Saturday 29 July 2017

Alaine - Keep Moving

Duncan Mighty - Akonuche

Fela Kuti - Lady

What's it like to be a descendant of African slaves?

Have you ever wondered?

The question itself is.. well...questionable.
It begs an emotion and makes a judgement in equal measure.
Is there a difference between 'a slave', and 'the enslaved?'

Whilst I feel it's important to make the distinction, lets put that aside for a moment.

Personally, I feel a sense of strength, in the knowledge that I come from a long line of survivors. From my African forefathers to my Caribbean forefathers.
People who overcame one of the worst crimes against humanity we've ever known.
.. and they will never know how special they were.

Some feel guilt, others shame, some anger, others sadness, some curiosity, some confusion, whilst others have little feeling on the matter at all.
There is no one size fits all
For as long as I can remember however, It captured my imagination. I found an uncommon interest in it.
For awhile I would argue with my brother telling him maybe 'his people were slaves but mine were royalty'..( yes, I was cheeky early on) his response was.... 'Dawna... what's your last name?''
My bro. I miss him.
So, as I grew in knowledge and understanding I came to accept a period in my history as a source of pride, at the resistance shown over the years, in what really was a 'long walk to freedom'.

Cape Coast Castle helped to bring my past, my history so much closer to me in every sense, one realisation being that it wasn't as long ago as we often feel it is.

When I told my sister I was visiting, she initially recoiled abit, as in .. 'why would you do that?'
but it's perhaps not until you stand in a slave dungeon, or walk the steps of your forefathers, for yourself can you begin to comprehend the magnitude of the experience.
It's an odd sensory and emotional experience in many ways
My women who went before me... and men, have my respect.
For those who didn't make it across, they too have my unwavering respect also, and I live with the memory of my people

They are my ancestors

It's a lot to live up to, I know, but I try

My culture, my history, is rich and I love it, It's diverse, magical and complex, all that has gone before me to make me what I am....

Magical... and complex

Fela Kuti - Colonial mentality

Weekend catch up Zone

Saturday vibes.

Spent most of the morning in bed, finally surfacing with the knowledge that things were not going to 'do themselves'.
I have the builders in who managed to leave a bit of a mess, the bulk of which thankfully Ti sorted before I got home from work, which is definitely appreciated.

So, I decided not to stress, simply tackie it little at a time.
..that done. and it's time to catch up with current affairs, music and take some 'me time'. I'll finish up tomorrow all being well.
Everything is work in progress.

Dinner over, and I quite fancy a glass of Rose ( or Orijin, or some kind of beer), but have none in of either.

I don't think I've drunk any alcohol in a year.. Or perhaps months is more accurate, as I remember a rather sweet Port I discovered.


Tipping Point?

Disturbances in Dalston last night dominated much of social media. Clashes between police and the public. From what Ive seen it does appear the police response was rather heavy handed, helicopter, horseback...dogs? ( reminiscent of Soweto uprising) Dalston? come on , did they really need the riot police?

You cannot be serious.

Funniest comment I read goes to anonymous who simply said.. 'please, whatever you do... don't touch Nando's!'

Nowt as queer as folk, we are funny

Tensions have been mounting since the death of a young black man in police custody.
And sincere sympathy goes out to his family and friends at what must be an unquestionably difficult time for them.
I have seen footage of his arrest and it really is as incriminating as it gets. Should be an easy one for the IPCC, or. not.

There are several reasons why I remain fairly quiet on the subject.
One is possibly the most selfish so I'll start with that..
I simply try to rashion the amount of bad news I consume
I need to..
Spiritually, I ration.
Other reasons include, that the entire thing raises so many questions for me, and I'm still processing.


Are we facing an identity crisis?

For many... globally, these are, unsettling times
We have Pan-Africanists with little interest in the continent
We have people shouting f the police , yet remain reliant on them
We have the age old issue of predominantly British born black African Caribbeans facing disproportionate levels of discrimination, or rather the global systematic inequality that those of African descent tend to experience
yet ironically, we often find that as tensions build and frustrations go unaddressed, the oppressed tend to oppress each other

Identity is an interesting concept.
Britain is facing a 'culture and Identity crisis'.
What continues to emerge is an in-group, and an out-group.
It's nothing we've not seen before for those who have lived in the UK long enough, but it's re-emergence at this particular time is interesting to say the least.
The Brexit campaign triggered an emotional response to the 'fear of the other'. The result has since given rise to a need for many people to re-define who and what we are as British people.

