Tuesday 28 April 2020

Reggae Revival Day ft Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come

The Harder They Come;
Arguably one of the greatest 'Reggae Industry' films ever made.

Those were the days when pure talent hit the booth, stood in front of producers and sang
Artists rarely got paid - and forget about royalties..
There was even a time that Jimmy Cliff was bigger than Bob Marley

.. and here is my Jimmy Cliff fav

Honestly, the best scene ever, was that with Jimmy Cliff with Ras Daniel Heartman (the Artist) at the beach

If you've never watched the movie The Harder They Come..
Please do


So....I prayed for rain and the rain came

Honestly - April is usually known as the month for 'showers' but we haven't had any rain for what seems like weeks

So today... it has rained all day, and I love it


Last night I said hmmm - 'let me treat myself to a l'il'ole 'sippy sip'
4 sips later - and that was it. I couldn't have another sip, and what seemed like a good idea initially turned out - not so.
You see, I don't think I've drunk any alcohol for many months - and being somewhat of a 'beverage novice' I didn't check the back of the bottle..
20%Vol !?!.. backside..

No - I just simply asked for, 'Port"



I've been on an Old Skl Reggae tip today

Here's one from The archives


I popped out for groceries, driving my car for the 1st time in a month. It's absolutely filthy and needs a good wash after being parked under a tree.
To be honest, I was so ashamed that once I was able to get a spot outside my house, I parked it, and walked to the grocery store.
I needed the exercise anyway.

I may try another 'sippy sip' tonight
Hopefully my system is over the shock


Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus


Johnny Osbourne

Good evening x

Monday 27 April 2020

WSTRN - Txtin' ft. Alkaline

WSTRN - Sharna

Happy Freedom Day South Africa

Freedom Day marks the date of the 1st democratic elections in SA on April 27th 1994

SA President Cyril Ramaphosa

( .. that scarf tho .. heehee- if you watch to the end ( and you have a sense of humour like mine - you'll know what I mean)


Great talk by EFF (opposition party) Leader, CIC Julius Malema

Message Introduction begins at 24:28

Sunday 26 April 2020

Lake Kivu - Rwanda

Sunday Catch Up

Early morning Eucalyptus facial steam, also infused with peppermint and lemongrass essential oils..

I miss the Eucalyptus Saunas I enjoyed so much in Rwanda..for real
Ugh.. I can't wait for this germ -bomb to pass

'Pharaoh!!.. come get your uncle'..

To be honest I nearly choked myself it was so strong...yikes
Eventually, I got the balance right, and it was bliss

Banana fritters for lunch - big and yummy

I'm actually mid cooking dinner .. but I took a quick break

With so much good music around, I'm seriously spoilt for choice :)

I do love this video tho...
I've long since been a Flavour fan...( Mr Smooth) yes.. he with the looks
Phyno also..

However there is something very special about umu obiligbo - I'm really enjoying their sound
Hopefully 2020 (ha) and beyond will be a great international breakthrough year for them

I have on my exercise gear, whether I do any today is another matter

If you need me, I'll be in the garden...

Happy Sunday x

Saturday 25 April 2020

Bisa Kdei - Ofie Nipa ft. Sista Afia

Take It Easy

President Buhari Appointed Champion of COVID Response

ECOWAS recently appointed Nigerian President Muhhumadu Buhari to head up and co-ordinate the COVID 19 response in the West African region [click]
Despite so many cries by so many Nigerian citizens, who live on what they earn each day, of little or no government help throughout 'lockdown'.
Local people, have been doing the best they can, to help themselves and each other [click]

But things do not add up
Either the people are not being honest, and they have received support
Or the governments response really has been poor

For those who have not received support during the lockdown period, a pots and pans protest was scheduled to take place today [click]

Lets hope that state governors are able to ensure that their citizens get the support they need

What is known, is that the Nigerian government has received a considerable amount of financial support to battle COVID.. and President Buhari has been granted a new role

Davido - D & G ft. Summer Walker

Weekend WOW Factor : The 'Upright Man' - & His Cars

If a picture paints a thousand words

What does the image of former President of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, accompanied by his parliamentary peers, (who he insisted drive economy cars), say, in comparison to our modern day leaders across the African continent.

In Nigeria (for example) even if those in power do not wish to drive economy cars, perhaps they could set an excellent example of what it looks like to have faith in ones own country, by driving Innoson cars, which are made in Nigeria.

Now this is not a criticism on luxury cars, or even a suggestion that once in government, a man, or woman should face critique over how the spend their personal wealth...no...
Everyone likes nice things... absolutely everyone.

