Saturday, 12 January 2019

You can't interupt an APC man when he's talking!... and expect him to stop:)

This is the kind of Presidential debates needed
Live stream - Debate on Housing at the University of Lagos

Violence and gunfire erupted at an APC Rally in the week.... yet the speaker was totally undeterred...
Imagine. He simply carried - on - talking.


This is a bit of a cringe worthy interview.
Firstly Buhari would not agree to live interview, or to the crew using their own equipment, so the quality is quite poor
Secondly... extra long (not great questions) and soooooo much giggling.. from grown men..
It's clear those present were in awe of the President..
It' natural I guess
However, they are seasoned journalists, and did not hold his 'feet to the fire' as was claimed

Buhari seems very trusting... believing whatever his ministers tell him

It's true that no head of state has time or the headspace for petty matters, but he seems to have his eye off the ball in a number of areas. There are serious issues that he appears not to be 'moved' by

President Buhari is ex military
Yet there doesn't appear to be a clear and concise strategy to deal with the matters of security. Soliders are deployed to do jobs that the police should be doing, fighting or harassing civilisations should never be on the agenda.

There may be alot of confusion under Buhari...
But what's not confusing is his ability to turn grown men into giggling sycophants
Interesting nonetheless!

Enjoying the debates....
Have a lovely evening x

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