Tuesday 29 January 2019

Davido Shakes Up London's 02

Davido sold out the 02 last night , 20,000 capacity. Opened with hit Aye... and showcased his talent for all to see... no disputing

Nice one :) ...

Video F78tvNews

Saturday 26 January 2019

Weekend WOW Factor -Oby Ezekwesili

We've had snow, we've had rain, but it's warming up now..

Warm does not do justice to the temperature in the ACPN camp however... and can you believe... they have endorsed the APC and Buhari for President Feb 2019.

That's like that Labour Party endorsing the Conservative party if Jeremy Corbyn decided to step down... huh?

I nearly fell off my chair when I watched their press conference.. I had to laugh..

Oby dear Oby withdrew from the Presidential race!. The most prominent female in the race, who shone during the Presidential debate.. so much so that even I thought that if any woman could be the President of Nigeria , it was her.

Jessie dear Jessie...

There were rumours that it was due to discrepancies around her fundraising, but I have a feeling there's a lot more to it than that!. After all... even if the party were upset that she stepped down.. why speak against her so harshly?, drop your own ideology.... and run to support the party you were just days ago, opposed to?.

Her Vice President could barely string two words together clearly at the VP debate, but his mouth certainly had pepper in it when talking about Obi..

Ha ha!

Obi has spoken often of her desire for a coalition, tried previously with PACT, Fela Durotoye has said he is ready ( again) , Kingsley........

.....was keen in the past ( until he lost the vote to lead) .. and Sowore says come and join his party AAC. None of these men, at this late stage and hard work they've put in respectively will step down for the other to lead.

Buhari suspspended the Chief Justice and has replace him temporarily, and the Nigerian Bar is in uproar.

Elections near...

Kingsley tries to shout and get tough but he's so nice it just makes me laugh abit...
Go on Kingsley... 'send them a message....' :)

Watched a funny movie ( this afternoon.. It's here is you fancy something different [click]


"Dimples' Davido is in London, will be performing at the 02 Arena



Monday 14 January 2019

Protests in France & A Surprise Election Result in the DRC

Protests continue across France, as surprisingly, the gloss of President Macron begins to fade....already
Protests are a result of rising fuel prices, a struggling middle class, and cries that Macron is out of touch with the people.

Despite the initial attraction of En marche, many are now citing the fact that as a minister in the previous government, President Macron is very much part of the old ruling establishment, with his youthfulness providing the hope he would be 'different'.

Interesting interview


The election result in the DRC was not as Martin Fayulu hoped for...or expected...

Neither he, nor Kabila's choice ...won..

Claims are that the results did not tally...
..Perhaps not so unexpected

This is Politics

Saturday 12 January 2019

Sowing Seeds in January

Something I've always wanted to do is grow my own food all year round. A bit ambitious for me yes, but I'm really enthusiastic about it..

I bought an allotment book about ten years ago, so the passion has been their for awhile.. have I read it?.. no... !
Anyway, it's very inspiring to see I don't have to wait till Spring as I've always thought... It's knowing what to plant
I've started to get my seeds now though.. so will start a few .. most from Feb, but this visual is very helpful:)

Weekend WOW Factor: EFF 's Julius Malema Interview

Elections are set to take place in South Africa later this year

Whats Malema been up to?

I feel more often these days that it makes more sense to pursue social justice and put that at the forefront of the political agenda, than pursue an outright socialist ideology
Anyway, with those thoughts it's interesting to hear Malema's take on it.
He is very clear and forthright
This is an interesting interview.

Happy Married Life to Simi & Adekunle Gold x

Congratulations to Simi & Adekunle Gold on their journey as husband and wife
Our two great singers and producers.. both super talented and super cute


I'm sure they had a wonderful and memorable wedding day x

You can't interupt an APC man when he's talking!... and expect him to stop:)

This is the kind of Presidential debates needed
Live stream - Debate on Housing at the University of Lagos

Violence and gunfire erupted at an APC Rally in the week.... yet the speaker was totally undeterred...
Imagine. He simply carried - on - talking.


This is a bit of a cringe worthy interview.
Firstly Buhari would not agree to live interview, or to the crew using their own equipment, so the quality is quite poor
Secondly... extra long (not great questions) and soooooo much giggling.. from grown men..
It's clear those present were in awe of the President..
It' natural I guess
However, they are seasoned journalists, and did not hold his 'feet to the fire' as was claimed

Buhari seems very trusting... believing whatever his ministers tell him

It's true that no head of state has time or the headspace for petty matters, but he seems to have his eye off the ball in a number of areas. There are serious issues that he appears not to be 'moved' by

President Buhari is ex military
Yet there doesn't appear to be a clear and concise strategy to deal with the matters of security. Soliders are deployed to do jobs that the police should be doing, fighting or harassing civilisations should never be on the agenda.

