Monday 9 December 2019

Gambia's Tragic Loss

On the 27th of November, a boat carrying approximately 150 young men and women ( some sources have reported up to 180) left the shores of The Gambia.
Of all those aboard seeking a better life, 150 young economic migrants, heading to the Canary Islands - Spain, optimistic and hopeful, fearful, yet faithful, only 85 would make it past Mauritania, where the boat approached to refuel and obtain food.

As it was just off the shores of Mauritania, on Wednesday 4th December, that the boat sadly capsized.

Beautiful Gambia - a country where so many of us flock to year after year, taking perhaps, for granted, our freedom of movement, yet where for others, human trafficking is all too real

Gambian's often make up of largest group of migrants approached by smugglers to take this very perilous trip.

On this occasion the boat struck a rock, as it was met with rough seas and poor weather.
We really need to make it easier for people to travel abroad safely, if they so wish, as this was a sad day for Gambia, and Senegal.
To all who have suffered such a terrible loss, we are truly sorry.

Our sincere condolences, to all those aboard.

HE President Adama Barrow

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