With many, trying to fit into a system that was simply never designed to benefit or favour them in any way. Resistance to, and pressure from, make uncomfortable bed fellows.
Passing a citizenship test and gaining citizenship, is great!... and of course, to those that do, well done!, but for those  that are required the undertaking of such tests the realilty is that one day they may wake up, and realise, that there still is no such thing as 'Britishness'... for them.

Colonial Mentality

I believe that Africa really must take responsibility for the state of their nations. Yes, but denying the impact of colonialism is a little like denying the holocaust.
You simply cannot do that.

The impact that colonialism has had on the African continent remains to this day.
The faux leaders historically installed by British and American forces have helped to maintain both it's legacy, and international control over the continent in terms of business and resources. So yes, whilst there is no denying that the continent has had a series of poorly performing leaders, poor governance and minimal development of civil society, [click] the truth is that countries across Africa have had some amazing leaders, who in their greatness, were suspiciously assassinated, at very young ages.
Dare we forget them?
That is no accident.


Mama Africa Music Zone

I miss Ghana very much x



Sunday 23 July 2017

Flavour - Catch You

This is a really nice track with stunning visuals
Music aside for a mo.....
How fit is Flavour..
really... I mean...really

Fine as... yes, loving this one

"If I catch you.."

Saturday 22 July 2017

Fally Ipupa Jeudi soir - live

Fally... captivating, even when seated. Can't wait to check out the album. [Tokoos]
Its been a long wait

Saturday in London Vibes ft music by M.anifest ft Brymo - Sugar

On my mission to re-energise
This is a bit of a shortcut, as I really need to up my greens intake

Have any of you tried this?

In the main, I've found it quite helpful in the past, in giving a quick boost, as you begin to feel the results quickly.
Plus it tastes nice

Over at a crowded Westfield plus a few deals courtesy of the Body Shop; a rainy trip back home
With my 2 minute headwrap keeping the rain at bay. (Haven't tied my wrap like this in awhile)

Quick stop off at the local store, one pot of Jollof Rice, tuna and beans later.. alongside a centrally heated home (Yes, I tuned on the heating in July, It was simply too cold not too!).
...and it really is chill time.

Thumbs up, cool track

E.L - Abaa

Saturday morning sounds
Enjoy your day x

Friday 21 July 2017

Awilo Longomba ft Tiwa Savage - Esopi Yo

This has been a very tiring week.
So a restful weekend is needed. The one thing that never fails is good music.. oh and good food.. but that's two, oh and good company.. but that's three

You know something?... there's a lot to be thankful for

Like this Naija Congo collaboration
Happy to say I've seen both perform... come back soon!


Whats going on with Diane Abbott?

So Chris Evans earns over £2,000.000 per year?
Nice one Chris. I didn't even realise he was still 'at it'
So the recent furore over BBC salaries seemed to stoke fire regarding the gender pay gap.
Of course there were a few murmours about the lack of so called 'ethnic minorities' in the upper echelons of the BBC family, but not too much so you'd notice.

The gender pay gap is old news.

What stokes my fire is the blatant racism that MP Diane Abbott continues to face. The nasty emails, the ridicule, and what appears to be a media scramble to make her look as bad as possible

Feminists are far too quiet on that issue.
For them, their issue is being paid the same as men.
As honourable and as noble as that is , Diane Abbott is facing two battles, race, and gender, with not enough women speaking up on her behalf.

Diane's current 'forgetfulness' I believe has a lot to do with the subtle ( but not so subtle) bullying she endures, and if the Feminists can't find their voice on that....
Who do they hope will have ears when they too face discrimination?

I've watched many an MP, (Boris Johnson included) splutter and blag their way through an interview, but it's not taken as seriously, in some cases it's viewed as quite humorous.
They do not face the type of onslaught that Diane Abbott has had to deal with.

She is strong, yet they are privileged.

Racism and bullying.. impact.
If you or I had to deal with what Diane Abbott has to deal with on a daily basis, I dare say we'd become a bit 'forgetful' too

Shame on these so called Feminists, who only see gender in one hue.
It seems not all women are equal in the eyes of some.

