Saturday 25 April 2020

President Buhari Appointed Champion of COVID Response

ECOWAS recently appointed Nigerian President Muhhumadu Buhari to head up and co-ordinate the COVID 19 response in the West African region [click]
Despite so many cries by so many Nigerian citizens, who live on what they earn each day, of little or no government help throughout 'lockdown'.
Local people, have been doing the best they can, to help themselves and each other [click]

But things do not add up
Either the people are not being honest, and they have received support
Or the governments response really has been poor

For those who have not received support during the lockdown period, a pots and pans protest was scheduled to take place today [click]

Lets hope that state governors are able to ensure that their citizens get the support they need

What is known, is that the Nigerian government has received a considerable amount of financial support to battle COVID.. and President Buhari has been granted a new role

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