Friday 14 July 2017

3 ways to help to raise self esteem in others ft music by Wale ft Davido and Olamide - Fine Girl

Self esteem is something that most of us say must be owned by the individual.
Something that if lacking, an individual needs to build or strengthen for themselves. Yet children are not born with low self esteem.
And we are all connected.

Low self esteem tends to emanate from past (negative) experiences, recent experiences, socialisation, and where expectations and reality fail to meet.

In saying that, we all have a role to play
In our modern times there are many facets to low self esteem. Yet we can ( if we want to) help each other.
Together we can build, or we can destroy.

So what can we do for others each day?
Here are 3 things that spring to mind

1. Focus on the things a person does well

Everyone has something to offer, something that they do well. Whether you find value in what that is is subjective, The point is, to focus not on what you don't like, but on what you do.
Difficult? sure!,
The challenge ... is to find something. once that challenge is met, the benefits can be felt all round.

2. Practice unconditional positive regard

This can be tough.
I first leant about UPR whilst undertaking training in client centre advice and guidance. It's actually one of the key elements of a successful advice session, yet can possibly benefits every area of life if you commit to it.
Of course it's not always easy... we all have our likes and dislikes, cultural differences, moral and value systems.... but ultimately, practice makes perfect.
In truth, whether we voice our disapproval of someone or not, disapproval tends to exude through body language.
Often we say more, when we don't speak at all.

3. Expect the best

Again when you expect the best you tend to communicate differently than if you expect the worst. which is why teachers who expect students to fail or have low expectations with regards to thier pupils intelligence or ability, may find, more often than not... that their students fail.

Well that's just 3 things, of course there are more...

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