buhari, hmm, he's probably dead. I know, cold, but I've seen the same thing happen not so long ago. smh

    1. Crazy comment.
      I hope not!. Hope he's doing okay. President 'the other room' I hope he'll be back and doing his thing soon.