However, Thomas Sankara's message was clear.
'My government will be transparent with the economy.
My people, We are in this together'.

Thomas Sankara was a PanAfrican, a Marxist, with a desire to abolish the class system, overcome neoliberalism, and free his people from the chains that bind.
Thomas Sankara, the upright man - was, at heart... a romantic.. with a strong and beautiful vision, and sense of agency.

In comparison,( if we may for a moment) If low self esteem was a country, the mentality of many Nigerian leaders would insist that Nigeria take the title, sign up for life coaching asap, request a loan to pay for it, spend said loan, and never attend a single session.
This is 2020, and whilst other countries across the continent are developing real pride over home made produce
Nigerian leaders appear to view the suggestion of anything 'homemade' as a joke [click]

If a picture paints a thousand words
There still would not be enough words to express what was lost; the day Thomas Sankara was taken from us.

Friday 24 April 2020

T-Classic - Where You Dey ft. Peruzzi & Mayorkun

Davido - 1 Milli

Daddy Freeze

Mid Week Mash Up

With so many holiday plans placed on hold, with flights cancelled, and no clue as to when it will be safe to travel again...

I, and pretty much everyone else, look forward to the day all countries get the all clear
Celebrations and thanks giving will be global
...and I'll pick up a new suitcase.. lickity spit


How my Tanzanians doing...

Heck, you have to don a Lara croft outfit and attitude just to pop to the shop for the bare necessities

How we feel before we leave the house..

Stay away from me!!....

I just need bread!!!

Perhaps surprisingly, most people have adapted to the changes and challenges very well
The NHS has again proved itself to be the jewel in the British crown, and to all the migrant nurses, doctors, porters, phlebotomists, anaesthetists, and so much more, that help to keep it going.... we salute you

We are grateful to you all, and together, you have showcased why an island mentality is becoming less viable

Britain is an island of contradictions

We leave the EU, which for many was the right thing to do, as leaving would enable British people to take back British jobs.. only for us to have to charter a plane months later, in the midst of a global pandemic ( I thought the airports were shut) for Romanian farm workers to pick fruit,

Well... seems us Brits don't pick fruit....we just eat it

These are strange times indeed, and in reality, we are all doing the best we can, as we adapt to a global shift in how we live and show up in this world.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

WizKid - Ghetto Love

Veg Garden Update

My vegetable garden is coming along nicely with plants growing well, on both sides of the garden

Runner beans


Peas and Tomatoes

Chilli peppers


Tiny shoots of corn

My Okra seedlings are coming up, and a few other vegetable seedlings, which I can plant out once strong enough :))

Monday 20 April 2020

Seyi Shay - All I Ever Wanted ft. King Promise

Maiyegun's Diary

I must admit, I find Maiyegun a fascinating watch - and often times, naturally, very very funny
His videos come across as well researched, entertaining, and ...thought provoking....

This one is an interesting, yet harsh, and deep take on current events
Fearless Maiyegun does not play... Alexa better behave...

Part 2

Saturday 18 April 2020

Inside Islam - A BBC documentary

Weekend WOW Factor: Zimbabwe Is 40!.

40 years ago today Zimbabwe gained their Independence, after years of colonial settler rule.
A disgraceful Apartheid, which was brought to a close by freedom fighters and members of ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army)

In Santa Barbara

Zimbabwe's independence struggle is well documented, and we can only pray for the kind of future for Zimbabwe in the years ahead, that our freedom fighters would have been proud of.

It is becoming clear however, that the future of many, if not most, African countries currently may not be as progressive as we would like them to be.
The time has come perhaps, to redefine our concept, of 'development'

As Kwame Nkruma's call for a united Africa remains but a fantasy for Pan-African's, the reality remains that without such unity, each country remains increasingly fragile. This fragility can only grow with the deepening dependance on foreign loans, and the sale of lands, as we are all aware that; 'he who pays the piper... dictates the tune'.

As the racist and abusive treatment of African's in China went viral across social and mainstream media - we waited for our leaders to speak up
They did not.

Perhaps - they can not.
In Nigeria, donations to fight COVID 19, is reportedly slow, or simply failing, to get to those most in need, and with news of the EU donating €50 million Euros, it is not surprising that there will be growing anger among the people.

Anger which perhaps lends itself to 'a lack of empathy', for as the news broke of President Buhari's most Senior aid Abba Kyari losing his life to COVID, comments across social media have in the main, been devoid of the humanity we would ordinarily like to see.

