Monday 6 April 2020

A Different Kind of Spring

Spring is my favourite time of the year.
I love the warmer mornings, and the sound of birdsong as I wake. Love the sight of new bulbs bursting to life, brighter and longer days.

My chill spot

I quite like the idea of having everything I need being delivered to my door - as does most of the population I guess, as I can't seem to get a home delivery sorted yet for love nor money lol... which means at some point - I will need to pop out for a few essentials
Today however... is not that day

This time, is an ideal time to read, meditate, motivate, clean, cleanse, adopt a hobby, be creative, reflect, regain a sense of balance, and just be... as even if all about you appears to be falling apart, for others, it's falling together.

Detox from mainstream media, and go within...
Who are you?.. not what you show on the outside - but within...
Are you content with what, or who, you have become..?
Once we agree that whilst we all may appreciate positive feedback, our value, happiness or worth is ours to define, and not another/s, and at that point, we may be surprised at just how liberating that will be
Love not for selfish or egoic reasons, but simply, to love
and as many of us at this time seek to connect, re-connect, discover or allow the manifestation our higher selves...
God is Love
Have fun x

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