Friday 14 July 2017

Should Nigeria be restructured?

With all the talk of restructuring Nigeria , secession and Biafra, it appears that poverty, lack of opportunity and the unequal distribution of money and resources are key factors.

Some may make this a discussion about tribes( why are we so tribal?)
But ultimately, to build a strong nation, any nation, the citizens really need to feel as though they matter ( and they do)
We have seen what happens whenever conflicts become tribal or the politics of difference takes over.

The voices of dissent are getting louder. It appears to them that those in power look after themselves, family and friends first and foremost, whilst turning a blind eye to the needs of others.
It's a shame as a country like Nigeria has enough resources to serve all...and then some

The problem is greed, and perhaps a culture of distrust and dishonesty.
Neither of which are sweet ingredients for nationhood.
But would a restructure really change anything?

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