Monday 30 December 2019

Runtown ft Fekky - Unleash

Runtown - Redemption

Kizz Daniel - Jaho

Activist Deji Adeyanju

Activist Deji Ageyanju was attacked in Abuja Nigeria, at what began as a peaceful protest to free unlawful detainees, which at the time included journalist, activist, and founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore.

Deji was flown to Dubai for treatment.

A spokesman for the pro Buhari supporters who are suspected to be those responsible, has since said- that the attack was stage managed.... by Deji's own people.

So... just to be clear...Deji agreed to allow himself to be beaten?.. kicked in the head?

Given that the entire incident was caught on camera, what is somewhat incredible is that no-one was arrested for it.

Ladies.. if Deji was your husband or partner.... what would you say to him? given that the very people he thinks he's trying to help - would kick him in the head for his efforts in broad daylight.

It's okay to disagree about things, but why hurt a person over it...

There's ungrateful.. and there's ungrateful...and there's clueless
The struggle is real in some places


Get well soon Deji.

Sunday 29 December 2019

Weekend WOW Factor: Puzzle Practice

A gift for the family was a 1000 piece puzzle, so I decided to work on it today

Yay!!, I thought , no problem

I must really be out of practice because this LITTLE LOT took me over 3hrs! (just 1000 pieces?!..yikes )


..quite enjoyed it tho... looking forward to finishing this

Spent some time at mums watching 80's music videos, and enjoyed every minute - good memories
Sting is just the best, so much so that it was Sting I listened to all the way to Rwanda... and all the way back. Mentioned that to my sister who said - ok - you like Sting then

Zlatan - Wake Up

Sunday 22 December 2019

Micro Story - Lock Door

The day had arrived when he would bring a Calabash filled with gifts such as the bride price, a needle and thread, Kolo nuts, a Bible and Quran, and envelopes filled with money addressed to different family members.

The bride price is the money the groom pays to the bride’s family for her hand in marriage, the needle and thread signifies that in times of difficulty they will seek to mend and repair any problems they face. The Kolo nuts, are a reminder that there will be bitterness in marriage but in the end, sweetness prevails. The Bible and Quran are to allow God to enter and remain present in the home, and the money addressed to different family members, is a thank you for the role they each played in the brides life.

This was my very own, Lock Door.

Once complete, I would no longer be free to date. I would be engaged!.

I initially had no desire to marry, least of all a man twenty years older. I was 20, he was forty, yet he looked even older. I had noticed him hanging around our family home, and that he often brought alcohol for my dad, and fish and meat for my mother. I stayed away as much as possible whenever he came around, as I had noticed him staring at me, even licking his lips on one occasion . ‘creepy crab’, I called him.

My sisters would tease me often , saying he would ‘use him yam to silence my rude mouth’.
I told them that the yam was stale mouldy ugly and old, and only a desperate woman after his money would allow that yam to enter her pot.
Yet here I was, accepting the 'creepy crab's proposal.

His happy smile and countenance did not diminish over time. The entire day it was he who smiled the largest.
When the front door knocked,and my parents asked ‘who is it,?’and ‘what had he come for?’ I was hoping that as my sisters came downstairs, and he was asked if ‘that was the one’, that he would say yes, and choose one of them, But he didn’t. It was upon seeing me that he pointed, ‘that one’.

My parents were happy, my sisters were also happy because they got to enjoy a party, and my husband and his family were overjoyed.
This would be his second marriage. His 1st Wife died under ‘suspicious circumstances’ people used to say, but in truth she died of malaria. Before I had decided to accept his proposal, I used to say he had killed his own wife, but I no longer said so.

My sisters laughed and at the large gap in his two from teeth, which at the time filled me with absolute disgust, and fear. I could barely look at his gap and not have some strange image surface in my mind. I had a gap also. It’s seen as beauty in a woman here. For years I didn’t like it , and refused to smile, yet I began to love it over time.

He put the ring on my finger in front of everyone, and all the guests cheered.

