Thursday 31 December 2015

A message...

Wishing all my fellow bloggers, readers and followers a very happy and blessed new year. Counting down to 2016... .all the best!
And thank you xx

Dj Ganyani ft Toshi - Angesabi

Wednesday 30 December 2015


I watched an entire show about football across continents last night...
Just because... David Beckham was in it.

I surprised myself...

( if I knew how to post pics from my phone I would.. sorry Becks fans if you're reading'll just have to wait:)


Life is a classroom

Cultural difference is not human difference. I read that somewhere and it resonated. One of the things I've learnt this year is just how little I know. ..and in learning that, I learnt a fair bit.

I learnt that I'm just as impatient as my family have always said
I learnt that I can be quite judgmental... Even if I think I'm being well meaning. ( I care?)... Sure :)

I learnt that I'm quite emotional...which is okay... But sometimes my emotions rule my logic... ( Not so okay)

I learnt that I can be inflexible in that when I've decided on something.. I tend to want to stick with it.. to the letter. Which is good in some cases and not so good in others

I learnt that there are many aspects to love and it can sometimes be tough. Romantic love is easy... Love in the highest sense requires much more..

I learnt that I have many inner 'things' to work on.. and maturity doesn't come automatically with age

Those are some of my less favourable aspects perhaps... But in truth... It's easy to know the good stuff. It's much harder to face ones fears or insecurities...

I hope that I can conquer the things I need to. It's my aim, so I'll give it my best shot.
I have had an amazing and eventful year, for many reasons.

Cultural difference doesn't mean human difference and the more we learn about each other's cultures the richer we become. I've said it before but the world is a smaller place. We can deny it , and remain routed in our safe zones. All is a choice... And it's all fine.

I was told once.. you can close the doors to your world... But in doing so you may deny entry to all.. even that which you do want. Be decerning, but stay routed in love trust and hope.
Some friends may let you down yes... But not all... And anyway..even your closest may let you down from time to time.. Just as you may also...we're human.

Forgiveness?... I learnt that it can be tough... But it's necessary to move forward.

So... any arseholes I may have encountered.... I forgive you...
Not you though... Nah... not quite lol. I'm joking of course.
Equally, if I have offended.. I hope you will forgive me too. Not ready?... Naff off then!.(again... I jest)

Forgiveness equals resolutions.. less conflict... Joy...
Forgiveness is after all, an expression of love.

I've learnt that I learn quickly... Yet often repeat mistakes

One of my new years resolutions... Is to be kinder to myself.

Another is to refrain from nail biting under stress

One I won't tell you as its too personal

Another is to up my fruit and veg

Another is to be patient.

Another to listen...

Yes... They are coming to me now...

Yet perhaps... The best resolution is to make none... Other than to get on with it and do my best.
Yes... This year has taught me that..

Tuesday 29 December 2015

4x4 - Kpagam Kpagam


God is great
Our highest expression

EL makes very solid tunes.. versatile artist
Real talent

Rewind selector : Fally Ipupa - Nyokalessé

Looking forward to a new album.. until then.. just enjoying.. the sounds.. and sights :)

btw.. I played the star wars Google game as the film launched in london ( don't ask why) .. and ever since .. any time I move my cursor.. it lights up blue and makes a whoosing light-saber sound lol.. anyone else got this eh.. problem?

Life is one big road with lots of signs...

One of my gifts is the book Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ...
So far .. I'm loving it..
The way the protagonist talks about her blog is pretty funny.. I can relate!
Been awhile since i've read a novel so it's making a refreshing change

I'd forgotten why I used to love them so much.. it's a nice reminder
Personally speaking there are some uncanny signs/messages in the book... I guess I was meant to read it


I've had a few interesting dreams of late.
One of which I was discussing something and singing a song to the person that I haven't heard in years... talked about the artist too, where is she now?.. America?. There was a time when one hit tune could feed you and your family for life..., when I turned on the TV it was unusually on a radio music channel... and guess which song was playing?...'ve guessed correctly ( If you guessed at all)

The very same song that I had dreamt about
Perhaps its a sign

Check the lyrics... there's something here

Here it is... By Desiree.....


