Saturday 1 July 2017

Weekend WOW Factor - Happy July!

My weekends seem even busier than my weekdays!
A different kind of busy I guess

However, right now I'm 'busy' sitting, doing little, blogging, listening to music and feeling somewhat relieved that my busy day has eased and I can simply sit, chill, and enjoy the nice weather and sounds.


'Nice day for a London March' should be the slogan of our times... we've certainly seen a few. Who would have thought that Tory Party popularity would appear to nosedive so quickly.
The currently not-so-confident Tories are in need of a make over, 'modernising' I think is the word being used.

Anyway.. who cares?
Well, as it happens.. most Londonders do seem to care, a great deal.. about each other.
When push comes to shove, Londoners do 'give-a-rats-arse' about their neighbour.

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but since the unpleasant events London experience over the months and weeks, I personally have had strangers smile a lot more at me on the tube.
Either it's a 'sweet gesture', or its a .. ' let me smile at this woman in case she's the type to 'kick off', at least if we've connected she won't kick off on me'... kinda smile.
I'll go with the former:)


This song is pretty cool
Ive never heard of this artist before but I'll certainly be paying attention as of now

Nice n easy does it.

I'm spoilt for choice musically at the moment, there's so much good music abound.


Nice lyrics Dotman
Hey! I'm waiting to hear my name appear in one of these tunes.. I hear Samantha , Nana, Diana... what gives?
I'll take Anita though... after all, it's my middle name, and for some reason everyone chose to call me Anita in Ghana

Anyway, Zimbabwe and Uganda... you're up...
Smile and enjoy :)

Another artist to watch out for is Mayorkun



Lord have mercy Flavour

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