Oh the not so united, united kingdom...



Saturday 15 July 2017

Weekend Zone Pics, ft Music by Wizkid

Saturday in the park, and a trip to mums are what Saturdays are made of
TV, food, house chores, music, pretty much anything you can fit in ... you try and fit in

A chance to catch up. A chance for a little care and attention
My outfit?, made in a few hours in Kumasi by a very talented dressmaker.

I love the way Wizkid evolkes Fela. Honestly, I'm really loving this track. I rarely mention the musicians but check out the skill of the musicians behind some these tracks, right here the bass player and drummer/percussionist are on fire

Weekends.. ever increasingly special

'Sounds from the other side'. Wizkid's 1st album release since his major label deal with RCA.
Yes, I'm liking it a lot.


Hope you've had a lovely day, and a good evening to you x

Davido - Fall

Happy Saturday all x

Yoruba Arts Festival 2017

For Life - Runtown

Not Quite One Africa

The scrutiny of Dr Umar Johnson's qualifications is interesting.
..But perhaps a bit much.
Yet perhaps he said it best when he explained his understanding of the doubt often cast on the legitimacy of his credentials, his Phd... as being based upon the fact that he doesn't fit the profile of a typical academic in his rhetoric.
He's not wrong

He really doesn't follow the grain.

Controversial he may be but he really is an interesting and intelligent man, unafraid it appears, to tackle what many see as difficult topics.

Is nationalism a problem in our modern times?
Does nationalism simply create divisions and fuel racism?
Or can it protect people from the type of abuse which has occurred in the past?
Jamaica like most Caribbean islands, has a strong national identity. its motto being out of many one people.
A strong national identity with diverse racial and ethnic groups is something the Caribbean hasn't done too badly at.
Although colourism and its ensuing inequality remains an issue, the Caribbean Islands have managed to maintain their African culture, fuzed alongside many others.
Producing many great thinkers, and great leaders along the way.

Dr Umar often states that he's unapologetically African, and is known as the 'Prince of Pan Africanism.

Imagine. With so many divisions on the African continent, is it any wonder that Pan Africanists in the diaspora are perpetually frustrated.

Friday 14 July 2017

Should Nigeria be restructured?

With all the talk of restructuring Nigeria , secession and Biafra, it appears that poverty, lack of opportunity and the unequal distribution of money and resources are key factors.

Some may make this a discussion about tribes( why are we so tribal?)
But ultimately, to build a strong nation, any nation, the citizens really need to feel as though they matter ( and they do)
We have seen what happens whenever conflicts become tribal or the politics of difference takes over.

The voices of dissent are getting louder. It appears to them that those in power look after themselves, family and friends first and foremost, whilst turning a blind eye to the needs of others.
It's a shame as a country like Nigeria has enough resources to serve all...and then some

The problem is greed, and perhaps a culture of distrust and dishonesty.
Neither of which are sweet ingredients for nationhood.
But would a restructure really change anything?

more love

Video Discussions on Biafra

3 ways to help to raise self esteem in others ft music by Wale ft Davido and Olamide - Fine Girl

Self esteem is something that most of us say must be owned by the individual.
Something that if lacking, an individual needs to build or strengthen for themselves. Yet children are not born with low self esteem.
And we are all connected.

Low self esteem tends to emanate from past (negative) experiences, recent experiences, socialisation, and where expectations and reality fail to meet.

In saying that, we all have a role to play
In our modern times there are many facets to low self esteem. Yet we can ( if we want to) help each other.
Together we can build, or we can destroy.

So what can we do for others each day?
Here are 3 things that spring to mind

1. Focus on the things a person does well

Everyone has something to offer, something that they do well. Whether you find value in what that is is subjective, The point is, to focus not on what you don't like, but on what you do.
Difficult? sure!,
The challenge ... is to find something. once that challenge is met, the benefits can be felt all round.

2. Practice unconditional positive regard

This can be tough.
I first leant about UPR whilst undertaking training in client centre advice and guidance. It's actually one of the key elements of a successful advice session, yet can possibly benefits every area of life if you commit to it.
Of course it's not always easy... we all have our likes and dislikes, cultural differences, moral and value systems.... but ultimately, practice makes perfect.
In truth, whether we voice our disapproval of someone or not, disapproval tends to exude through body language.
Often we say more, when we don't speak at all.