I enjoy reading and hearing about peoples new years resolutions.. even when somewhat vague......and slightly non committal.....

Sure.. most will forget them within a week or two.. but many really will focus and commit to whatever they have decided they would like to do, achieve or change
I wish them well

Chnage isn't always easy perhaps, but the 1st step is being very clear about what you want
Change like most things ( if not all) begins in the mind... but requires repeated action

I have a few things I want to do, achieve, and change
I wont overdo it though.. and I'm still thinking things through

Good morning x

Monday 28 December 2015

Life is mathematics...

You add subtract divide or multiply..
Which are you?
What do you hope to do in the new year...?

Just a thought...
Good morning x

Sunday 27 December 2015

Show Love - Jah Cure

Hottest track off the album. Beautiful video

Chronixx - Majesty

Musically , Chronixx has had a very good year
Cool n easy

Chris Brown - Autumn Leaves

It's early perhaps to be considering my song of the year, and especially considering that it really has been a year filled with wonderful music..
However... this song, will always hold the most meaning for me
It holds very special memories,and each time I hear it.. I'm transported back to a particular place, at a special moment in time

It may come as a surprise to some, that my song of the year goes to....

Chris Brown ft Kendrick Lamar

Autumn Leaves


Choose love. she said

Whatever happens


Those words made me think about the things we have power to change, and the things we seemingly don't
Thing is.. we don't always know
But I guess if we choose love.. if it's coming from a good place... chances are.. whether we know it or not...
we can make a difference somewhere.. however small


Choose hope, over fear.. she said

Your deepest fears can be overcome..
If you knew for sure that your freedom lay at the other side of those fears... would you then feel more courageous ?

Was okay...

So Christmas and boxing day... over in a flash. Food was great..even if I say so myself. Yes...both Christmas dinners!.
We had dinner at home...then went to mums and had dinner there:)

Glad we did. Much peer pressure from ti...and my bro, but I'm glad I got over myself as mum was really happy to have us there.

Now, with most of my lot back to work I'll just try relax a bit.

Counting down to the new year I guess. Day at a time.
Yes, One day at a time

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Tribalism?.. a Nationalists nightmare

Ugly things happen in beautiful places.
Sure enough.

This year again, as with the years preceding it, pointless conflicts across sub Saharan Africa has overshadowed any progress that we may otherwise have heard about.
Religious or political....the absurdity of it all. AU conference after AU conference yet still... resolutions, even if made, are barely worth the paper they're written on
There are possibly more aid agencies on the continent than any other part of the world. A vast array of 'developmental' projects' in progress, and yet 'progress' remains slow, if not stagnant.
Where do we go from here?.

Tribalism over nationalism is responsible for and is, an obstacle to, progress.
How on earth can you unite a divided country if its people fail to see that perhaps they are stronger together than separate
Tell that to tribal chiefs, and I suspect you'll get a blank stare. ( and an angry one at that)

Personally, It's the question I'm asked the most. It's almost as if my answer will determine whether or not I am worthy of further exploration. 'Where are you from.. are you Fulani?.. are you Somali?.. Senegalese;?
yes yes and yes.. now F**k off ( is what I should say but am way to polite to)

There is a reason I'm asked this, but rest assured... it's steeped in a held belief in the back of the questioners mind

I'm sure it has its benefits ( tribalism) but as yet, from the outside looking in, it seems counter productive.
The worst cases include the genocide in Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone . Whilst the conflicts that emerged did not begin as a result of tribalism, they very quickly descended down that road in terms of ethnic or regional or political alliances

Yet, trust, my hopeful friends, after conflict, can be restored.

Somehow Rwanda seems to have managed it.
But who knows.. after all, what's on the surface is not always what lurks beneath
Perhaps dissent really isn't worth the risk, so... put up and shut up.. who knows.

The icing on this multi-layered cake, as if there wasn't enough absurdity, is that the Biafra movement appears to be growing [click]
As if Nigeria didn't have enough problems
Ok, I'll refrain from being too opinionated until I've heard more, but so far.... I guess the memory of the civil war isn't painful enough?

Political leaders have let the people down again.
'The people', continue to let themselves down...and the educated continue to exploit the uneducated.

