Saturday 29 July 2017

Weekend catch up Zone

Saturday vibes.

Spent most of the morning in bed, finally surfacing with the knowledge that things were not going to 'do themselves'.
I have the builders in who managed to leave a bit of a mess, the bulk of which thankfully Ti sorted before I got home from work, which is definitely appreciated.

So, I decided not to stress, simply tackie it little at a time.
..that done. and it's time to catch up with current affairs, music and take some 'me time'. I'll finish up tomorrow all being well.
Everything is work in progress.

Dinner over, and I quite fancy a glass of Rose ( or Orijin, or some kind of beer), but have none in of either.

I don't think I've drunk any alcohol in a year.. Or perhaps months is more accurate, as I remember a rather sweet Port I discovered.


Tipping Point?

Disturbances in Dalston last night dominated much of social media. Clashes between police and the public. From what Ive seen it does appear the police response was rather heavy handed, helicopter, horseback...dogs? ( reminiscent of Soweto uprising) Dalston? come on , did they really need the riot police?

You cannot be serious.

Funniest comment I read goes to anonymous who simply said.. 'please, whatever you do... don't touch Nando's!'

Nowt as queer as folk, we are funny

Tensions have been mounting since the death of a young black man in police custody.
And sincere sympathy goes out to his family and friends at what must be an unquestionably difficult time for them.
I have seen footage of his arrest and it really is as incriminating as it gets. Should be an easy one for the IPCC, or. not.

There are several reasons why I remain fairly quiet on the subject.
One is possibly the most selfish so I'll start with that..
I simply try to rashion the amount of bad news I consume
I need to..
Spiritually, I ration.
Other reasons include, that the entire thing raises so many questions for me, and I'm still processing.


Are we facing an identity crisis?

For many... globally, these are, unsettling times
We have Pan-Africanists with little interest in the continent
We have people shouting f the police , yet remain reliant on them
We have the age old issue of predominantly British born black African Caribbeans facing disproportionate levels of discrimination, or rather the global systematic inequality that those of African descent tend to experience
yet ironically, we often find that as tensions build and frustrations go unaddressed, the oppressed tend to oppress each other

Identity is an interesting concept.
Britain is facing a 'culture and Identity crisis'.
What continues to emerge is an in-group, and an out-group.
It's nothing we've not seen before for those who have lived in the UK long enough, but it's re-emergence at this particular time is interesting to say the least.
The Brexit campaign triggered an emotional response to the 'fear of the other'. The result has since given rise to a need for many people to re-define who and what we are as British people.

With many, trying to fit into a system that was simply never designed to benefit or favour them in any way. Resistance to, and pressure from, make uncomfortable bed fellows.
Passing a citizenship test and gaining citizenship, is great!... and of course, to those that do, well done!, but for those  that are required the undertaking of such tests the realilty is that one day they may wake up, and realise, that there still is no such thing as 'Britishness'... for them.

Colonial Mentality

I believe that Africa really must take responsibility for the state of their nations. Yes, but denying the impact of colonialism is a little like denying the holocaust.
You simply cannot do that.

The impact that colonialism has had on the African continent remains to this day.
The faux leaders historically installed by British and American forces have helped to maintain both it's legacy, and international control over the continent in terms of business and resources. So yes, whilst there is no denying that the continent has had a series of poorly performing leaders, poor governance and minimal development of civil society, [click] the truth is that countries across Africa have had some amazing leaders, who in their greatness, were suspiciously assassinated, at very young ages.
Dare we forget them?
That is no accident.


Mama Africa Music Zone

I miss Ghana very much x



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