3. Expect the best

Again when you expect the best you tend to communicate differently than if you expect the worst. which is why teachers who expect students to fail or have low expectations with regards to thier pupils intelligence or ability, may find, more often than not... that their students fail.

Well that's just 3 things, of course there are more...

Cool track to chill to on a Friday night

Thursday 6 July 2017

On Biafra. Politics is all. ft Mi Vote Na Mi Life -Emmerson Bockarie, Star Zee, Zainab Sheriff, Slim G & Steady Bongo

Biafra has been in the news alot lately

Im almost lost for words. What really is the problem?
Poverty and suffering in rich lands

Come on now....



I listened to an interview with a Sierra Leonian government minister who was incensed by Emmerson's use of the word 'rank'[politicians]
His argument was that it's not only politicians who exhibit certain 'traits.'.. and that civil society.. we all as a people, have a duty to do right by each other

He has a point.

However, those in positions of power really should be setting an example
to whom much is given, much is expected
Oh yes, Emmerson remains my favourite Salone borbor.

Thursday mode

Its hot.
I hope you're all enjoying the summer
The weekend is almost upon us. Its been a very busy time of late, still... Rome wasn't built in a day and it's good to remember that.

This song is a daydreamers dream
really got to be thankful for the little things in life.
like a sweet song
sunny days.. and warm nights

Sunday 2 July 2017

Dotman - Akube & Don Jazzy Iyanya Dr Sid - Up to Something

I'm in love with this song. (and his teeth gap)
Even Madam has been singing the chorus today.. it's so darn catchy


Still feeling this. Great video

Holla to the leading fellas with the gap between the teeth.

Growing up I really didn't like having a gap between my teeth at all..
From time to time people tried to convince me it was cool, citing 'Madonna' as being hot and successful with the teeth gap.
Madonna? they know me at all?...

I considered getting it closed.

Anyway.. years later and it really doesn't bother me ( as much)
In fact I quite like it, and funnily enough find it quite attractive in others

Go figure.

In search of President Buhari's 'smile'

How is President Buhari?
I wish him all the best and that his health improves considerably
May he have more reasons to smile , and not frown

Whilst many in the country call for his resignation based on his current inability to govern due to ill health, perhaps it would be best at this time to focus on him getting better, and not removing ( other than his family and loved ones) the one thing that may give him the inspiration he needs to get better

Nigeria's problems can never be fixed by one man alone
Never can and never will be

A Young Buhari

Saturday 1 July 2017

Flavour- Ukwu Nwata

Can't get enough of this song
Ive had it on repeat for a few days now:)

Album titled, "Ijele - The Traveler."

Weekend WOW Factor - Happy July!

My weekends seem even busier than my weekdays!
A different kind of busy I guess

However, right now I'm 'busy' sitting, doing little, blogging, listening to music and feeling somewhat relieved that my busy day has eased and I can simply sit, chill, and enjoy the nice weather and sounds.


'Nice day for a London March' should be the slogan of our times... we've certainly seen a few. Who would have thought that Tory Party popularity would appear to nosedive so quickly.
The currently not-so-confident Tories are in need of a make over, 'modernising' I think is the word being used.

Anyway.. who cares?
Well, as it happens.. most Londonders do seem to care, a great deal.. about each other.
When push comes to shove, Londoners do 'give-a-rats-arse' about their neighbour.

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but since the unpleasant events London experience over the months and weeks, I personally have had strangers smile a lot more at me on the tube.
Either it's a 'sweet gesture', or its a .. ' let me smile at this woman in case she's the type to 'kick off', at least if we've connected she won't kick off on me'... kinda smile.
I'll go with the former:)


This song is pretty cool
Ive never heard of this artist before but I'll certainly be paying attention as of now

Nice n easy does it.

I'm spoilt for choice musically at the moment, there's so much good music abound.


Nice lyrics Dotman
Hey! I'm waiting to hear my name appear in one of these tunes.. I hear Samantha , Nana, Diana... what gives?
I'll take Anita though... after all, it's my middle name, and for some reason everyone chose to call me Anita in Ghana

Anyway, Zimbabwe and Uganda... you're up...
Smile and enjoy :)

Another artist to watch out for is Mayorkun



Lord have mercy Flavour