I used to be quite scathing of China's 'investment' in Africa. But you know something?
The Chinese are doing business.
Whosoever wants to sell their land, or continue to allow their country to be raped of its natural resources and mineral wealth whilst the bulk of the population struggle.. is certainly free to make that choice... and they make it knowing full well what the outcome will be.
After all...these ( leaders) are far more educated people than me

But, ever the optimist .. It is my hope and belief that in the new year things will improve. That perhaps a new crop of leaders will emerge that will bring a whole new vision of hope, and fulfilled promises to the land we all love so much.

As I said.. ugly things happen in beautiful places..
and that remains true there, and elsewhere. But yes, beautiful things happen too

From one angle, it would appear the year has been dominated by news of a rise in extremism Ebola and later on Donald Trump.
Funny really

For me? The best thing to emerge from the continent this year in my opinion has been the music.
Yes, by a country mile.

And for us 'Brits'... it wouldn't hurt to grab a book on Britishness and swot up [click]

Especially if you look like me... born here?.. for heavens sake.. just don't lose your passport... who knows where we're heading!

Tamar Braxton: Silent night

I'll always love this version of Silent night

and the live version

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Burn a hole in my pocket traps and red silly hats

Now I can see why people have been asking me if I'm off to Siberia..
Funny thing is.. it was quite mild out today.

Westfield wasn't too busy in the morning. I had a plan, then Ti said.. 'Oh go to Westfield don't be lazy, nobody does Christmas shopping in Dalston'!
Well.. I spent twice as much for the pleasure. It was fun though.. so many lovely clothes I would have bought if i was buying for myself...

I did manage to pick up a little something special for myself though. ( which I wont be modelling on the blog.. if you know what I mean..)

Anyway, after an hour or two I was ready to go. There where some things I simply couldn't get there so I had another trip to make. Got bored of all the glitz and buy me now attractions

So, that's that
Since then its been food, drink, 'only fools and horses'..a fed and growing tree, mens boxers and a silly red hat...

Tiwa Savage - Adura

Don Jazzy again. Tiwas' album from what I'm hearing so far is definitely worth a play. Early days but this is a favourite of mine. Nice Calypso flavour

Hey.. all Montserrations, Anitguans... all Caribbean Islanders..happy holidaysx

Christmas shopping? Done.
Gonna need another bottle of Irish though. the others have discovered its essence too!

Yeah oh yeah oh yeah .. Adura. Yes..Bless

Tiwa Savage - African Waist

The great Don Jazzy!
Tiwa looks great in this

Monday 21 December 2015

Rewind selector: PSquare ft Don Jazzy - Collabo

1st day of break from work and It's holiday time..

Is 3.30pm too early be enjoying Irish cream?
Oh well.. too late now
I'm on leave now and have spent an incredible day doing very little..

Wow.. It's amazing just how accustomed your body becomes to the 9-5. Take that away and it's all change again. late bath, and hours ahead of you to do whatever you please.
Final Christmas shopping I'l try do tomorrow. Pick up those last bit and bibs for the nearest and dearest.. before settling back into chill out
But today?.. that was about doing nothing

Christmas time is such a mixed bag isn't it, especially with a new year around the corner

Many of us collect all our emotions, reflections, hopes dreams and throw them into a pot
Mix well.. and see what we're left with

New year - all change.
Lots has changed in my world
Public and private. change is change

Change is cool. f**k it, I'm okay with it. It's no longer as scary as it used to be...just part of the course.
Music wise, the best reggae music offerings still go to those who truly incorporate musicians in the process.
Cant beat a great bass player.. guitarist, keyboard player, and the like

Respect to all music producers anyway.,. doing a great job and keep revising refreshing, and holding strong. Where would I be without you?...

Old and new,

So.. I've decided to host Christmas dinner at home with the fam.
I wont be doing what I've done for the past 20 odd years. I wont be going to mum.
Love her, will miss her company, but it's too much.
All change. as I said .. change is change
It may seem selfish but I'm staying home. I'll cook/host. I'll do it my way
Nuff said on that matter.
Mum doesn't leave her home on Christmas day because of the house fire I spoke about awhile back one past Christmas eve.
I understand
So I know already she wont come to me. I'll ask but not expect too much.
Still... stranger things have happened, Maybe we will eat together, despite my pessimism.
No big deal.

