Saturday 5 January 2019

Weekend Wow Factor: Toy Story ( Naija Politics Style)

Why is it that every time I see Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar,

....I think of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story?

Now before you think I'm being disrespectful of this senior man, lets play...

Buzz, (after Andy) was Woody's closest friend. An ostentatious character, who wooed all the other toys with his fancy gadgets. Woody was unimpressed

Buzz however, actually believed he could fly, and was a dreamer for sure

Yet, once he was able to get his feet on the ground, he was loyal, strong and resilient

Voter rating 7/10

Candidate Oby Ezekwesili....

As.... Jesse

Fiery, energetic, idealistic, sweet
however, you wouldn't want to mess with her...

Voter rating 8/10

Kingsley Moghalu

As... Mr Potato Head...
Just because.. he has a round head to be honest

Other than that, Mr Potato Head was Mr nice guy, conservative, and solid
Everyone likes Mr Potato Head

Voter rating 7/10

Vice Presidential candidate Peter Obi ...

As... Slinky Dog

Cute but slippery
You can pull him to your side, but don't get too comfortable

....he can bounce right back to his original position once let go

Voter rating 8/10

Omoyele Sowore ...

As... Woody

The leader of the motley crew, Woody was loyal to Andy, and cared about the wellbeing of all around him. He was jealous of Buzz at first... revealing his emotional side

Woody was the one with the vision for the toys, and had the respect of all... yet when he began to believe his own hype on discovering his own vintage status..and revealed his naivety, It was his closest friends who pulled him back to reality, and back on track
Voter rating 9/10

President Buhari

As... Lots-o- Huggin' Bear

Bear was as cool as a cucumber.. King of his castle
But he knew exactly what he was doing, and the role had in mind for the other toys
The funniest thing was he turned from smiley to major grumpy in a split second

Voter Rating 9/10


I've never known a politician as dramatic as Senator Dino Melaye

Dino from Toy Story

Dino isn't a presidential candidate, but his antics would surely win him some votes, and tend to distract from whatever he's being accused of.
and despite the seriousness of the allegations, Dino's dramatics are off the scale funny at times

Voter rating ( if he was up for it).... what would you give?

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