Wednesday 8 April 2020

Caribbean Banana Fritters

A few weeks ago ( before things turned a bit apocalyptic :)) I would have probably thrown away over-ripe banks.
Not any more
For the 1st time, in as long as I can remember, I decided to make banana fritters. So long has it been, that I needed to check how to make them

Chef Ricardo has become my 'go to' man , when it comes to Caribbean food... or my mum, but didn't want to bother her with lacklustre cooking revelations.
( I just called her once completed - and said they 'smelled good' and were 'delish')

3 medium bananas
2 spoons of brown sugar,
Vanilla, and a little mixed spice.
Plain flour like the chef

hmmm... my mix..... really wasn't looking the same
I think put too much flour, so added a little oat milk

Cooking with Youtube is really funny

They came out looking like this... a little darker ( aka a bit burnt) than planned

Despite not looking as pretty as Chef Ricardo's, they actually tasted really good.
and were all finished within minutes of making

hmmm.. delish for real...

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