Bless my children. Without them?... I tell you....
They make my day. If it wasn't for them all.. I'd probably curl up and hibernate somewhere.. til new year at least

But they're doing well.. I'm proud of them all.
They remind me of me. Just... better.

This isn't my musical review of the year ( yet) but I can say now that my reggae artist of the year is probably Jah Vinci

I guess it's a sneak preview of it

No one seems to tier of this song version.. I don't blame them either...
For awhile now it's remained the most viewed/played on this blog

I love Taurus Riley.. good artist, but he has been very inconsistent this year

Hoping for good news for everyone next year though..
Those who need it most

Strangest thing just happened - I decided to switch my phone off.

Sauti Sol - Live and Die in Afrika

Rewind : Burnaboy - Soke & R2Bees - Makoma

Checking out Two tracks I enjoyed this year

Thursday 17 December 2015

May The Force ( of love) be with you.. today and everyday...

Wow... pictures of the Star Wars premier look great!
That's how to fill a red carpet...

Looking forward to seeing the film

Interesting question Diamond.. ( an oldie but a goody)
The people in your life.. if you had nothing to offer them.. would they still love you?.. and visa versa

I've seen Diamond in concert once and he's a very energetic performer. A hard working artist with a great voice. Wish him well..
Nice song, appreciate the English translation also

Good morning x

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Bitty McLean - My Lover's Call ...& a random thought before bed

Revisiting one of my favourite Bitty McLean tracks. Nice

Understand this.
In life, you will come up against people who genuinely couldn't give a f***, and then you'll meet those who do
The trick is to know the difference.. then act accordingly
The skilful among us aren't phased either way. They simply do not take it on. It simply makes little difference

Early night for me. x

Adele - Hello (Swahili Cover by Dela)

I thought I was done with the Adele 'Hello' covers but the Swahili version caught my ears..

musical arrangement pretty cool

Fally Ipupa - Sweet Life

Here he is..
another track I enjoyed this year.. Sweet Life



Koffi Olamide - Selfie

Enjoyable video
Where's Fally...


Robert Mugabe - on People of the South [2013]. Interview with Dali Tambo

So I'm back to my research and study of Robert Mugabe

I missed this at the time but heard about it via a ( more recent) guardian article. I'm intrigued by this. It's quite an interesting interview and provides an insight into Mr R G Mugabe, the man.
A flawed man ( aren't we all) in some respects depending on your views...
but a man nonetheless
With the passing of time, history will probably refer to him as Zimbabwe's greatest leader... rightly or wrongly. (Of course It may depend of with side of the political fence you sit)
However, If not referred to as Zimbabwe's greatest leader, certainly the most influential and world renown.
It will be impossible to deny his role as anti colonial freedom fighter

A few 'Mugabe's' show up here
the revolutionary
the strategist
the son
the politician
the man
the husband

( the politician and strategist sitting easiest with me.. at least .. I feel understand the most )

when asked how, rather what, he would like to the legacy of Robert Mugabe to be in the minds of his own people

He replies....

'There was once a man called Robert Mugabe , who in the interest of his own people, formed a struggle to liberate them, and ideas ownership of resources for his own people and fact that people should be righted, should remain revolutionary going against colonial and imperial powers that seek to undermine the authority governments and what it desired right up to the end, that is that people should be masters of their own destiny...and that is all
I don't desire to be known as anything better than that... and I think that is very great if I was given that recognition, purely that, and I think that is the only recognition all nationalist leaders would want.
The issue of having been a great man or glory to the books.. I just remain a simple man, one of my own.. out of my society, and that is all'

2 years is a long time in politics.. ( and this may be even older as I don't have the exact interview date) but interviews like this I find worth retaining, and this one attempts to cover more personal and less talked about issues.


On Grace
( of whom I know little) but am increasingly hearing more and more about...

