Saturday 15 July 2017

Weekend Zone Pics, ft Music by Wizkid

Saturday in the park, and a trip to mums are what Saturdays are made of
TV, food, house chores, music, pretty much anything you can fit in ... you try and fit in

A chance to catch up. A chance for a little care and attention
My outfit?, made in a few hours in Kumasi by a very talented dressmaker.

I love the way Wizkid evolkes Fela. Honestly, I'm really loving this track. I rarely mention the musicians but check out the skill of the musicians behind some these tracks, right here the bass player and drummer/percussionist are on fire

Weekends.. ever increasingly special

'Sounds from the other side'. Wizkid's 1st album release since his major label deal with RCA.
Yes, I'm liking it a lot.


Hope you've had a lovely day, and a good evening to you x


  1. beautiful outfit, beautiful woman. Still haven't left the shores of Catford this year, need, need a holiday. Good looking Dawn Lee, you always puts a smile on my face

    1. Thanks you dear, u good? sunny Catford eh... enjoy your well earned break when it comes

  2. Great outfit, the colours suit you really well!