The ring was a beautiful diamond, set on a plain gold band. It was in the refection of the diamond, that he began to look more attractive. I knew that to marry a man who loved me more than I loved him would be the best option for me. A man who had a good job, and a business, an intelligent man who knew how to treat and respect, a woman.
I knew his eagerness would not keep other women away, as most women here are attracted to married men with money, and they will openly tell you, 'there’s no such thing as an ugly man, unless he is poor'.

As the dancing subsided, and guests began to leave, my sisters asked me what it was that had changed my mind and encouraged me to marry.
My elder sister seemed to understand my change of heart more than my younger more naive sisters.
I told them it was because I was tired of being let down. I had dated my high school sweetheart all though school and university, only for him to leave me for someone else.

I explained to them that the young men who I had met seemed to only want one of two things, either sex or money. I told my sisters that I needed stability. That stability will be the foundation on which I could pursue my dream of becoming a scientist.

I explained that all the good looks in the world would not pay for my education, my upkeep, and needs, and whilst I had no intention of soley relying on my husband . I needed someone who I knew would take care of the essentials without confusion or contention.
I had dated three other men since I split with my childhood sweetheart, and one day I realised that despite the declarations of love that each had given to me, none had been sincere, or really knew how to love.

I said yes because I recognised that he was at least, a loyal man.
‘So is loyalty more important than love?’, my younger sisters asked
‘Yes’, I replied, ‘to me, it is, and you repay loyalty with loyalty'.

It was whilst speaking with my sisters that I realised something I hadn't realised before.
That I , Aminata Kamara, despite my anxst and protestations, I actually did love him.

Weekend WOW Factor; Dr Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon

Sunday 15 December 2019

Julius Malema speech at EFF National Conference

Akon ft Kizz Daniel- Take Your Place

African Descendants Of The Slave Trade ft Music By Kizz Daniel - Jaho

The Year of Return, launched by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo - Addo is an initiative of the government of Ghana intended to encourage African's in the diaspora to come to Africa to settle and invest in the continent.

Given the huge number of Africans who left the shores of the Gold Coast, some sold, some kidnapped, into a life of slavery, whether America, Brazil or the Caribbean, it's not only a symbolic gesture, but an act of recognition of the role played by some African chiefs who at the time colluded with traders, and an act of respect for those removed from their homeland, to feel welcome to return, and rightfully so.

It's not surprising that many descendants of slavery gravitate to West Africa.
The spirit doesn't lie.

Equally it's not surprising that West and Central Africa have appeared to struggle irrefutably, ever since.
This is why the call for reparations is quite complex.
The slave trade was not a one sided affair.
Even if we like to believe it was.

What can be more meaningful than for our African leaders, whether political leaders or tribal chiefs to admit the role played by their forefathers, and embrace the examples set by countries such as Ghana and Gambia.
Lest their be a call in the future for the return of a stollen birthright.
Now that's a different kind of revolution.

It's important for all countries still struggling to find their feet, unlike some East African countries are doing, to place real development at the forefront, not only for themselves, or their kin and clan, but the entire country, and also for the descendants of the African slave trade, who also have rights, and who they all too often conveniently appear to forget, exist.
but are watching.

Monday 9 December 2019

Nnamdi Kanu: On Barrister Ejiofor, Igwe Oraifite, Mr Sowore, And Mr Emeka Offor

Sincere condolences to Nnamdi Kanu after the passing of his father.

Only Nnamdi can cuss us out like this and I still listen to him :)

Gambia's Tragic Loss

On the 27th of November, a boat carrying approximately 150 young men and women ( some sources have reported up to 180) left the shores of The Gambia.
Of all those aboard seeking a better life, 150 young economic migrants, heading to the Canary Islands - Spain, optimistic and hopeful, fearful, yet faithful, only 85 would make it past Mauritania, where the boat approached to refuel and obtain food.

As it was just off the shores of Mauritania, on Wednesday 4th December, that the boat sadly capsized.