The interviewer Dali makes me laugh a little at first a he try's to illicit that 'girly flirty gossip'.. 'Grace.. ( he prompts..) he likes you..'
He lends an air of romance to what may have been in reality.. well.. not very romantic at all under the circumstances
Who knows
I like his style in places

The dinner table talk is a highlight

Famous - Baby Tomato

The Tomato is clearly the Afrobeat artists fruit of choice when referring to women.

I challenge them to use... Guava
better yet.. bread ( there's a joke in there about warm rising yeast I'm sure)
Good morning. Flu banished.

Thursday 10 December 2015

Korede Bello ft. Tiwa Savage - Romantic

It's London baby!
Nice melodic track from Korode Bello, which is of no surprise.
Enjoyable video, filmed across London
Increasingly musicians are flying the Pan African flag.. with some great collaborations...politicians take note. has always been a great unifier...

Sunday 6 December 2015

Whatsapp smiley etiquette

Is there such a thing as smiley etiquette?

You see.. I received a message from a old time somebody. who after the hello how you doing.. and eventual goodbye, changed their profile pic to a picture of my bro...
I found it a bit unsettling at first but then just said.. 'happier times' .. to which the response was yes.. with 4 smiley faces.. big ones!

Anyway.. it was changed within minutes thankfully ( can't tell people what to do) so no worries..
I checked our convo to see if maybe I was overreacting.. and every message sent was accompanied by the said 4 smiley faces, so I guess they were just really happy for the contact, and not meaning to be inappropriate at all


Whatsapp etiquette....
How do you fair?

What's that?.. just lost your wallet?

Hmmm.. what's that you say?.. wife/hubby home alone for the weekend?

No... you look great in that dress

Yes.. you're making perfect sense.. I totally get you

Ssh.. I think there's doing it next door..!

Yeah.. gotta love em...

Have a lovely evening.. luv ya

Weekend WOW Factor: Narrow it down!. ft Reekado Banks - Sugar Baby..

There are so many things I'd like to do
I suspect many of us, have a number of things we would like to achieve in life.. if we haven't already done so
Even if that achievement is... to be content with what you have!
I have lately found that my focus and attention is being pulled many ways
I have a creative mind
But a scattered focus can produce scattered results!
Sometimes, it may be useful to 'narrow it down'

So...I'm in the process of doing that now.
I'm trying anyway.
I'm a planner

But here are a few things I'd quite like to do
It's not overly deep as I've already written a post outlining my goals and intentions awhile back.. and what i wrote.. still stands

But.. here are a few additions if you like

4 Things I'd like to do...

Get a decent tree!

Produce a tune with Don Jazzy

Produce a tune with Chronixx

Finishing writing my plays!


get on with it girl

Here's a question... what gets you moving?
is it a push... a pull... or both?

The very hungry tree...

You gotta be kiddin' me

So... I ordered the 'black tree'... as suggested by Ti...
I thought i was getting a good deal as it stated 'lights included'...
Ooo yipppeee.. less hastle...

This is what I got...
This is it...

straight outa compt... I mean .. the box..
Please don't laugh too hard!

I seriously don't know what to do with such a hungry looking tree!
Feed it borbles?

I dare say if I buy some silver decorations it could look pretty nifty.. teeny.. but okay

It's tall and slim.. ( like its mama)...
But It looks about 1000 years old!.. ( not like mama) ( well it looks new but just so darn scanty!)
Na backside A class photography o.. it looked fine in the picture
* kiss teeth and roll eyes*

Ti laughed hard when he saw it

I told him it was his fault and to get the old tree out of the cupboard..
he hasn't done it yet, so for now... it's me watching 'Pride and Prejudice' ( for the 50th time I suspect) ... with one hungry looking tree..

Ive deceided to name it

I was gonna call it Kagame, (slim) but he's my least favourite leader (scary looking fella)...
so .. for now I'll call it Sudan
just because....
Well....the wine has kicked in tbh...

Early dinner and all that

You know what... maybe this year we should just get a real tree


aside note.. Mr Collins is the funniest character in P and p I reckon.. makes me laugh every time

Who at the depot been eating my treeeee!

Zainab Sheriff - Mamie na Power

Good afternoon x

Saturday 5 December 2015

you can't frighten a pregnant woman with a penis...

...its already left its mark...

