Tuesday 28 April 2020

Reggae Revival Day ft Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come

The Harder They Come;
Arguably one of the greatest 'Reggae Industry' films ever made.

Those were the days when pure talent hit the booth, stood in front of producers and sang
Artists rarely got paid - and forget about royalties..
There was even a time that Jimmy Cliff was bigger than Bob Marley

.. and here is my Jimmy Cliff fav

Honestly, the best scene ever, was that with Jimmy Cliff with Ras Daniel Heartman (the Artist) at the beach

If you've never watched the movie The Harder They Come..
Please do


So....I prayed for rain and the rain came

Honestly - April is usually known as the month for 'showers' but we haven't had any rain for what seems like weeks

So today... it has rained all day, and I love it


Last night I said hmmm - 'let me treat myself to a l'il'ole 'sippy sip'
4 sips later - and that was it. I couldn't have another sip, and what seemed like a good idea initially turned out - not so.
You see, I don't think I've drunk any alcohol for many months - and being somewhat of a 'beverage novice' I didn't check the back of the bottle..
20%Vol !?!.. backside..

No - I just simply asked for, 'Port"



I've been on an Old Skl Reggae tip today

Here's one from The archives


I popped out for groceries, driving my car for the 1st time in a month. It's absolutely filthy and needs a good wash after being parked under a tree.
To be honest, I was so ashamed that once I was able to get a spot outside my house, I parked it, and walked to the grocery store.
I needed the exercise anyway.

I may try another 'sippy sip' tonight
Hopefully my system is over the shock


Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus


Johnny Osbourne

Good evening x

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