Thursday 6 July 2017

On Biafra. Politics is all. ft Mi Vote Na Mi Life -Emmerson Bockarie, Star Zee, Zainab Sheriff, Slim G & Steady Bongo

Biafra has been in the news alot lately

Im almost lost for words. What really is the problem?
Poverty and suffering in rich lands

Come on now....



I listened to an interview with a Sierra Leonian government minister who was incensed by Emmerson's use of the word 'rank'[politicians]
His argument was that it's not only politicians who exhibit certain 'traits.'.. and that civil society.. we all as a people, have a duty to do right by each other

He has a point.

However, those in positions of power really should be setting an example
to whom much is given, much is expected
Oh yes, Emmerson remains my favourite Salone borbor.

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