*hmmm..interesting saying*

mr (or mrs) know-it-all

There are things we know, things we don't know, and things we don't know we don't know...

Or so it has been said

In coaching, it's said that a coachee may be better served if the coach avoids making assumptions, leading the conversation, telling the coachee what to do, attempting to display superior knowledge on a subject.. in short... Stays out of it.

And by staying out of it, I mean..keeping ones ego in check, not exploiting their position, and's not about the coach... But the coachee.
No 'grandstanding'

In life,(outside of coaching) how often do we do that?. Often we talk to be heard.. less to be understood. Often we hear, but fail to really listen.
I have found that not being listened to... Underpins many complaints..

If you've ever not felt listened to, you may be able to relate to that..and understand just how frustrating it can be

Coaching relationships enable a person to speak and be heard..without being judged, and without being belittled by a Mr or Mrs know it all... who may know a lot, a little, or really don't know what they think they know, but just know they don't know what they don't know..they just can't work out what!
If only they could know what it is they don't know, so they could know it

Relax..I'm messing with you a little!
My point is simple

In the grand scheme of things, there is still so much 'we' don't know..even the most learned among us.
Knowledge can be found is the simplest of places.. places we may least expect.. Or people we may never have thought we could learn from.

There are times when we may need help to find answers, but that help may on occasion simply unbiased ear.. and a silent mouth.

Reminds me of the old saying.. empty barrels make the most noise.
..and yet there are times when noise is exactly what you may need
Who knows....

*don't ask me why but I've been checking out a few of these today*

shit doesn't have bones...

..But you still steptoe if you step in it

Interesting saying.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Chronixx - Prayer - Bugle - Cover girl - Tarrus Riley x Kabaka Pyramid - Repatriate - Sizza - Heavenly father

5 versions of the Ark of the covenant riddim

Beautiful Chronixx - my favourite version - v nice

Best Sizzla I've heard in awhile.. but to be fair it's hard to get this track wrong'.. the riddim is sweet and solid...
Sizzla hasn't featured much on this blog... as he can be hit and miss at times. Great artist though...

Songs that made this year 'sweet like honey'

As we approach the end of the year.. I'll revisit some of my 2015 favourite tracks as the mood suits
This was one... Gollibe
'Thankful' is an excellent album. It was given a run for its money recently by Iyanya's Applaudise album but for me?.. Flavours album topped it.
and sales went 'through the roof'...
although not everyone believed him [click] heehee Brymo..

Well... whether over a million sales or not... it really is a great album



Solid message

Are you getting ready for Christmas?

I've been given a 'Frozen' advent calender.
Just cracked it open.. chocolate yum yum

and as for the Christmas adverts?... they have begun in earnest

buy this.. buy that... Iceland, Aldi..
aftershave this, perfume that.. ( do they clone the models?)

Ti says that 1million smells great.. it's his current scent

It's nice.. I give him that..
about £50 if you're considering it...
Shall I remind him there's a lady million? hint hint

I haven't done any Christmas shopping other than picking up two roles of wrapping paper
Ti's girlfriend has hung a cute stocking on the TV... hint hint
Ti says we need a new tree
he's right.. although we could probably still work the one we have
he said we should get a black one
"Are you sure?" I asked
"Yeah" he said excitedly.. "a big 20ft one... blacker than kunta.."
errrm..!?.. ok-ay

He's a wordsmith is Ti.. sure... like his mama

Having checked on-line I must say.. I think black trees do look incredibly stylish...

I'm enjoying the re-runs of 'only fools & horses' (brilliant writing.. so funny)
but I must say... watching dinner date ( yes I still do that as I eat my dinner) I heard this song.... and really enjoyed it..
I've not heard it for years...

This time of year tends to be bitter-sweet
I love the street lights.. the decorations.. the general good vibes of the people
the family films...
but there's always that reminiscing thing...

I pull out this song every year at around this time...
A Ray Charles classic.. and possibly my favourite song.. I love it so much

This year however, in keeping with my scouring the airways for various 'versions' of a song, I thought... lets hear someone else sing it...
I'll call on Ray for sure.. but it's early yet... so for now....

Mavins - JantaManta Official Music Video

Yes I sure enjoyed this vid.. fun, nice 1