Saturday 7 December 2019

Weekend WOW Factor : Why has Omoyele Sowore become Nigeria's Public Enemy No1.?

Well, that was some week.

Firstly, I must say.. Nigeria is a beautiful country...
But unfortunately, it seems at times, that the only thing spoiling Nigeria.. is Nigerians.

After the continued detention (against court orders), the DSS finally released activist and journalist Omoyele Sowore on Thursday...

(Sowore centre of pic)

...only to re-arrest him the very next day, whilst attending court

A room full of lawyers, and the presiding judge apparently had to run from the court for safety, amidst the oddest, disturbing, and most embarrassing scenes imaginable.

This is how it went down
(credit to Oak TV)

Regardless of whether or not this re-arrest has the backing of the government - the government may find themselves in a very precarious position, either way.

I can only shake my head in dismay at the developments - but support, concern, admiration and respect for Sowere continues to grow internationally.

on a superficial inappropriate yet related note -
how fit are the DSS guys??..
Heh heh...No.... not even my humour can negate the fact that what happened yesterday was a massive error of judgement.

Protestors and counter protestors had gathered outside the court in the morning.
Who were the counter protestors?
No idea, as it's reported that they were regular folk, paid to hold placards in support of the DSS.
One placard stated 'Sowore must pay for his sins!" .. Oh how I wish someone had interviewed the man so we can all know what Sowore's sins could possibly be... (and dare I ask...what of your own?)


Here is a man who has really tried to wake the people to the realisation that they can do better, and deserve better, to aspire to have decent health care for all, roads, education and all that befits a prosperous and working society, yet it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

It appears that those who are doing better, don't care, and those who are not... don't care either, or have simply given up hope.

Truth is, you can't make a person want better for themselves Sowore.

Whist his efforts have made an impact, I feel for him and his family, who just want him home now.

If you can buy 'loyalty' however temporary, for as little as 5000 Naira , which is about £10, what on earth is going on.
It's a shame, but as the saying goes.. empty barrels make the most noise.
Time for Nigerians to perhaps be a little less 'loud', and a lot more real.
Whist many of us tuned in to yesterdays events, it will be hard for anyone to argue they were anything but lawless, unkind and inhumane.

As the powers that be ( and currently no-one really seems to know for sure who they be) continue to 'make an example of him, what is happening to Sowore, may deter other 'activists' from fighting for, or even aspiring to, the change that both he, and they all desperately seek.
If that's the case, the score is currently even...
DSS 1 Sowore 1

Deep down I suspect the common man and woman are afraid
as not only are they fit (DSS) - they also carry guns
Sowore and co - are very brave individuals.

There are those who don't trust him, for sure, however, those who do not, may not even trust their own wives - so we really can be none the wiser - chasing down that rabbit hole

May he stay safe x


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