Thursday 16 April 2020

EFF on Gender Based Violence..

EFF leader Julius Malema speaks up on gender based violence

Imagine... 'did he beat his late wife..?'

Despite the serious nature of the topic - this is the funniest Parlimentary debate I've seen in a long long time

Apparently - there has been an increase in domestic violence, during this lockdown, right here in the UK, and across the world
I urge women - pick up on the red flags early...

Unfortunately, some women are 'convinced' to stay after the 1st 2nd, 3rd, or ongoing attacks. Some may be convinced to stay by friends, or family members; or, depending on the culture, societal stigma associated with being a single woman, or single mother
Other women themselves may equally be in a 'bad place'which can be exploited by men who seek to abuse or exploit another.

There is no shame in leaving an abusive marriage/relationship
There is no shame
We need more men to hold other men accountable - if you know your friend or family member is physically or emotionally abusing women, it's neither cool or funny condone such behaviour, or endorse it, with silence - do the right thing, and speak up.
Even if it makes you momentarily 'unpopular...'

Imagine - 'lockdown', an ideal time to strengthen the bond of love and companionship - and some women ( and possibly men) are living in fear every- single- day...

Tell them CIC...

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