Saturday 18 April 2020

Weekend WOW Factor: Zimbabwe Is 40!.

40 years ago today Zimbabwe gained their Independence, after years of colonial settler rule.
A disgraceful Apartheid, which was brought to a close by freedom fighters and members of ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army)

In Santa Barbara

Zimbabwe's independence struggle is well documented, and we can only pray for the kind of future for Zimbabwe in the years ahead, that our freedom fighters would have been proud of.

It is becoming clear however, that the future of many, if not most, African countries currently may not be as progressive as we would like them to be.
The time has come perhaps, to redefine our concept, of 'development'

As Kwame Nkruma's call for a united Africa remains but a fantasy for Pan-African's, the reality remains that without such unity, each country remains increasingly fragile. This fragility can only grow with the deepening dependance on foreign loans, and the sale of lands, as we are all aware that; 'he who pays the piper... dictates the tune'.

As the racist and abusive treatment of African's in China went viral across social and mainstream media - we waited for our leaders to speak up
They did not.

Perhaps - they can not.
In Nigeria, donations to fight COVID 19, is reportedly slow, or simply failing, to get to those most in need, and with news of the EU donating €50 million Euros, it is not surprising that there will be growing anger among the people.

Anger which perhaps lends itself to 'a lack of empathy', for as the news broke of President Buhari's most Senior aid Abba Kyari losing his life to COVID, comments across social media have in the main, been devoid of the humanity we would ordinarily like to see.

It remains a fact, that no 1 man is responsible for a country's failings, and no 1 man will be responsible for its success.
It will always remain a collective effort, a shared vision, and a commitment to work towards it.
Despite its intelligentsia, Nigeria is a country awash with political illiterates, who are called to vote every 4 years, and charmed with the promise of a bag of rice.
It's unfortunate.
More so as now is the time to take care of each other
If one ever needed a 'time', then now is the time. to love

As China seeks to 'offload some of its citizens from their own 'over-populated lands', Africa is ripe for picking.
Africa is simply beautiful.

If countries such as Nigeria or Zimbabwe for example, do not wish to return to a state of colonial settler rule, where the land under their feet is simply bought out from under them, it may be beneficial to pay attention, not only to the loan deals being signed, but also to the way your people are treated abroad. Whether China, the US, or the UK

There are calls to boycott Chinese products and services - but these calls are coming mainly from Africans in the diaspora. Africans without land.

Common themes emerging and returning

Happy independance day my beloved Zimbabwe
We may not be there yet -but we are growing as a people.

RIP Robert Mugabe & all Freedom Fighters no longer with us

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