There may be alot of confusion under Buhari...
But what's not confusing is his ability to turn grown men into giggling sycophants
Interesting nonetheless!

Enjoying the debates....
Have a lovely evening x

Yemi Alade - Oga

Sunday 6 January 2019

Sunday Music Vibes - Salone Special ft LXG

Chilling on a Sunday

After trying to make this with play dough....

and having it come out like this......

Today, I had two little helpers in the garden

...then my son put together the fire pit and helped with the rest

We were able to get a lot done, all before the sun went down

It's early, but I sowed grass seed anyway and repotted the tiny palms as they were not growing in that spot.

I broke my favourite parasol while cleaning it, so now need a new one, but it's chilly anyway, It's not needed for now...

Cleaned down the BBQ and chairs, and It's looking much better already
For my Vegetables , I'll grow them in raised beds, and for the herbs , I'll use the pallet for an upright herb garden as I liked those examples of doing it..

Saturday 5 January 2019

Weekend Wow Factor: Toy Story ( Naija Politics Style)

Why is it that every time I see Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar,

....I think of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story?

Now before you think I'm being disrespectful of this senior man, lets play...

Buzz, (after Andy) was Woody's closest friend. An ostentatious character, who wooed all the other toys with his fancy gadgets. Woody was unimpressed

Buzz however, actually believed he could fly, and was a dreamer for sure

Yet, once he was able to get his feet on the ground, he was loyal, strong and resilient

Voter rating 7/10

Candidate Oby Ezekwesili....

As.... Jesse

Fiery, energetic, idealistic, sweet
however, you wouldn't want to mess with her...

Voter rating 8/10

Kingsley Moghalu

As... Mr Potato Head...
Just because.. he has a round head to be honest

Other than that, Mr Potato Head was Mr nice guy, conservative, and solid
Everyone likes Mr Potato Head

Voter rating 7/10

Vice Presidential candidate Peter Obi ...

As... Slinky Dog

Cute but slippery
You can pull him to your side, but don't get too comfortable

....he can bounce right back to his original position once let go

Voter rating 8/10

Omoyele Sowore ...

As... Woody

The leader of the motley crew, Woody was loyal to Andy, and cared about the wellbeing of all around him. He was jealous of Buzz at first... revealing his emotional side

Woody was the one with the vision for the toys, and had the respect of all... yet when he began to believe his own hype on discovering his own vintage status..and revealed his naivety, It was his closest friends who pulled him back to reality, and back on track
Voter rating 9/10

President Buhari

As... Lots-o- Huggin' Bear

Bear was as cool as a cucumber.. King of his castle
But he knew exactly what he was doing, and the role had in mind for the other toys
The funniest thing was he turned from smiley to major grumpy in a split second

Voter Rating 9/10


I've never known a politician as dramatic as Senator Dino Melaye

Dino from Toy Story

Dino isn't a presidential candidate, but his antics would surely win him some votes, and tend to distract from whatever he's being accused of.
and despite the seriousness of the allegations, Dino's dramatics are off the scale funny at times

Voter rating ( if he was up for it).... what would you give?

Thursday 3 January 2019

Small Steps Towards the Garden When It's Too Dark To Do Much

Being back at work means it's dark when I come home, but as I still wanted to do something to contribute to my garden plans I searched out some free planks online, to make raised beds. Surprisingly there were some available not far from my home so I stopped by after work to ask about them.

They had loads out the back, but I didn't have my car so carried one home. It was heavier than I thought.

Buoyed by my vision I then decided to look into how to make them on youtube, then felt abit deflated.

I am sooo not technical.
I've never made anything with wood, so god knows how I'll do it.

These guys are so creative!

I enjoyed watching but Jesh... I am way behind in the skills department

I'll struggle to find so much as a screwdriver here at the moment, let alone a Saw, Screws, Hammer and whatever else.
The upside is the planks are free.

I'll worry about the building when it's the time to build.
Something to aim for.
I'll grab the car and pick the rest of the planks up on Saturday.

Here's the one I picked up on the way home from work

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Day 2 in the Garden

Happy New Year

Some progress made!
Managed to clear enough last night to see the earth again!
Back out again today, to finish clearing tidy up, wash patio furniture, and turn over the ground
It's actually quite mild so the ground is soft
The ladders were used to clear some large overhanging branches that were blocking some sunlight and generally confusing the issue :)

End of day 2 update
Just wrapped up for the day

all with a nice playlist..

can't wait to do more ..!