Beautiful Gambia - a country where so many of us flock to year after year, taking perhaps, for granted, our freedom of movement, yet where for others, human trafficking is all too real

Gambian's often make up of largest group of migrants approached by smugglers to take this very perilous trip.

On this occasion the boat struck a rock, as it was met with rough seas and poor weather.
We really need to make it easier for people to travel abroad safely, if they so wish, as this was a sad day for Gambia, and Senegal.
To all who have suffered such a terrible loss, we are truly sorry.

Our sincere condolences, to all those aboard.

HE President Adama Barrow

Saturday 7 December 2019

Christopher Martin - Dem Vex +

Chris Martin - My Angel

Why is my Christophine so tall?!

My mum gave me a Christophine a few weeks ago and told me to keep it indoors for now, and plant it out in the spring.. but it's grown so tall, and I don't know what to do with it

It grows like a vine and I think frost or not, I may have to plant it out and hope for the best

It's trying to wrap itself around my xmas tree

(if you look closely, you may spot what the 'problem' was... oops)

UK Elections Next Week

We have a general election next week.. and I wanna get may nails done lol.

Torys are ahead in the polls, but in truth you never know which way it will go

Will Boris Johnson have the shortest tenure in UK Prime ministerial history?
Or will Jeremy Corbyn defy his critics and actually win?
Not long now..

Weekend WOW Factor : Why has Omoyele Sowore become Nigeria's Public Enemy No1.?

Well, that was some week.

Firstly, I must say.. Nigeria is a beautiful country...
But unfortunately, it seems at times, that the only thing spoiling Nigeria.. is Nigerians.

After the continued detention (against court orders), the DSS finally released activist and journalist Omoyele Sowore on Thursday...

(Sowore centre of pic)

...only to re-arrest him the very next day, whilst attending court

A room full of lawyers, and the presiding judge apparently had to run from the court for safety, amidst the oddest, disturbing, and most embarrassing scenes imaginable.

This is how it went down
(credit to Oak TV)

Regardless of whether or not this re-arrest has the backing of the government - the government may find themselves in a very precarious position, either way.

I can only shake my head in dismay at the developments - but support, concern, admiration and respect for Sowere continues to grow internationally.

on a superficial inappropriate yet related note -
how fit are the DSS guys??..
Heh heh...No.... not even my humour can negate the fact that what happened yesterday was a massive error of judgement.

Protestors and counter protestors had gathered outside the court in the morning.
Who were the counter protestors?
No idea, as it's reported that they were regular folk, paid to hold placards in support of the DSS.
One placard stated 'Sowore must pay for his sins!" .. Oh how I wish someone had interviewed the man so we can all know what Sowore's sins could possibly be... (and dare I ask...what of your own?)


Here is a man who has really tried to wake the people to the realisation that they can do better, and deserve better, to aspire to have decent health care for all, roads, education and all that befits a prosperous and working society, yet it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

It appears that those who are doing better, don't care, and those who are not... don't care either, or have simply given up hope.

Truth is, you can't make a person want better for themselves Sowore.

Whist his efforts have made an impact, I feel for him and his family, who just want him home now.

If you can buy 'loyalty' however temporary, for as little as 5000 Naira , which is about £10, what on earth is going on.
It's a shame, but as the saying goes.. empty barrels make the most noise.
Time for Nigerians to perhaps be a little less 'loud', and a lot more real.
Whist many of us tuned in to yesterdays events, it will be hard for anyone to argue they were anything but lawless, unkind and inhumane.

As the powers that be ( and currently no-one really seems to know for sure who they be) continue to 'make an example of him, what is happening to Sowore, may deter other 'activists' from fighting for, or even aspiring to, the change that both he, and they all desperately seek.
If that's the case, the score is currently even...
DSS 1 Sowore 1

Deep down I suspect the common man and woman are afraid
as not only are they fit (DSS) - they also carry guns
Sowore and co - are very brave individuals.

There are those who don't trust him, for sure, however, those who do not, may not even trust their own wives - so we really can be none the wiser - chasing down that rabbit hole

May he stay safe x