Friday 24 April 2020

Mid Week Mash Up

With so many holiday plans placed on hold, with flights cancelled, and no clue as to when it will be safe to travel again...

I, and pretty much everyone else, look forward to the day all countries get the all clear
Celebrations and thanks giving will be global
...and I'll pick up a new suitcase.. lickity spit


How my Tanzanians doing...

Heck, you have to don a Lara croft outfit and attitude just to pop to the shop for the bare necessities

How we feel before we leave the house..

Stay away from me!!....

I just need bread!!!

Perhaps surprisingly, most people have adapted to the changes and challenges very well
The NHS has again proved itself to be the jewel in the British crown, and to all the migrant nurses, doctors, porters, phlebotomists, anaesthetists, and so much more, that help to keep it going.... we salute you

We are grateful to you all, and together, you have showcased why an island mentality is becoming less viable

Britain is an island of contradictions

We leave the EU, which for many was the right thing to do, as leaving would enable British people to take back British jobs.. only for us to have to charter a plane months later, in the midst of a global pandemic ( I thought the airports were shut) for Romanian farm workers to pick fruit,

Well... seems us Brits don't pick fruit....we just eat it

These are strange times indeed, and in reality, we are all doing the best we can, as we adapt to a global shift in how we live and show up in this world.

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