It remains a fact, that no 1 man is responsible for a country's failings, and no 1 man will be responsible for its success.
It will always remain a collective effort, a shared vision, and a commitment to work towards it.
Despite its intelligentsia, Nigeria is a country awash with political illiterates, who are called to vote every 4 years, and charmed with the promise of a bag of rice.
It's unfortunate.
More so as now is the time to take care of each other
If one ever needed a 'time', then now is the time. to love

As China seeks to 'offload some of its citizens from their own 'over-populated lands', Africa is ripe for picking.
Africa is simply beautiful.

If countries such as Nigeria or Zimbabwe for example, do not wish to return to a state of colonial settler rule, where the land under their feet is simply bought out from under them, it may be beneficial to pay attention, not only to the loan deals being signed, but also to the way your people are treated abroad. Whether China, the US, or the UK

There are calls to boycott Chinese products and services - but these calls are coming mainly from Africans in the diaspora. Africans without land.

Common themes emerging and returning

Happy independance day my beloved Zimbabwe
We may not be there yet -but we are growing as a people.

RIP Robert Mugabe & all Freedom Fighters no longer with us

Thursday 16 April 2020

EFF on Gender Based Violence..

EFF leader Julius Malema speaks up on gender based violence

Imagine... 'did he beat his late wife..?'

Despite the serious nature of the topic - this is the funniest Parlimentary debate I've seen in a long long time

Apparently - there has been an increase in domestic violence, during this lockdown, right here in the UK, and across the world
I urge women - pick up on the red flags early...

Unfortunately, some women are 'convinced' to stay after the 1st 2nd, 3rd, or ongoing attacks. Some may be convinced to stay by friends, or family members; or, depending on the culture, societal stigma associated with being a single woman, or single mother
Other women themselves may equally be in a 'bad place'which can be exploited by men who seek to abuse or exploit another.

There is no shame in leaving an abusive marriage/relationship
There is no shame
We need more men to hold other men accountable - if you know your friend or family member is physically or emotionally abusing women, it's neither cool or funny condone such behaviour, or endorse it, with silence - do the right thing, and speak up.
Even if it makes you momentarily 'unpopular...'

Imagine - 'lockdown', an ideal time to strengthen the bond of love and companionship - and some women ( and possibly men) are living in fear every- single- day...

Tell them CIC...

Wednesday 15 April 2020

A Mid Week Garden Check In. ft Aswad - African Children Pt 2

So much to talk about - but I find I've just been enjoying watching my plants grow :)
( whist shaking my head at the political shenanigans affecting my beloved continent....of course..)

I would like to get some more pretty pots for my flower bulbs .. not essential, so no rush.
I have quite a few flower bulbs so in the absence of enough pots, I'll just sow them directly into the ground and see how they do

Not all of my seedlings have done well, so I've planted more, and am taking care of the strongest.

I tied up my runner beans today, as I noticed signs of them slowly beginning to climb..

Today I planted a few more seeds inside - scotch Bonnet, spinach, lavender, and Okra. I have some Okra already planted , but just in case the Squirrel digs out my plants, I have backup.
My Mint and Strawberry Plants are doing well in their pots - and both seem to take a lot of water. My Rhubard is also doing ok, but a little slow I think.

Peas and Beans are doing okay, and the tomato plants also okay ( ish)

We haven't had any rain!, so I'm managing with my watering cans, until I sort my hose out

1st released in 1980, Aswad - African Children

Sunday 12 April 2020

Selebobo - Eliza

HEAVY-K feat. Bucie & Nokwazi - iNDE

Easter Sunday Lunch

Hope you're all doing well this fine day

Without a working blender I had to go 'old skool' with my Jollof. 2 large Scotch Bonet peppers, which had my eyes watering like a waterfall. That's hot pepper for you, but fortunately, the rice wasn't too hot.

I put a few Scotch Bonnet seeds one side to dry for planting, then slow cooked my stew.

All in all , it tuned out fine.

A quick salad , and all set

It's yummy x.

Lunch and chill is the theme of the day, and I'm totally enjoying possibly the only film longer than the Titanic.......
The Ten Commandments.


Friday 10 April 2020

Repotting Aloe Vera

Trying to salvage an Aloe Vera plant -I've been able to get a few plants out of it. After dipping each new plant in rooting gel, I'm hopeful that they will take well, to their new pots.

Plant 1.

Plants 2 & 3

Plant 4.

Plant 5.

I had the original plant sitting in a waterlogged pot for too long, not realising that I was overwatering it, and damaging the roots

There are many benefits to Aloe Vera - so definitely a plant worth having in the home

Keeping busy inside on this Good Friday x